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Google came under fire in November when searches for “final election results” prominently featured a page from an amateur website that falsely claimed that President Donald Trump had won the popular vote. College softball world series winners (In fact, Clinton received nearly 2.9 million more votes than Trump.) “In this case we clearly didn’t get it right,” a spokesperson for Google told me at the time. Funny fantasy football team names 2015 “But we are continually working to improve our algorithms.” Real estate on the all-important first page of Google results is a zero-sum game.

Google searches for other political issues also turn up plenty of RT content, but none featured as many as the hacking report search earlier this month. Garden of eden key west The top news result in a search for “how big was women’s march” is an RT article focused on criticism of the mess left behind by demonstrators. Landscape and urban planning A search for “Trump inauguration attendance” returned an RT story as a featured news article, with the headline, “‘You are wrong’: Trump & spokesperson blast media over inaugural attendance figures.”

Data about Facebook engagement and reach isn’t public, beyond the number of people who like RT’s Facebook page: more than 4 million.

Fantasy football yahoo rankings That pales in comparison to Facebook pages of major American news networks, but eclipses the audience of smaller news sites and magazines. Fantasy baseball keeper rankings 2016 I asked a spokesperson for Facebook, which has taken an aggressive approach to slowing the spread of misleading news stories, if articles or videos from state-sponsored outlets are treated the same way as content from The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. Fantasy baseball team name generator The spokesperson only pointed me to changes the company has already announced, which suppress the circulation of links to news stories that users report as false. Minor league baseball schedule But since RT’s stories are more likely to be biased than to be “purposefully fake or deceitful,” as Facebook’s reporting tool puts it, its users may not report them that way.

Before Trump’s inauguration last week, RT was briefly banned from posting links, photos, and videos to Facebook. Espn fantasy football api The network decried the ban as an act of censorship, but a Facebook spokesperson said that suggesting that the move was “in any way linked to outside factors or events is entirely inaccurate.” RT said the ban may have stemmed from a copyright claim.

There’s a bright line between discussing how technology companies circulate news stories from state-funded outlets and advocating for media censorship. Fancesa RT and other foreign state-sponsored sources can legally broadcast and publish in the United States without fear of reprisal or meddling.

But today’s gatekeepers of online information, like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, get to decide what information deserves to be elevated—in Google’s “Top Stories” box, for example—and which, by extension, get suppressed. Pool and patio Real estate on the all-important first page of Google results is a zero-sum game: Only about ten links will ever appear on it for any one search, and if four of them point to one news site, those slots can’t be used to direct users elsewhere.

Russia is far from the only country to sponsor a media organization. Fantasy football rankings ppr The U.K. Justbats reviews helps fund the BBC, France 24 is paid for by the French government, and the U.S. Landscaping ideas front yard funds publishers and broadcasters like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Minor league baseball teams near me The problem isn’t RT’s funding sources, but rather its record of skewed, pro-Moscow reporting.

Speaking to The Atlantic in 2015, Ann Cooper, a professor of journalism at Columbia University and an expert on Russian media, said that the government shouldn’t designate RT as a foreign agent. Facebook app for windows 10 “You don’t want to get into a situation where you’re trying to set up categories and define different news agencies and basically say, ‘These ones are good, these ones are not,’” Cooper said. Masonry ios She argued that the public should be allowed to choose what news source they want to listen to.

And RT, of course, isn’t about to swallow up a significant portion of the U.S. Online football manager games with real players news landscape. Edible landscaping According to The Economist , the network routinely inflates the size of its TV audience, and its performance on Facebook and Twitter falls way behind mainstream news networks like CNN and the BBC, newspapers like The New York Times, and news services like Reuters and the Associated Press.

Nobody would care if an incoming national security adviser had confidential conversations with an ambassador of a hostile foreign government before Inauguration Day, if it were believed that the conversations served a legitimate and disinterested public purpose.

Everything started to go wrong just after 5 a.m., when Sidd Bikkannavar scanned his passport, placed his hand on a fingerprint reader, and watched as the automated customs kiosk spat out a receipt with a black X drawn across it.

It was January 31. Free baseball games Bikkannavar had just arrived at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport after a nine-hour flight from Santiago, Chile, where he’d competed in a two-week race from the southern tip of the country to its capital in a solar-powered car. El patio simi valley In a few hours, he would board a connecting flight back home to California, where he’s worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena for over a decade. Little league baseball near me Bikkannavar, a 35-year-old engineer who was born in Pasadena , designs technology for space telescopes like the enormous James Webb telescope that’s set to be launched into orbit in 2018.

As soon as news reached Moscow that Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had resigned after it became clear he had lied to the vice president about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, hawkish Russian lawmakers began to hyperventilate. Easton baseball Shadowy elements in Washington were trying to ruin not just Flynn, but the entire Russian-American relationship, they said. Baseball players with long hair Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Duma’s foreign-affairs committee, put out a statement, reported by The Washington Post, saying Flynn’s ouster was a “kind of a negative signal for normalizing the Russian-American dialogue.” “Flynn was forced to leave after an aggressive campaign by U.S. Usa softball team mainstream media. Fantasy football top 300 printable ‘Daily News’ front page ‘Russian for the exit’ tells it all,” tweeted Alexey Pushkov, a member of the upper house of the Russian parliament, in English. Garden city idaho In another, Russian tweet, he called the investigations into Flynn “a witch hunt.” In yet another, he suggested that “the next target is Trump himself.”

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