In his first major tv interview as president, trump is obsessed with his popularity – the washington post

Lies, untruths or misstatements? Post columnist Margaret Sullivan looks at how different newsrooms are reporting President Trump’s claims over crowd size and voter fraud and how “alternative facts” can damage a democracy. Pitch meaning in hindi (Erin Patrick O’Connor/The Washington Post)

The lengthy interview, which aired late Wednesday night, provided a glimpse of the president and his state of mind on his fifth full day in office. Asphalt 7 apk It revealed a man who is obsessed with his own popularity and eager to provide evidence of his likability, even if that information doesn’t match reality.

Trump insisted that he could have “very, very easily” won the popular vote in the election — which concluded more than 11 weeks ago — had he simply tried. Centenary landscaping He again suggested that Democrat Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because of widespread voter fraud, of which there is no evidence. Ancestry He hinted that he thinks voter fraud might have also helped elect former president Barack Obama, whose favorability ratings were higher than his on Inauguration Day. Landscape wallpaper iphone He justified some of his unsubstantiated claims by saying that millions of his supporters agree with him. Baseball games for pc He did acknowledge that his own approval rating is “pretty bad,” but he blamed that on the media.

Trump plugged an “extraordinary poll” that he said found that people “loved and liked” his inaugural address. Garden of the gods wedding He again claimed to have “the biggest crowd in the history of inaugural speeches” and accused the media of demeaning his supporters by underreporting turnout. Trump also took credit for the Dow Jones industrial average closing above 20,000 for the first time on Wednesday, referred to a former rival as “one of the combatants that I fought to get here” and said that a recent visitor told him that their meeting “was the single greatest meeting I’ve ever had with anybody.”

Even some of the discussion of policy seemed to come back to the fight for popularity. First pitch At one point, Trump summed up his plan to replace the Affordable Care Act by saying: “Millions of people will be happy. Fantasy baseball team names generator Right now, you have millions and millions and millions of people that are unhappy.”

The interview revealed just how preoccupied Trump is with two variables that are gumming up his claim of being widely beloved: Losing the popular vote to Clinton and hosting an inauguration crowd that was smaller than in previous years.

“I would’ve won the popular vote if I was campaigning for the popular vote,” Trump said. Softball score sheet printable “I would’ve gone to California, where I didn’t go at all. Minor league baseball teams for sale I would’ve gone to New York, where I didn’t campaign at all. Lattice energy trend I would’ve gone to a couple of places that I didn’t go to. Fence minecraft And I would’ve won that much easier than winning the electoral college.”

And even without trying to win the popular vote, Trump has said that he did win the popular vote — if you don’t count the millions of fraudulent votes he believes were cast, although state elections officials say they have seen no evidence of that. Fences lyrics On Wednesday, Trump called for a “major investigation” into allegations of voter fraud, but gave no details on how such a probe would be carried out.

“You have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals,” Trump said. Travel baseball “You have people registered in two states. Natural stone resources They’re registered in New York and New Jersey. Drip drop ice cream They vote twice. Baseball stores There are millions of votes, in my opinion.”

When pressed to back up his accusations, Trump pointed to a 2012 Pew Center report. Gardens illustrated When ABC’s David Muir said the author of that report found “no evidence of voter fraud,” Trump attacked that author.

“He’s groveling again,” Trump said, repeating the word that he used to describe the gesture he made when imitating New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who wrote an article in 2001 that Trump recently tried to use as evidence that thousands of Muslims celebrated 9/11 on New Jersey rooftops, a rumor that has been repeatedly debunked. Garden design Many have interpreted Trump’s movements as mocking Kovaleski’s physical disability, not mimicking a person groveling.

“You know,” Trump continued, “I always talk about the reporters that grovel when they want to write something that you want to hear, but not necessarily millions of people want to hear, or have to hear.”

“We’re going to launch an investigation to find out,” Trump said. Baseball drills for 7 year olds “And then the next time — and I will say this: Of those votes cast, none of them come to me. Facebook app wont load None of them come to me. Landscape design ideas for front yard They would all be for the other side. Masonry store near me None of them come to me.”

Muir listed the reactions of prominent Republicans who do not agree with Trump on this and are alarmed that he is challenging the credibility of the election system.

“Well, let me just tell you, you know what’s important? Millions of people agree with me when I say that,” Trump said. Landscape design pictures “If you would have looked on one of the other networks and all of the people that were calling in, they’re saying, ‘We agree with Mr. Small front garden ideas no grass Trump. Landscape images free download We agree.’ They’re very smart people.”

“Part of my whole victory was that the men and women of this country who have been forgotten will never be forgotten again,” Trump said. Garden of eden kansas “We had a massive crowd of people. Football games online multiplayer We had a crowd. Fencing rio 2016 I looked over that sea of people and I said to myself: ‘Wow.’ And I’ve seen crowds before. Cheap bats com Big, big crowds. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 5 That was some crowd. Basketball rio 2016 tv When I looked at the numbers that happened to come in from all of the various sources, we had the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches. Softball games I said, the men and women that I was talking to who came out and voted will never be forgotten again. Francescas Therefore, I won’t allow you or other people like you to demean that crowd and to demean the people that came to Washington, D.C., from faraway places because they like me. High pitch sound test But more importantly, they like what I’m saying.”

Later in the interview, Muir asked the president about the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered in major cities and red-state towns across the country on Saturday to voice their opposition to his presidency. Minecraft fence designs Trump admitted that the crowds were “large,” but then argued that an antiabortion march scheduled for Friday is also expecting a large crowd.

“Here’s a picture of the crowd,” the president explained. Special olympics basketball schedule “Now, the audience was the biggest ever, but this crowd was massive. Pitch in spanish Look how far back it goes. Basketball teams in new york This crowd was massive. Retaining wall design software And I would actually take that camera and take your time [scanning the crowd] if you want to know the truth.”

Then the president took Muir to see another image, a panoramic photo by a local artist who has taken the exact same shot at each inauguration since Reagan was in office. Baseball america hot sheet (The other years were not presented for contrast.)

“One thing this shows is how far over they go here,” Trump said, walking up close to the print and pointing as he spoke. Softball express “Look. Free online baseball games Look how far this is. Top fantasy baseball players 2016 This goes all the way down here. Facebook live map All the way down. Francesca eastwood Nobody sees that. Fantasy basketball mock draft 2015 You don’t see that in the pictures. Dripping springs But when you look at this tremendous sea of love — I call it a sea of love. Basketball wives la cast 2015 It’s really something special, that all these people traveled here from all parts of the country, maybe the world, but all parts of the country. Flower bed designs Hard for them to get here. Front porch ideas pinterest Many of these people were the forgotten men and women, many of them. Football field template And they loved what I had to say. Basketball olympics 2016 roster More importantly, they’re going to love the result.”