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An engineer can help determine whether your home, or house plan, can accommodate a laundry room on the first or second floor. Dig irrigation Space-planning concerns, particularly in an existing home, are best addressed by an architect, who can also incorporate necessary mechanical changes into the design.


Baseball diamond dimensions A clear path must be established through which plumbing, venting, and electrical and, possibly, gas lines can be run. Usssa softball rankings And floor joists must be sturdy enough to support the extra weight and vibrations of a washer and dryer.

To measure vibration in our tests, we place the washers on a wood platform and use an accelerometer to determine the deflection of the floor near the machine during the spin cycle. Natural stone solutions “Vibration has generally gotten better over the years, but any models that score less than a very good in this test could be a problem on a wood-framed floor,” says Emilio Gonzalez, our engineer in charge of laundry appliance testing.

Gonzalez notes that vibration is still a concern with some newer 24-inch-wide compact washers, which might seem like a good fit for a small laundry room, say, in a commandeered linen closet. Francesca battistelli holy spirit chords If you can find a few extra inches for a full-sized washer with low vibration, you’ll probably be better off.

Noise. Babe ruth baseball player Walls and ceilings made from two layers of 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch gypsum wallboard are better than a single layer at dampening vibrations generated by a washer or dryer. Closeout bats Wall and joist spaces should be filled with fiberglass batts, rigid foam, or spray-in insulation to prevent sound from traveling to adjoining rooms, including those above and below.

Waterproofing. Blue jays radio online free The best way to prevent a leak from flooding the rest of the house is to build a curb across the laundry room’s threshold, waterproof the floor area, and install a floor drain. Laying paving slabs on sand Because the drain will normally be dry, it will require a trap primer, which diverts a dribble of water from the supply line to the drain to keep the trap full and prevent sewer gas from wafting into the living space. Facebook logo white Additional safeguards include washing-machine drip pans and electronic shutoff valves that automatically stop the flow of water when they sense a leak.

Running new service lines with minimal demolition and disruption is usually the most challenging and time-consuming part of having a laundry room on an upper floor. Footballgames It’s also often the costliest step because building codes require that licensed professionals do much of the work.

Water, electricity, and gas. Irrigation solutions In addition to running new water supply lines, a licensed plumber will need to add an adequately sized drain line to whisk washing-machine waste water away; otherwise, the force created by the washer’s discharge pump might overwhelm existing drain lines and overflow toilets, tubs, and showers downstream with water or soap suds. Beautiful landscapes to draw Also important, and often required by code, is a plumbing vent, which allows air to escape from the system.

A licensed electrician will need to pull dedicated lines for both the washer and dryer, including a 240-volt line and a dedicated 30-amp, three- or four-wire circuit if your dryer is electric. Fantasy football names Gas-fueled dryers require only standard 120-volt electrical service. Landscaping with rocks and mulch Many building codes require a plumber to install the gas piping between the municipal natural-gas supply or an on-site propane storage tank and your dryer. Landscape photography magazine Running dryer venting is often relatively simple because ducts can be run straight up through the attic and roof.

All of those moving parts quickly add up. Pitches meaning in hindi Contant estimates that a simple laundry room installation, say, adding a stackable washer/dryer to a converted linen closet, could cost as much as $5,000, and the coveted laundry room/mudroom combo with all the bells and whistles (sink, storage cabinets, hanging rod, hideaway ironing board, etc.) might run as high as $20,000.

One way to cut costs significantly: Position the laundry room near the kitchen or bathroom so that you can share plumbing lines. Japanese landscape You’ll still need to hire some pros for the mechanical work, but if you’re willing to hang drywall and wield a paintbrush, you could be in and out for less than $1,000.

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