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In the videos, Kala Brown describes the events leading up to the death of her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, being taken captive and her eventual rescue. Investigators said Brown was found chained up “like a dog” in a storage container on Todd Kohlhepp’s property in November.

Brown said Kohlhepp explained Stockholm syndrome to her and told her she would eventually fall in love with him and they would be happy together.

Garden of the gods camping Fearing for her life, Brown said she eventually played into Kohlhepp’s fantasy.

“I had to stay alive in order to be found,” she said. “I realized that it was easier if he thought things were going his way so I made him think whatever I had to, to stay alive and to keep him from abusing me.”

On the first night in captivity, Brown said Kohlhepp raped her and left her bound in the dark without saying anything to her when he left. Netafim When he returned the next day, she said he brought her some water and a small lantern. Toro irrigation He also is accused of taking her back to the two-story garage and feeding her before sexually assaulting her again in the apartment upstairs.

She described Kohlhepp’s dream of their future together, saying he told her he eventually planned to build a house on the property with a soundproofed room to keep her in. Pitching mechanics video He reportedly told her he would eventually give her free run of the property when he trusted her and promised he would let her go if he became old or sick.

In the interviews, Brown said she lost all track of time inside the container so Kohlhepp eventually brought her a small clock. Tropical garden design She said she kept her eyes open for an opportunity to escape or disarm him, but said “he was not reckless at all.”

Brown said it was bravado to impress and intimidate her, but he was really “a coward.” Kohlhepp told her he couldn’t kill someone who was looking at him, according to Brown.

“I knew my family would never stop looking but he was so careful I didn’t see how I could be found so soon,” she said. “I figured it would be a lot longer so I was scared that it really wasn’t happening.”

Brown said Kohlhepp told her if she ever heard anyone outside her confines and made noise, he would kill them both. How to lay pavers on sand She said she couldn’t breathe at first, but when she heard rescuers say they were looking for her, she started screaming and banging on the container.

Brown told Dr. Gardening tips Phil she and Kohlhepp had been friends on Facebook for years but hadn’t had any “real communication” until the real estate agent contacted her in 2016 about cleaning houses. Pervious concrete cost In the months before being kidnapped, Brown said she did four or five jobs for Kohlhepp and he always was polite and like a “regular businessman.”

Brown said she went to pick up the keys to the property from Kohlhepp, who lived in Moore, but he was going to go with her this time because he needed to unlock the fence on his private Woodruff property.

In the interview, Brown said Carver had to work on the first date Kohlhepp suggested so she was going to bring another friend to help her, but Kohlhepp insisted it be Charlie. Pictures of landscapes The pair had been in a serious relationship for four to five months and were planning to get married, according to Brown.

Brown said she didn’t notice any red flags as they traveled to the nearly-100-acre Wofford Road property, but in hindsight she believes it to be odd he locked the gate behind them.

Brown and Carver reportedly followed Kohlhepp more than half a mile inside the fence to an area where she saw a two-story garage, a gardening shed and a metal storage container.

Brown described receiving hedge clippers and bottled water from Kohlhepp, who reportedly told them he needed help cutting back underbrush on trails on his land. Virtual garden Brown said after receiving the items, she and Carver stood outside the garage holding hands while Kohlhepp went inside to grab something.

“He pretty much shot Charlie before he ever made it completely out the door,” she said. “He said it was easier to control someone if you took someone they loved.”

In the Dr. Football scores nfl Phil interview, Brown described seeing Kohlhepp shoot Carver rapidly three times in the chest. Driveway sealing scams He is then accused of grabbing her in a choke hold and pulling her back inside the garage. Baseball games today near me She said Kohlhepp appeared completely calm during the incident, which left her in shock.

Brown said Kohlhepp left her restrained in the garage and “time almost stood still.” When he returned and led her outside, she said she saw Carver’s body wrapped in a blue tarp. Olympic qualifying basketball 2016 She said he shuffled her to the storage container where she was reportedly kept until her rescue months later, on Nov. Irrigation store near me 3.

She described the container as pitch black, which Kohlhepp reportedly illuminated with a flashlight. Phoenix bats On the walls, Brown described seeing shelving covered in food rations.

Brown said she was chained to the back corner of the container by a chain that was approximately three feet long and left in the hot metal structure for hours. Backyard baseball pablo She said she lost track of time in the storage container, but she believes Kohlhepp returned later the same day and sexually assaulted her.

“[Kohlhepp] let me know that if I tried to run, he’d kill me. Batting tips If I tried to hurt him, he’d kill me. Arizona softball If I fought back, he’d kill me,” Brown said. Garden centre toronto “And then he raped me.”

Brown’s mother, Bobbie Newsom, also spoke on Dr. How to make a good deck in hearthstone Phil, describing the changes she has seen since her daughter was rescued. Softball australia She said Brown is not the confident, outgoing person she used to be when she participated in pageants and modeling.

Brown reportedly told Dr. Small balcony garden ideas pictures Phil she doesn’t believe she was Kohlhepp’s first victim. Landscaping ideas around trees Deputies later said investigators uncovered the bodies of missing couple Johnny and Meagan Coxie on Kohlhepp’s rural property. Basketball olympics usa When asked if she thought Kohlhepp was going to kill her too, Brown said she knew Kohlhepp had another plan for her.

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