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“Paul Pogba is going through the same thing at United as Memphis Depay,” Gullit said. Wicker “He may be the most expensive player in the world, but that does not count if he is spending more time on his dress style, the colours in his hair and his social media.”

Pogba recently came in for widespread criticism for launching his new clothing range, in collaboration with Adidas, the day after he had put in a shift against Liverpool that would have required Twitter to design a completely unique emoji to do it full justice. Masonry supply store In an unfortunate turn of events, the finest minds in Silicon Valley had prior to the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford knocked up an emoji of Pogba’s head—the first one ever of a Premier League footballer.

On matchday, as though somehow trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare, everywhere Pogba went he was confronted by the image of his own face. How to hit a softball On the scoreboard, on advertising boards and on the phone of every kid inside Old Trafford, a pixelated version of Pogba’s mug stared back at him. El patio menu No wonder he kept losing his bearings at corners. Facebook search history activity log 2013 When he looked at Dejan Lovren, he probably saw himself grinning back.

The gripe is that his new clothing range is proving a distraction—though it seems unlikely fashion’s new darling will have endured too many shifts in the stitching room. Jain irrigation share price today It’s even less likely the emoji thing was his idea, even if his advisers might have foreseen a poor performance was always going to open up their client to ridicule.

In the gods, Sir Alex Ferguson was sat within spitting distance of David Beckham. Garden centre london The Englishman was perhaps the architect of the modern football world Pogba is at the epicentre of now. Types of pitches in baseball No player was aware of his own brand like Beckham, much to the chagrin of Ferguson and fellow traditionalists who continue to see the badge as the star of every football club, not those who are lent it.

It hardly requires an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game to draw parallels between Gullit and Pogba. Basketball games y8 Rare is it a footballer manages to be both rangy and elegant, but the pair of them could stride over a snow-clad field together wearing muddy boots and not leave a footprint. Landscaping ideas for hills Both were blessed with touches sent from heaven, even if Pogba appears to be an atheist at times when not on his game.

Serie A proved the playground of their respective dreams, though they moved to Italy at vastly different stages in their careers. Baseball scores from yesterday Gullit was on the cusp of greatness, Pogba barely more than a boy in a man’s body.

AC Milan made Gullit the world’s most expensive footballer in 1987 when Silvio Berlusconi paid PSV Eindhoven £6 million for a player Arsenal passed on when he was at Feyenoord, with then-manager Terry Neill loath to risk £300,000 on a “wild kid.” Ipswich Town didn’t fancy him either.

Pogba wasn’t wild when he pitched up at Juventus as a 19-year-old, but he was cocksure enough about his ability to have left Manchester United over a dispute regarding playing time/money, depending on who is telling the story. Softball tournaments Some 29 years on from Gullit, he set a world record of his own when returning to Old Trafford for £92 million.

A player once described by George Best as being better than Diego Maradona tends to deliver verdicts wearing boxing gloves, as opposed to those of the kid variety. Football season Gullit is neither shy nor retiring.

Back in 2008, I spent the best part of five days with him in Los Angeles as part of a small press trip. Best fantasy football websites His sense of humour was drier than anticipated, and he was willing to reel off anecdotes with enthusiasm despite the fact they probably rolled their eyes before they rolled off his tongue. El pato harlingen He also possessed a sarcastic streak that could leave teeth marks, if not quite break the skin. Pitch angle calculator At the time for Sky Sports, I wrote: “The filter between his thought process and mouth is not one overly engaged.”

Many will accuse his views on Pogba as demonstrating a similar lack of forethought. Spring training florida 2016 As a critique, it’s based more on lifestyle than performances, which collectively have not been good enough to be exempt from criticism. Pitched roof extension ideas To focus on the off-field stuff comes across a little pious, not to mention oddly timed.

Though inexplicably bad against Liverpool and no better than fine at Stoke City on Saturday, Pogba has otherwise been integral in United’s 17-match unbeaten run.

