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Let me tell you about this award-winning radio station. Winter landscape It is loved by its listeners, who tune in devotedly. Fastpitch softball rules One of its studios is based just around the corner from my home and, as the Observer’s radio critic, I’ve been desperate to hear its output. Garden of the gods trading post Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to sample a thing: not its popular rock show, nor its music request programme, its regular sound clash slot, nothing.

Uga softball schedule 2016 I can’t enjoy the many delights of NPR, because I’m a free woman. Softball pitching rules NPR stands for National Prison Radio. Basketball olympics 2004 Only people in prison can listen.

National Prison Radio only started in 2007, as a single station, Electric Radio in HMP Brixton. Facebook search by email It quickly expanded into a national network and now it can be heard in 100 prisons, broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the 85,000 prisoners in England and Wales. Baseball score sheet template The charity that’s behind NPR, the Prison Radio Association, is funded by donations and public funds, but also by its own audio productions. Fantasy football 2016 sleepers In 2015, it made its first radio drama, Bound, based on real-life child custody cases of babies born to a mother in prison. Asphalt 8 hack It has a newish monthly Radio 4 show, Outside In, recorded at the BBC by former prisoners; and it makes varied documentaries, such as Paul Mason’s recent one on social media manipulators.

PRA’s outside output is excellent , but it’s NPR, the sound of the inside, that is the real pull. Slow pitch softball team names For while, it seemed as though the only way I’d get to hear it was to become a judge on a radio awards panel. Beach garden ideas But, after several months of negotiation, the arrangements are in place for me to visit the studio in HMP Brixton.

The prison is situated on a small road, off the main drag out to the south coast. Francesca eastwood age It’s not announced, particularly: you could walk past it – between a tyre shop and a housing estate – and not really know it was there. Ncaa basketball championship channel But it is. Fantasy football cheat sheet excel There are a few of us on the visit, including Radio 1’s Scott Mills, who’s an ambassador for the PRA. Espn fantasy football app download We trot up to the entrance: an office, behind reinforced glass, where we show ID and hand over our mobile phones, keys and other odd items, such as chewing gum (in case it’s used to make an impression of a key). Landscape structures We progress through the prison slowly, in a group, moving between doors that are locked behind us before the one in front is unlocked. Garden city hotel The sky seems very far away. Fire sprinkler system design guide Everyone who works in a prison makes jokes, and you know why, when you’re there.

Brixton has a mixed reputation. Washington baseball team For many years, it was a Category B prison, just one security level down from the A set-up for those deemed truly dangerous. Michigan softball In 2012, it was changed to a prison for Category C and D prisoners; essentially, those with short sentences for non-violent crimes or those who have served their time and are on their last few months before going back outside. Baseball league standings There are some prisoners on ROTL (release on temporary licence: they do voluntary work outside prison) and others are allowed to fraternise outside their cells for as long as 18 hours a day.

What’s good about Brixton is its several imaginative rehabilitation schemes. Masonry veneer There’s Bad Boys bakery, where prisoners learn to make bread and cakes (Bad Boys produce is sold all over London). Drip There’s The Clink, a restaurant where outsiders can book and eat a meal, prepared and served by prisoners. Baseball field drawing The prison has strong links to Bounce Back, a post-prison service where ex-prisoners learn painting and decorating skills (I’ve used them, I recommend). Facebook search history android There is National Prison Radio.

The prison has plenty of problems, however. Small garden ideas pictures A 2015 independent report noted that most of its Cat C prisoners have access to “education or purposeful activity for only two or three hours a day”. Facebook marketplace During 2015, the staffing situation was “desperate”: “inadequate to ensure the humane treatment of prisoners”.

The prison is far from welcoming. Retaining wall design The buildings are old and designed for fewer inmates than the 800 housed here. Football games today college There are cage-style fences everywhere with barbed wire on top. Fences play There’s not much ground to walk on. Realtime landscaping You feel surrounded: everything is oppressively, light-blockingly high. Pitch dark mgsv Even the chapel is up some metal stairs, just a darkened room with a stage and a crucifix on the wall. Baseball diamond diagram There have been improvements – gym machines in the old outdoors smoking area – but legal highs are rife (“Brixton had the highest level of illegal drug use [of any prison] in the country”, said the report), gang tensions exist and in November last year, a film made with the live video streaming app Periscope showed an inmate being beaten up.

Not a holiday camp, then. Lattice method multiplication worksheet Still, the new governor, Giles Mason, is a well-respected progressive reformer, and he’s a strong advocate of prison radio. Rawlings custom glove builder And here we are at the studios: a plain room, with two small radio broadcast areas and a line of computers around the walls, each manned by a different inmate. Landscaper The atmosphere is hard-working, but cheerful.

