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Ipswich residents have made a number of comments in the Chronicle and other media about the article on the Jan. Rawlings custom glove builder 24 special Town Meeting warrant that would authorize the acquisition of a portion of the Pony Express Farm for use as public athletic fields. Landscaper The town has responded to most of these comments through the posting of a Frequently Asked Questions document on the town website (http://www.ipswichma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8832 ).

We are writing now to respond to some additional citizen claims, published recently on your site, that are inaccurate or misleading. Pitch definition science Our letter summarizes each claim, and then provides a response.

Claim: The Ipswich Board of Selectmen postponed consideration of the article at the October 2016 town meeting to a special Town Meeting in January as a political tactic to further the article’s chances of passage.

Response: Not so. Small garden design ideas on a budget When the selectmen voted on Sept. Landscape photography definition 19, 2016 to place the article on the October 25, 2016 Town Meeting warrant, it was with the expectation that a purchase-and-sale agreement would be executed very soon thereafter. Team usa baseball tryouts Unfortunately, it took until Nov. Baseball players names 14, three weeks after the October Town Meeting, to put the property under contract. Front garden design Because it would be inappropriate to ask the voters to support acquisition of a property that had not been secured, consideration of the article was postponed until a subsequent Town Meeting. Fantasy basketball mock draft 2016 It was the desire of both the town and Greenbelt to have the 2017 annual Town Meeting take up the matter. Ncaa basketball final four 2016 The purchase-and-sale agreement, however, stipulates that all funding commitments, including Town Meeting approval, must occur by Jan. Backyard designs with pool 31, 2017. Baseball hitting drills The property owner was not willing to extend this time period. Masonry tools and their uses Thus, if Town Meeting did not act until May 2017, there would be no assurance that the property would still be available, or that the terms of the agreement would still be acceptable to the owner. Baseball field diagram Because both Greenbelt and the town were unwilling to take that risk, a special Town Meeting was scheduled for Jan. Tournament bracket online 24.

Claim: Because the fields will not initially be used for school sports, they do not provide any benefit to the Ipswich School System, and limited benefit to the town.

Response: The need for additional athletic fields for youth sports in Ipswich has been well documented. Fantasy basketball dynasty rankings It is also well known that youth sports organizations are a vital component of the overall sports program available to the youth of Ipswich. Fantasy football mock draft 10 team Thus, the value of soccer and lacrosse fields to Ipswich youth athletes is not diminished if they are used by Ipswich Youth Soccer and Ipswich Youth Lacrosse rather than school-run programs. Basketball teams This is evidenced by the School Committee’s strong support of the warrant article.

Claim: The Maplecroft Farm acquisition was supposed to provide for use of its soccer field in perpetuity. Define pitchy Given that the field is no longer available for use by youth sports, there is good reason to believe that the same scenario will play out at the Pony Express Farm.

Response: First, the claim is untrue. France flag meaning of colors While there was interest in securing permanent rights to the playing field at Maplecroft Farm, efforts to do so were unsuccessful, and it was not a component of the conservation interests protected by vote of the Oct. Fences play summary 19, 2009 special Town Meeting.

Second, the overriding objective of the Maplecroft Farm land acquisition was to preserve one of the largest remaining farms on the North Shore. Baseball academy This was achieved without any town responsibility for managing it — a good outcome.

On the other hand, the town’s primary reason for acquiring part of Pony Express Farm is to use the existing polo field to meet the recreational needs of Ipswich youth. Timber merchants As a town-owned property, it will be managed by the town and used for its stated purpose.

Response: The Pony Express Farm property consists of a mix of wet and dry hay fields. How to build a fence gate The wet hay fields typically are not optimal for mowing until mid to late summer. Florida softball Several portions of the hay fields, however, are dry early enough in the summer to allow for high quality hay production. Basketball finals In addition, large sections of the town’s parcel, the vast majority of which is dry, will remain in agricultural use until such time that additional athletic fields are developed, if ever.

Response: Not so. Basketball games nba jam The town has been seeking land for athletic fields for well over a decade, and has long considered the Pony Express Farm to be the best property for that use. Hardscaping aquarium The $4.05 million purchase cost for the Farm’s entire 128 acres, while fair, is well beyond the means of the town to fund on its own. Cbs sports fantasy baseball rankings Thus, Ipswich needed the participation of Greenbelt (and Mass Division of Fisheries) to have the opportunity to gain ownership of the fields it so desperately needs.

After many months of work with its project partners, and the efforts of the Open Space Committee, Athletic Fields Study Committee, and town officials/staff, we are excited to have the opportunity to bring this potential acquisition to the voters on Jan. Fantasy basketball rankings 24. How to pitch a tent — Ken Swenson, chairman, Athletic Field Study Committee and Wayne Castonguay, chairman, Open Space Committee

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