I love football, but injuries mar the game _ the massachusetts daily collegian

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) sustains an injury after being tackled by the Indianapolis Colts’ Trent Cole in the fourth quarter at the Coliseum in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, Dec. Garden of words manga 24, 2016. Mountain landscape (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group/TNS)

Football is a vicious sport. Francesca battistelli write your story Players get injured in nearly every game. How to pitch a slider Athletes ruin their bodies and their minds as they entertain the country. Daily fantasy baseball When I watch football, I know it is at the expense of the competitors on the field.

There’s a problem, though: I love to watch football. Beach landscape I know that the National Football League is an organization more focused on profit than on players’ safety, but I am still drawn to the sport anyway. Facebook desktop site I grew up in Foxborough, a ten-minute drive from Gillette Stadium. Softball logos New England Patriots players came to my school as a kid. Garden bed ideas for front of house I want to see Tom Brady win ring number five, and I want to see the look on Roger Goodell’s face when he has to hand Brady his fourth Super Bowl MVP trophy.

I am conflicted. Fencing classes I know that my enjoyment is at the expense of the current and future health of NFL players. Pinch hitter 3 unblocked Just about every NFL game reminds me of this. Pictures of decks There are so many times that players get injured during football games. What does pitch mean in science Just a few weeks ago, during the Week 17 game between the Patriots and the Miami Dolphins, newly acquired Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd completely leveled the Dolphins’ Tony Lippett. Arizona spring training The play was legal, and many people praised Floyd for the hit, but I can’t help but wonder what damage was done to Lippett on that play.

The next week, in the first round of the playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Dolphins. Ultimate college softball Oh, the poor Dolphins. Small house design ideas interior Their quarterback, Matt Moore, suffered a crushing blow from Bud Dupree of the Steelers. Outdoor research military Moore went back into the game after sitting out only one play. Michigan softball roster Dupree was fined for this hit, but that does not reverse the damage done. Baseball diamond layout Moore went through the concussion protocol but was somehow cleared to play, Yahoo Sports reported.

Between 2012 and 2015, NFL players suffered over 200 concussions in total each season. Football scores high school According to the NFL player concussion pamphlet, common symptoms of concussions are imbalance, headache, confusion, memory loss, loss of consciousness, change in vision, hearing or mood, fatigue, and malaise. Small front garden ideas Concussions have also been linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, said CNN. Espn fantasy football mock draft 2015 An NFL official last year acknowledged the connection between CTE and football. How to make curtains Multiple NFL players with CTE have taken their lives.

Some fans who enjoy watching big hits complain that the league is soft. Backyard baseball 2005 They say that football was better in the old days, when you could really lay into people and would not be penalized. Facebook logout But I don’t think the league “getting soft” is the problem. Spring training schedule The problem is that football players put their short and long term health at stake to play the game, and as an empathetic person I worry about the health of players like Wes Welker, who endured six concussions over his 12-year career. How to build a deck You could argue that these players are certainly paid well enough for their physical troubles, but I would argue that money does not do much to console a broken body or a ruined mind.

Despite this, I will follow the Patriots and their postseason run. How to build a fence on a slope I can’t help it. Fantasy football sleepers I want to know if good will prevail and if Brady will cement himself as the best ever. Drip drop I want to watch every moment as it unfolds. High pitched noise in house But I will watch with a guilty conscience knowing that my pleasure comes at the cost of players’ well-being.

I’m not conflicted. Drip coffee ratio Football is a great game that is being ruined by capitalism and political correctness. Basketball wives season 5 episode 1 I stopped watching the NFL games because a 60 minute game features only an actual 12 minutes of playing time. College softball cheers And it used to take 3 hours, now more like 3.5 due to commercials, inane replays and such. Youth baseball tournaments And talent dilution because there are too many teams. Fantasy football rankings week 5 So the best teams are mediocre by historical standards and only look good because the competition is inferior.

A good solution for injury prevention is to widen the field by 10 yards or so. Sales pitch examples Players are so much bigger and faster than they used to be that the field plays smaller. Fences windows 10 Therefore, the high-intensity collisions. Lattice degeneration causes Just like European hockey is a finesse game because the rinks are so much bigger, the big hits will be further and fewer between because there is more ground to cover. Florida baseball teams Not to mention that the running game and long passing game would actually become relevant again.