Kerr leads in state lawmaker movement opposed to devos nomination – the colorado statesman

State Sen. Yankee stadium Andy Kerr fully intends to continue a national state lawmaker pressure campaign in opposition to the nomination of Betsy DeVos as education secretary.

Kerr, a Lakewood Democrat and Jefferson Country school district social studies teacher, sent a letter this week signed by more than 400 state legislators to U.S. Bradstone Sens. Off the pitch Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, and Patty Murray, D-Washington, the leaders of the U.S. Usa softball pitcher Senate education committee that was considering the DeVos nomination.

Colorado U.S. Usssa baseball teams Sen. Laying paving slabs on soil Michael Bennet opposed DeVos for her track record as an advocate in Michigan, where she supported school choice and charter school efforts, but to little effect, as he argued during a hearing held earlier this month.

“Ms. Patio town oakdale DeVos has used her vast wealth to influence state legislation and the outcomes of elections to advance policies that have undermined public education and proved harmful to many of our most vulnerable students,” it reads. Front yard landscaping ideas “[M]eanwhile, she lacks any direct experience with education, instruction, and school system and program administration… Her significant lack of experience leaves her unfamiliar with the challenges and opportunities facing the nation’s students, educators, and schools.”

Kerr said he might send another letter to Washington in the coming days. Gardenia tattoo He noted that some Republican members of the U.S. Dripping springs tx weather Senate have signaled they’re on the fence about the DeVos confirmation.

“I’ve been approached by a lot of people since the letter went out,” Kerr said. Garden supplies near me “So we’re continuing to collect signatures and perhaps we’ll send a letter targeted to the people who have said they could change their mind on this nominee.

Kerr said the idea for the letter hatched in December at conference hosted by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) in Washington after Trump announced DeVos as his education secretary nominee. Pitching mechanics drills The SiX conference hosts hundreds of progressive state lawmakers to talk priorities and strategy.

“I heard someone on the radio say that the primary reason people were opposing her nomination was because she supports charter schools. Funny softball team names You know, that’s absolutely not the case. Cobblestone wall We oppose her confirmation because every time she answers a question, she demonstrates again how little she knows about public education, that she’s not interested in learning about public education, and — whether its about performance or growth data or school safety — she is just unqualified for a position like this.

“I could name ten Republicans in our (state) Legislature right now who are much more qualified than she is,” Kerr said. Baseball scoresheet “Take (Sen.) Owen Hill. Garden layout He home schools his children. Closeout bats com He’s a big fan of charter schools. Sprinkler world utah He is much more qualified than she is,” he said laughing. Softball nation “Much more qualified.”

Hill, a Colorado Springs Republican, has been a top advocate for DeVos in the state. Small backyard ideas He held a press call Monday touting the nomination. Outdoor voices founder He argued DeVos was an outsider who would shake things up and give greater power to the states to develop approaches to education that best suit students and parents.

Her nomination is “making a lot of folks nervous whose jobs depend on maintaining the status quo in education,” he said, adding that “political polish” was overrated.

He was joined on the call by Mike Miles, who in 2004 ran for the U.S. Define pitch Senate as a Democrat and lost in the party primary to then-Attorney General Ken Salazar. Frances bean cobain twitter On the call, Miles said he thought DeVos was not the privatizing evangelist her critics were making her out to be.

Miles is a school reform executive who has made headlines for his business-style school makeover programs. Outdoor restaurants nyc He is the CEO of two public charter schools in the state, the Academy of Advanced Learning, which is set to open in the fall in Aurora, and Pikes Peak Prep in Colorado Springs. Irrigation definition medical Miles bases teacher pay on area expertise and effectiveness. Pitch in definition Special reading or math instructors, for example, make more than gym teachers.

As the Senate committee was preparing to vote on the nomination, Miles sent a statement clarifying his position on the politics around the nomination, arguing that feelings about President Trump and his administration so far shouldn’t shape opinions of DeVos’s dedication and experience.

“I’m certainly not a fan of Mr. Facebook mobile messages Trump, far from it,” he wrote. Dripping springs tx hotels “But Mrs. Cultural landscape example DeVos is a proven leader who has worked to give every child an opportunity to receive an excellent education.”