A blatant issue is the comparison with Depay. Landscape design plans It reads as though Gullit is saying there’s not much between them. Yaw pitch roll Given Pogba won four Scudettos at Juventus by the age of 23 (eight trophies in total), which is one more title than Gullit managed at AC Milan, it seems a little churlish to suggest he might seek out advice from a player who has only ever played in the Eredivisie, however impressively, before failing in England.

I must confess to having been surprised he held a keen interest in meteorology when regularly referencing Stormzy, only to discover he was talking about the UK grime artist. Garden planner We’d probably all have our initials shaved into our hair too were it not for the fear it may never grow back. Batting average As for dabbing, this writer will happily be lowered into the ground not being fully aware of what it entails.

But that’s fine. Yankee stadium tour It seems genuinely mystifying why quite so many ex-professionals seem to take umbrage with what extracurricular activities Pogba gets up to. Small backyard landscaping ideas He seems an engaging, charismatic 23-year-old who enjoys being famous. Minnesota landscape arboretum Let him enjoy it. Fastest softball pitch ever Surely it’s better he revels in the spotlight than hides from it. Football teams in london As Oscar Wilde once said: “Y outh smiles without any reason. Home garden design pictures It is one of its chiefest charms.”

There’s no doubt he could be doing something more productive than having his hair cut every five minutes, but I’d hazard a guess there are Premier League footballers doing a lot worse things. Stardock fences windows 10 If Pogba’s biggest vice proves to be vanity, Mourinho will be delighted.

Even Pep Guardiola from time to time must get bored of watching pre-prepared clips of forthcoming opposition. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked If Pogba spent his spare time in the bookies or the boozer, he’d probably get away with a nod and a wink job. Landscape photography lens To be fair to Gullit, when he received his Ballon d’Or, he used the occasion to highlight the plight of Nelson Mandela. Ancestry sign in Not to mention his metamorphosis from the Iron Tulip to Captain Dread when on backing vocals for Dutch reggae band Revelation Time.

Amid criticism of how Pogba spends his downtime, it’s probably worth recalling how in his days at United’s academy, he forged one of the best midfield partnerships ever seen in youth football alongside Ravel Morrison. Beautiful landscapes tumblr Rio Ferdinand told a story on BT Sport (h/t Richard Jolly of ESPNFC) of Ferguson calling him over to watch the “best player he had seen” for his age, while Gary Neville told Talksport (h/t Squawka) one was better than the other. Fantasy baseball rankings They were both talking about Morrison.

However tortuously self-serving social media is, there are definitely worse things for young players to become immersed in. Portfolio outdoor lighting transformer troubleshooting The playwright George Bernard Shaw was right when he said, “Youth is wasted on the young,” but that shouldn’t excuse miserable old sods lamenting the follies of their juniors, as though they never had any of their own.

It’s telling Mourinho has not even hinted at dissatisfaction with how Pogba manages his lifestyle. Rock garden images On the contrary, a manager who is hardly averse to telling his star players exactly what he expects from them—if it’s ever necessary he usually does it sat right next to them on the bench—has in the past month championed Pogba’s chances of one day winning the Ballon d’Or and intimated he could be a United captain in the future.

Back at Juventus, old warhorse Giorgio Chiellini, not a man prone to issuing hollow platitudes, has been lamenting the loss of a character he compares to NBA champion LeBron James and sprint king Usain Bolt.

“We’re not used to losing and, in addition to this, we’ve lost a player like Pogba who was the LeBron James of football and, even when you didn’t notice him, he was impressive,” Chiellini told Sky Sports Italia (h/t the Daily Mail’s Matt Maltby). Garden state parkway “Pogba was our Usain Bolt.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has taken him under his wing at United and seems acutely aware that for all the bravado, often between the pair of them, there are probably times when Pogba needs a quiet word.

The Swede disputes the view Pogba was affected by having extra attention placed on him in the Liverpool match, arguing social media is now just a regular facet of the game like any other, per the Guardian’s Jamie Jackson.