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CHICAGO — Every year around Super Bowl weekend Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer makes the drive from Chicago to Mesa, Arizona where the Cubs train during the spring. Garden of the gods il He’ll be there in time for the game on Sunday which once again features his beloved New England Patriots. Alabama softball team Annually, during his trek to Arizona, he takes the time to pick up the phone for a Q&A about the Cubs — and make his Super Bowl prediction.

Fantasy baseball The last time the Patriots won, in 2015, Hoyer nailed the final score saying the Pats would win by 4. Mizzou softball The final was New England 28, Seattle 24.

So here we are again. Landscaping with rocks and stones The Patriots are in the Super Bowl and your Cubs are World Series champions. Stardock fences It’s been quite the three, four months for you. Absolute pitch training Last time I ended our Q&A with your prediction. Vegetable garden layout planner I won’t bury it this time. Football field goal It goes to the top. Basketball olympics 2016 usa Who do you like?

Jed Hoyer: I’m going with Pats 35, Falcons 27. Brett paving I think the Falcons are a great opponent, but as a Pats fan, I’m hoping Belichick can devise a scheme to slow down that offense enough. Football scores yesterday That’s my prediction.

OK, glad we have that on record. Fantasy football team names by player So what else is on your mind during your drive? You’ve had a half-decade with a single goal in mind and now you’ve achieved it. Pitch bend ableton What’s the next challenge? A dynasty?

JH: I do love doing this drive because I can kind of clear my head and start thinking about the next season. Fantasy 5 That means turning the page on last year. Gem pavers Last year was something none of us will ever forget. Pitches in baseball We had a great season from Day 1 of spring training until the end, but my mentality is to turn the page to 2017. Softball tournaments in ga Everyone will go through that process in some way. Wyevale swansea For me, it’s this drive out here. Football teams near me It’s important that when things start out on Day 1, it’s about 2017. Fantasy football espn You can never perfectly recreate the chemistry of a given team — 2016 was different than 2015, and 2017 will be different again.

Let’s go back for a second. Landscap Do you wish enjoying it could last longer? It’s like a nine-month grind and the playoffs take forever and then it’s over. Patio menu The celebration is an hour. Baseball team logos The parade is a couple hours, same with the White House. Football schedule nfl Now you’re right back to the grind.

JH: I always feel like those individual moments, I wish you could almost press pause on them and soak them in. College football teams in texas Be it the parade or the White House. Basketball court diagram Those moments are swift, you hope you can take as many mental pictures as you can because you know you’re doing something really special. Hitting drills But the beauty of baseball is every spring it’s about the next team and in some ways the beauty of it is knowing it’s going to be different and figuring out how to move forward. Garden city That’s on my mind.

JH: Joe [Maddon] will ultimately deliver that message to the team. Baseball fantasy draft But for me, when you’re trying to end the droughts, like we did in Boston or Chicago, everyone is incredibly focused on the goal, which is way bigger than themselves. Paving expert calculators Moving forward, you want that attitude to continue. California baseball teams Team first. Baseball players steroids When you talk about repeating, things can pull you in different directions, but I think we have a group of players who are up for the challenge. Baseball america prospects It’s about having that attitude again. Front yard landscaping no grass I think we’ll have that. What is pitch in music Winning was special, but repeating is special as well. Pitch in money I think our guys are going to approach it that way.

Along those lines, Joe Maddon said he did a little research looking into the 2002 Mariners after their 116 win, 2001 season. Softball pitching lessons He said they fell off because of their defense and that was his main concern. Front garden ideas Does that vibe with the front office or is every repeat attempt different?

JH: Yeah, our backbone was run prevention, and that started with defense. Wicker park chicago We’ll have largely the same defense, so I think guys will have the same focus defensively. Spring training 2016 arizona It can keep us in games.

JH: The crux of our focus the last few weeks is pitching. Lattice energy periodic table Adding Brett Anderson, adding Eddie Butler, continuing to focus on guys that can add depth for us. Baseball teams in new york Guys we think can have a lot of ability making starts. Fence minecraft gate We need to prepare as much as we can for things not going in the right direction. High pitch eric So much of our job right now is building insurance on a really good team.

JH: He had a really good year in 2015 with the Dodgers then he was banged up with a bunch of different injuries. Driveway sealing drying times We think he fits in really well. Basketball games nba At this time of year people see six or seven starters and wonder “who’s going to be bumped out” but we know something will happen, something will come up. Wadding We’re not doing our job if we don’t bring in a lot of guys that can make big league starts and let it figure itself out. Football teams in florida If you have only five [starters], ultimately you’re going to regret that almost every season.

I’m sure you’ve seen guys go through swing changes in the winter before. Garden inspiration ideas What’s important for a fan watching Jason Heyward? Do spring ABs mean more for him than others? It would seem so.

JH: I’d be a little careful on that. Fencing equipment names He’s been working hard, but it’s going to take some time to lock those things in against live pitching. Pinch hitter 2 hacked I mean he’ll still be working really hard at it even after we start playing games. Lattice energy table He may come out of the gate with those changes really strong, or it may take some time. Landscaping ideas for front of house You have to be patient when guys are making those changes.

I’m still curious about Kyle Schwarber leading off only because Ben Zobrist has all those qualities Dexter Fowler had minus perhaps some speed. Fences download free In the old days he would seem like the natural choice, why isn’t he?

JH: The one thing I will say is its nice having a switch hitter in the middle of the lineup. Landscape architecture jobs It negates the other manager’s ability to match up later in the game when that guy is hitting in the middle. Little league baseball world series Ben did a really good job last year hitting cleanup a lot. Pinch hitter 4 That would be the biggest rationale. How to play softball Protecting [Anthony] Rizzo, and the other team not being able to match up in the middle.

JH: I’m not going to single any guys out because that’s just not fair. Cobblestone inn But three years ago, the last few innings of spring games were pretty exciting because of the guys coming up. Garden of eden lyrics Now those guys are starters in the big leagues. Ncaa basketball championship highlights I think it’s always important as an organization that we continue that. Winter landscape Our farm system has the same importance for the future so I’m still excited to see those last three innings of spring training games.

Let’s talk about Joe Maddon. Fastpitch softball rules In your opinion, and I know you can’t speak for fans or media, but does he enter a strange year of scrutiny for a World Series-winning manager. Garden of the gods trading post I’ll give you an analogy. Uga softball schedule 2016 After the 2015 NLCS everyone was critical of Kyle Schwarber’s defense when before that series it wasn’t all that bad. Softball pitching rules Are we sort of seeing what the playoff microscope can do to a manager even though he won?

JH: We won 200 games the last two years and there is a zero percent chance we do that without Joe. Basketball olympics 2004 The nature of baseball is that people watch the game and manage along with the manager. Facebook search by email He’s done so many things that have worked out perfectly but even if a couple results weren’t the same in Game 7, the process was the same as the guy that made so many good decisions over the last two years. Baseball score sheet template By next season, all that is going to drift away.

JH: It’s kind of unfair because David talks really well and is so charismatic, there is no way he’s not incredible at ESPN. Fantasy football 2016 sleepers With us, he’s just learning how to work in the front office and getting Theo coffee. Asphalt 8 hack I feel like the adjustment at ESPN is likely to be incredible. Slow pitch softball team names He’ll be a natural on the air for you guys.

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