I meet four presenters. Pitch definition science Kedia, a laidback Pentecostal believer, hosts Sunday’s gospel show as well as Bob and Beyond, a reggae and soca programme. Small garden design ideas on a budget “Once I’m in here making the shows, I don’t want to go for lunch,” he says. Landscape photography definition “I get so lost in it all, choosing tracks, editing, mixing.” (Prison radio shows are never live, for obvious reasons. Team usa baseball tryouts They are checked before they go to air.) I meet Hilary, an ex-inmate and presenter, who has come in especially to talk to me. Baseball players names Then there’s John, in for white-collar crime, who presents two programmes: The Rock Show, on his own, and The Request Show, with Daniel. Front garden design Before prison, John was a journalist and PR (at one point, he wrote about education) and ran his own company. Fantasy basketball mock draft 2016 And Daniel, John’s co-presenter, who says he’s inside because “I was a bad bwoy. Ncaa basketball final four 2016 And I was.”

I join John and Daniel in the studio for The Request Show. Backyard designs with pool They are very different characters – John: wry, educated, middle-class; Daniel: upfront, upbeat, street smart – but they make good sparring partners. Baseball hitting drills It’s sound clash time, where prisoners send in four tracks, and two different people’s choices are played, each track up against an opposing number. Masonry tools and their uses The sound clash is a source of pride, presented as a contest between prisons. Baseball field diagram Daniel picks one prisoner’s choices, John the other’s, and every time the tracks are played against each other, I choose a winner. Tournament bracket online Daniel’s prisoner wins. Fantasy basketball dynasty rankings LeAnn Rimes doesn’t stand much chance against Rick Ross, or Skrillex when played next to Kendrick Lamar.

In its early days, NPR struggled to fill its 24-hour remit. Fantasy football mock draft 10 team It played This American Life episodes for several years. Basketball teams At one point, there was a documentary strand, but this proved unworkable: docs are very labour-intensive and costly, plus there wasn’t really the demand from listeners. Define pitchy What the inmates prefer is informal discussion and interviews, with ex-cons, with governors, with big-wigs. France flag meaning of colors They want to laugh or cry, they want honesty and real-ness. Fences play summary And they want music. Baseball academy Hip-hop and grime are popular ( grime star Giggs spent time in Brixton), but there’s room for every taste, from electronic dance music to soppy tunes on The Love Bug. Timber merchants The request programmes get thousands of letters – impressive given that if prisoners want to ask for a track, they have to write a formal letter, with a stamp that they must pay for.

John likes working in NPR, because as well as playing requests and speaking directly to inmates, he can highlight some of their problems. How to build a fence gate “They want to hear about the issues,” he says. Florida softball “Why didn’t they get their bail application through, or why are fewer and fewer people getting their tags… I mean, I’ve got a quite different accent than a lot of these guys from south London… but when we were all talking about stuff together, in language and terms they understand, it’s much more credible.”

He highlights a few big problems in prison. Basketball finals First: spice, the now generic term for what used to be called legal highs ( not legal now). Basketball games nba jam Spice is far harder to detect than marijuana in the user, which is why prisoners take it, but it has a much stronger effect. Hardscaping aquarium “In the Scrubs, I saw a man chuck himself off the bridge,” John says. Cbs sports fantasy baseball rankings “I was on the ground floor and I looked up, and there he was, on the fourth floor, stark naked, waving himself around and going, ‘Look, I can fly!’. Fantasy basketball rankings His eyes were jet black, they were so dilated. How to pitch a tent They tried to grab him but he just threw himself back and over. Backyard designs Fortunately, there are nets…”

And there’s the understaffing. Football games on tv For Brixton Calling, an NPR show, John spoke to a prison governor. Football games online live She told him she had the budget to employ hundreds more prison officers, but nobody is applying.

“And because there aren’t enough officers, everyone’s locked up for 23 hours. Pitch bend midi And when they get out of their cells, they have one hour, 45 minutes tops, to get a shower, phone their families, phone their solicitors, do whatever they need to do. Garden of words english sub And there’s four phones between 150 prisoners, so of course you are frustrated. Paving calculator And if you’ve grown up in a rough environment and you’ve got a tendency towards violence anyway, and you can’t call your mum and you promised you were going to call her today, you know…” He shrugs.

After John, I speak for a long time to Hilary, NPR’s poster boy. Online football games It’s hard to believe Hilary ever got to prison, he is such a model of an upright, God-fearing Brixton man. Football field He’s from the Angell estate just along the road and he felt he let down everyone he knew when he was convicted. Landscape depot A successful man, designing training programmes for young people, he’d agreed to put his name to a cousin’s car-selling business without checking it out. Cbs sports fantasy basketball When the business was done for what Hilary calls “a crime to do with tax”, he went down too. Landscape definition art He tells me of the “dark cloud” that came over him when he was sent to Wandsworth. Paving block Luckily, he was soon assessed as low-risk and came to Brixton, though that brought its own stresses. Baseball league He could see his old house from the wing. Asphalt paving process He only did radio production as a way to “get out of the cell, listen to music and play with IT and computers”, but he found he was good at it and then put himself forward to be a presenter.

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