Jeff teague is feeling at home

The idea of being home is inherently ambiguous. Landscape supply portland There are tangible parameters that usually give it structure, like the four walls that provide a sense of comfort. Cottage garden design Other things can add to it, too. Ancestry dna Furniture placed right where you remember it. Fantasy football 2016 Streets you weave through almost automatically because the destination is a well-known constant.

Others define it as where the heart is, a feeling that isn’t dependent on location but rather on knowing you are somewhere you belong. Fastpitch softball pitching lessons It is sharing a special moment with people you care for and where that happens — anywhere you can find it — is home. Landscape ontario congress There’s no place like it.

At the start of this season, Jeff Teague found himself somewhere recognizable but still searching for the familiar. Football season is over After seven seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, Teague found himself at odds with the only organization he had ever played for and how they would move forward. Garden of eden story So, after one All-Star appearance and years of moderate success, a deal was struck to send Teague back to Indianapolis, the city where he was born and raised, to join the Indiana Pacers.

When asked about the trade before a recent game in Orlando, Teague explained to The Step Back that the move wasn’t all that surprising. Football games download free “Nah, not really,” he said with eyes cast downward. Elite softball “We kind of talked about it. Garden I just thought it was a time for us to move on and I think they kind of felt it too, a little bit. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 2 I kind of knew I wasn’t coming back and I knew it was going to be a different situation.”

The Hawks have seemingly been at a crossroads for years, retooling as needed. Landscape photography tips and techniques The loss of DeMarre Carroll in 2015 stung, but was eased by the addition of Kent Bazemore. Baseball diamond vector Al Horford’s departure this past summer was far more significant but Dwight Howard was signed to fill the sizable gap. Furrow irrigation Both Teague and Paul Millsap, Atlanta’s steadiest yeoman, will enter free agency this summer.

The situation was made complicated, at least for Teague, by the presence of Dennis Schröeder, a dizzying blur of erratic, unproven potential. Basketball court He had served as a backup but the Hawks front office believed he was ready to supplant Teague as the starter. Pavestone With the latter’s contract situation so tenuous and the belief in some circles that the former has a higher upside, the deal with the Pacers was arranged.

“Home.” True to the dichotomous nature of the word, what might seem like reward for past services rendered could also be considered a banishment. Baseball players At the time of the trade, the argument could easily have been made that Atlanta had a higher ceiling than the Pacers. Gardenia While the loss of Horford was a blow to the team’s free-flowing offense over the last few seasons under head coach Mike Budenholzer, Howard adds a different, positive impact. Pitch in music The Hawks might not be considered legitimate contenders (outside of a handful of teams, there really aren’t many who fit that designation) but Indiana certainly wasn’t among that upper echelon, either.

All positivity aside, there remain concerns that the streak, much like a homecoming narrative, is superficially alluring. Softball field dimensions The Pacers were almost certainly a lottery-bound team last season, with George (back from a brutal leg injury in 2014), a collection of role players and Turner, just a rookie. Spring training 2016 cardinals They clawed their way into the playoffs by virtue of a strong defensive identity and George’s individual greatness, even pushing the Toronto Raptors into a seven-game series in the first round. Asphalt 7 apk data Many attributed that success to Vogel’s ability to sculpt something useful, if not beautiful, out of the roster’s raw clay.

The team’s recent success might just be a mirage, however. Asphalt 8 soundtrack Their win streak was put to an end after a thrashing by the Cavaliers, driving home the point that Indiana is far from reaching the status of legitimate contender. Spring training schedule 2016 florida Another early-round exit is still a possibility, should they even sustain their current pace and make the playoffs. Unilock pavers Teague insists otherwise, saying the Pacers are deep — “We’ve got a good group, man, a lot of talented players, 1-15, who know how to play” — and a chance to prove it is all they need. Fencing classes nyc “We can continue to keep growing, go in the right direction. Pitch in meaning Anything can happen, man. Fences windows 10 free We get into the playoffs, get a good matchup, who knows?

There’s a sense that Teague is selling the sizzle a little overzealously and the steak might be overcooked and gristly. Lone star softball message board It’s difficult to get used to a new team with lofty expectations, just as he’s been challenged in his return home. Francesca battistelli free to be me lyrics There are factors that fans are often ignorant to while embracing the homecoming narrative so readily. Landscaping The demand of family, friends and acquaintances can take a toll on NBA players, both emotionally and financially. Timber merchants north london From the near-constant string of ticket requests to, in Teague’s case, living in the basement of his parents’ house.

But Teague is enjoying the return to Indiana, despite the occasional inconvenience. Pictures of gardens In describing what motivates him, he’s at his most earnest, almost to the point of vulnerability. Facebook app keeps crashing “I just love basketball,” making eye contact to drive home the point. Landscape designer salary “Seriously…it’s all I do, all I talk about. Youth soccer It’s a joy just to play, just to have the opportunity…I know it’s rare just to have the chance to be in the NBA, be able to play for eight years. High pitched cough I’m thankful. Drip from my walk instrumental I’m blessed. Espn fantasy football app not compatible And I’m going to continue to work hard because it’s just something I love doing.”

Shortly before sitting down to the interview, the Pacers were engaged in a post-practice shooting exercise. Baseball teams in texas Five players, including Teague and George, position themselves at points around the arc, knocking down 25-footers with careless ease. Cobblestone minecraft As the players start, they call out, “One-oh”, “Two-oh”, continuing after each whip of the net or until a shot is missed. Japanese landscape tattoo Whether this is for fun or mandated by coaches isn’t clear but it’s beautiful and captivating, even in its simplicity. Spring training locations in florida The players get as high as “Fifteen-oh” — Teague never misses — before starting over. Taffeta fabric characteristics There are laughs all around as a player misses, beginning the cycle again, and Teague is smiling as he effortlessly hoists each shot.

Indiana’s season remains one shadowed by doubt. Basketball finals channel A long playoff run or failing to earn a postseason berth are equally possible. Basketball rio 2016 scores But with each win, it’s clear that Teague is becoming more comfortable with the team that is both his and George’s all at once. Natural stone bridge and caves If that’s hard to grasp, perhaps that’s how it should be. Basketball leagues near me Basketball is something enjoyed in both tangible and emotional ways.

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