Know your golf rules_ situation one, ball out of bounds

You tee the ball up and take a mighty swing at it. Stardock fences You watch it sail off into the distance toward an area defined by some white stakes, or red, or yellow. Absolute pitch training Do you know what options are available for your next swing? Do you know the penalty and the procedure to get a new ball back into play?

Or, you play a ball toward the green and it’s flying right toward the hole, and you watch in horror as it strikes the ball of one the guys in your group, knocking his ball into the hole and pushing yours 20 feet away. Vegetable garden layout planner What happens next?

Or, let’s say you’re searching for your ball in the rough when you kick something and watch a ball skitter off away from your foot. Football field goal You find it again and discover it is your ball. Basketball olympics 2016 usa Now what?

I’m going to write this as a series of articles, each one addressing a different situation and how to proceed with play under those conditions. Keep in mind, I’m assuming you are playing in a “real” round of golf, like a tournament. Brett paving If you are just playing with your buddies, and have no plans to submit this round for handicap or any other purposes, you can hit half a dozen tee shots, pick the best one, and then play four balls from there. Football scores yesterday As long as you don’t hold up any players behind you, do what you gotta do. Fantasy football team names by player Here’s the situation…

You play your tee shot on a par five with out of bounds on the right along with some trees. Pitch bend ableton You push the shot a bit and watch it hit a tree when you lose track of it. Fantasy 5 You are unsure of where your ball is. Gem pavers It could be in bounds. Pitches in baseball It could be OB. Softball tournaments in ga What do you do?

The first thing you should do is hit a provisional ball. Wyevale swansea When playing a provisional ball you must announce your intention to your playing competitors by saying, “I’m playing a provisional ball for…” and then you have to say why you’re playing a provisional ball. Football teams near me In this case, because you didn’t see the ball land, you are playing a provisional for a lost ball. Fantasy football espn You can’t say you are playing a provisional for a ball out of bounds because you didn’t actually see it go out of bounds. Landscap It is the same if you know there is water near a hole and your ball goes toward it but you don’t actually see the ball go in the water. Patio menu You may not assume your ball went out of bounds or in the water. Baseball team logos You must see it.

Obviously, if you saw the ball go out of bounds, you would say you’re playing a provisional for a ball out of bounds, but in this case, you didn’t see it go out of bounds, so you can’t say you’re playing under that rule.

As an aside, it is important that you hit a ball that is a different number than the first ball so you can identify which was your first ball and which is your second. Football schedule nfl It’s a good idea to tell your playing competitors what number ball you’re using for your provisional shot.

Now, let’s say you find your ball out of bounds or you never find it. College football teams in texas Either way, you may not play it. Basketball court diagram This is where your provisional ball comes into play. Hitting drills You may proceed with your provisional as your ball in play under the penalty of “stroke and distance.” This means on the tee, when you hit your first shot, that was one stroke, then you get a penalty stroke and lose the distance you hit that first ball (that’s why they call it a “stroke and distance” penalty.) Your provisional was played with your third stroke, so you are lying three on your provisional ball.

So, you can see how things can get complicated in a hurry and knowing what to do can be the difference between making the cut or missing it, or being a playoff and not.

One other option you always have, and this is especially handy if there is a question about a rule and a rules official isn’t around or is unclear about the rule. Garden city You have the right to play a second ball stating your intention beforehand to accept the score with your second ball if the rules allow it. Baseball fantasy draft (It’s important that you say this because whatever score you make with that second ball is going to be your score, even if the score with the second ball is worse than the score you would have gotten on the first ball.) This very situation happened to Arnold Palmer during the 1958 Masters.

On the final day, on the 12th hole, Palmer struck his tee shot and it plugged in the ground near the green. Paving expert calculators He thought he was entitled relief, but was told he wasn’t by a rules official. California baseball teams He played both balls, the one that was plugged, and the second if he had been granted relief as he believed he was entitled. Baseball players steroids He made a double bogey on the first ball, but got up and down for par on the second ball. Baseball america prospects Then, he continued play while the rules committee to decided what his score would be.

As Palmer’s story demonstrates, knowing your rules and your options under them is profoundly important. Front yard landscaping no grass You might not ever win the Masters or have a chance to, but you might have a chance at your club championship, and knowing the rules could make all the difference.

If you have any questions about rules during a round that is not a tournament round, it is helpful to have a rules app on your phone, or simply go to the USGA website. What is pitch in music Of course, you can always speak with the club pro about rules issues after the round.

During a tournament, there should be rules officials available to ask questions should the need arise. Pitch in money If there isn’t, you can talk to your playing competitors about any situations involving the rules of the game.