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It’s hard to imagine this happening today – a government organisation wading into the topic of national identity, and doing this through a series of town hall-style regional forums.

It happened. Garden spider web Hundreds of local governments hosted public meetings, using material partly prepared by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.

Fantasy sports for all There were discussions from Ballarat in Victoria, to Bellingen in New South Wales, to Burnett in Queensland, to Burnie in Tasmania.

That was in the year 2000. Baseball fantasy names The next year they were gone, and they have not been posted on the NADC website since. Landscape ecology (Luckily, the 2000 website is archived on Trove).

… Facebook search friends by city what it means to be Australian, where our country’s future lies and what values underpin Australian society, are not exclusively the province of politicians, sociologists or columnists. Small front yard landscaping ideas pictures We all have something to say about what makes us Australian and the kind of values which shape our national identity.

Community concern about issues related to national identity has rarely been so intense. Where to buy fabric The debate over whether Australia should become a republic, the controversy over native title and the attempt to define our relationship with our Asian neighbours have all focussed attention on what it means to be Australian. Garden centre A conjunction of key events – the Sydney Olympics, the end of a century and the Centenary of Federation in 2001 – has fuelled public debate on how we want to be known as we enter the next millennium.

What stands out here is not only the innocence of the project, but the confidence; the idea that everyday Australians should reflect upon national values, and that Australia Day should be the occasion.

We should use the opportunity of Australia Day, where almost 6 million people attend activities and events, to invite Australians to reflect upon issues pertaining to national identity and national values.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the front of the NADC website: On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian. Patchwork definition What’s your point?

The point is that the debate over #changethedate isn’t exclusively an Indigenous issue. Fantasy football yahoo mock draft It’s not only about acknowledging the dispossession that followed the First Fleet landing at Sydney. Fantasy baseball trade analyzer It’s also about whether Australia Day is for reflection, or only for celebration.

For 2017, Fremantle Council has voted to cancel its Australia Day festivities and hold a “culturally inclusive” celebration two days later. Little league baseball age chart The local Liberal MP, Ben Morton, mocked the council for straying from its “core business” of “picking up rubbish”, and instead “wanting to create a national debate”.

Somehow it never really caught on. Irrigation direct Fifty years passed. Frances conroy Many saw the day as an excuse for a public holiday – that Anzac Day was the true national event. Garden ideas for small front yards When the bicentenary arrived, in 1988, there was far more public debate over Invasion Day than there is now. Front yard landscaping florida On 26 January 1988, more than 40,000 people staged what was the largest march in Sydney since the Vietnam moratorium.

It’s hard to believe any Premier in office today would dare break with the new tradition. Drip drop taemin lyrics When Fremantle Council said it would hold a citizenship ceremony on January 28, the Commonwealth pulled rank, and ruled the ceremony could only be on January 26.

Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front are planning to converge on Fremantle on Australia Day to protest against what they called “an act of betrayal against Australia”. Fantasy football league websites Their threat is a reminder that Australia Day is taking place in a vastly different political context to the early 1990s.

Organisers have taken pains to promote a certain type of nationalism – inclusive, multicultural – but it is increasingly hard to ignore the other, exclusionary kind. Spring training 2017 How we invented Australia Day

The map of Australia with Anglo-Saxon faces, and the national flag, give way in the 1990s and noughties to something more generic – people of different races and backgrounds celebrating joyously together.

The next year there is no identity link, just ‘Let’s Celebrate’. High pitch By 2003, people visiting the page are simply told: ‘Celebrate what’s great’. Asphalt 8 apk If they click on a link for ‘About Australia Day’, they are encouraged to reflect. Alabama softball roster But not reflect on national identity, just on what’s great:

What’s surprising about the NADC’s 1996 and 1997 regional forums – the ones reflecting on national identity – is the main themes that emerged were not refugees, immigration, or foreign workers, but “the possibility of an Australian republic”, and “Aboriginal reconciliation”.

The year 2001 has been nominated as the year by which Aboriginal reconciliation should be completed, and consequently has been associated as a significant part of the Centenary of Federation.

Given that, 20 years later, we’re so far from achieving this, the optimism of the report can sound glib and naive. Flagstone patio design ideas But at the very least it suggests faith in our ability to work together, and the willingness of everyone to work towards reconciliation.

Canterbury in NSW thought the January 26 public holiday should be abolished. Baseball games today Casey in Victoria thought every state should celebrate a day significant to each state. Basketball games to play Also:

Given the momentum of the #changethedate campaign, we might think we are closer to change than ever before. Garden stores near me But the history of Australia Day seems to tell the opposite story. Top mlb players 2016 In the last 20 years, we have made the anniversary of the first day of British colonialism a day of national celebration. Big boy softball Awareness of Australia Day has grown from 75.2 per cent in 1980 to 99.6 per cent in 2007. Minecraft fence That’s right, in 1980 about a quarter of the population wasn’t even aware of Australia Day.

“My personal view is we really need to go out and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and get a whole range of voices and different opinions and make sure whatever we do on whatever day we do it on it’s an inclusive and respectful day,” he told Hack.

“Whatever we do with the day we need to be very respectful that lots of people give it meaning. Minor league baseball teams We just did research and 80 per cent of people see it as more than a day off.” But what about the lamb ad? Wasn’t that good?

You can watch all 10 years worth here. Masonry supply Over the years, the ads have encouraged unity through mass consumption of lamb. Rock landscaping ideas The first ad was in 2006 – just after the Cronulla race riots. Us basketball olympic team 2016 Surrounded by Australian flags, ‘Lambassador’ Sam Kekovich stares down the camera:

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