Lake county leader , local golfer looks forward after suffering concussion

“We were playing softball and we had a substitute teacher,” Conrad said. Yaw pitch roll “She let the kids play hard. Garden planner I was not playing with a helmet and running to third base. Batting average Someone threw the ball and it hit the back of my neck. Yankee stadium tour They hit (my head) instead and I went down. Small backyard landscaping ideas The teacher, who was texting on her phone, took me to the office and I had to go to the hospital.”

“The first time I went in and I found out I had a concussion, they just gave me some medicine or Advil or something and I fell backwards in the bathroom,” Conrad said. Minnesota landscape arboretum “I hit my head very hard against the bar of the bathroom and every ten seconds I would vomit. Fastest softball pitch ever Then I spent the night at my cousin’s graduation and that is when I went back to the hospital.”

“We went to three different hospitals and I was super scared,” Conrad said. Football teams in london “I wasn’t able to think about anything and I couldn’t even talk because I was getting sick so much. Home garden design pictures I just fell asleep and when I woke up it, would be the same thing. Stardock fences windows 10 I was super scared and worried about it, and I couldn’t think of anything at all.”

According to Conrad, the concussion affected her memory to the point she couldn’t remember how to play the sport she spent so many summers working and practicing with Polson resident and veteran golf coach Roger Wallace at Polson Bay Golf Course.

“When I swung, I missed the ball every time and I didn’t even make contact with the ball,” Conrad said. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked “Even when I did return to the golf course, I couldn’t remember I played in tournaments the previous season. Landscape photography lens One of my friends said ‘we are going to Buffalo in conference,’ and I would say ‘we never played Buffalo in my entire life. Ancestry sign in That spring right after my conclusion, I had memory loss and loss in my mobility functions.’”

“My motor skills were completely off and my behavior was different,” Conrad said. Beautiful landscapes tumblr “I was an outgoing and happy person and (after the concussion), I would have mood swings like crazy and insomnia. Fantasy baseball rankings I couldn’t sleep and that would make my personality kind of missing for a while. Portfolio outdoor lighting transformer troubleshooting I got super frustrated and super upset that I couldn’t remember how to do certain things with my golf swing. Rock garden images I got pretty angry and (despite my frustration) I just kept pushing. Garden state parkway I hoped that I would come back and I just kept working.”

Conrad said she started to get in the “swing of things” when she came up to Polson in the summer though she said she didn’t even recall visiting Montana despite doing so every single summer.

“One of my coaches helped with every little thing I needed and if I didn’t want any help, he would let me have some time to think about everything,” Conrad said. Watch mlb online free streaming live “He was super helpful thoroughly my recovery process. Hardscaping I kind of got in the swing of things that summer. Major league baseball scores from last night Every summer I would come up to Montana and I don’t even ever remember coming up here.”

“I was super bad my sophomore season when I started,” Conrad said. Landscape wallpaper “My freshman season wasn’t very good. Irrigation definition geography I was still shooting in the 100s and I didn’t want to be in last place anymore. Vegetable garden layout ideas I was eventually able to get back on my feet and starting getting lower and lower scores, just because of practicing. Francesca battistelli free to be me I eventually placed 8th in the conference. Spring training arizona In the state, I guess I just really pushed hard to be back on top where I was.”

“I have dyslexia and I get super confused all of the time,” Conrad said. Baseball diamond clipart “I am not sure how to explain it but when I am reading, the words get pretty confusing. Nsa softball For me, I never opted to take any classes that aided me in that. Garden city kansas I just worked through it.”

“He helped me immensely and started me out with the basics,” Conrad said. Frances bean cobain instagram “I just keep growing and going from there. Softball tournaments in nj He talked to me about what I could do with my future and what I was capable of doing. Softball field diagram He was super helpful with everything.”

“I’ve always been a long hitter and I think it was sophomore year at state when I entered in a long drive competition,” Conrad said. Football scores for tonight “I was competing against all of the other girls and I was the No. Garden design online 1 girl in the state (at long drive). Garden of words trailer I was intimidated competing against some of the other girls because they were shooting in the 70s and I was just a little sophomore. Fencing I saw the expression on the line judge’s face when I shot a 284. High pitch eric blue bloods I was told that was pretty good for a girl that was this young. French flag history My mom made some calls and entered me in the Mesquite Showdown in Nevada. Propeller pitch I got first in the juniors and third out of four girls that were women’s pros.”

In the 2016 world long drive in Thackerville, Okla., sponsored by GOLF Channel, NBC Universal, Conrad placed 13th in the world competition beating out world class long drive veterans to move up in her world ranking standings. Garden centre dubai In that competition Conrad 13th in the world competition beating out world class long drive veterans to move up in her world ranking standings.

“When I (competing in these competitions) I was super nervous,” Conrad said. Baseball league leaders I was meeting several world champions and the ladies (at that competition) were hitting the ball farther than most men. Fencing chicago I was kind of nervous.” According to Wallace, who instructed Conrad for several seasons in Polson, she was always a “natural athlete.”

“Probably since her early middle school years she’s been a tremendously hard worker and tremendously driven,” Wallace said. Best baseball stadiums “To excel in golf you have to put in long hours by yourself and not have any teammates around to hang with. Basketball teams nba She hits the range and practice facility and plays lots of golf without being in the company of others. Pitch meaning in business She’s very driven to succeed.”

Conrad will compete in three to four long-drive events around the country in spring and summer of 2017 with the goal to qualify for world championship in the fall. Baseball diamondbacks Conrad will begin her college golf career this Aug. College softball world series scores at William Penn University.

“That really speaks to someone that is driven like that, makes no excuses and just keeps her nose to the grindstone,” Wallace said. Usssa softball world series “She overcame what she needed to overcome and that really doesn’t surprise me. College softball world series winners I am very proud of her accomplishments.”

“She’s always had the athletic ability and good hand-eye coordination,” Wallace said. Funny fantasy football team names 2015 “I kept simple (at first) and let her refine her mechanics as she gained more experience. Garden of eden key west It can’t just be one shot out of 20 is good. Landscape and urban planning It’s a combination of her athletic ability, work ethic, and coaching that helped her along the way. Fantasy football yahoo rankings Not every person that has that kind of athletic ability decides to go into golf. Fantasy baseball keeper rankings 2016 They might play softball or basketball. Fantasy baseball team name generator I don’t see every person with that kind of athletic ability that comes to the course, and certainly Kaycee has been blessed with more than her fair share.”

“My memory is still super bad and I still have insomnia,” Conrad said. Minor league baseball schedule “I am super excited to play for William Penn. Espn fantasy football api When I started talking to them a while ago, I had this gut feeling that I was going to go there and it was meant to be. Fancesa I went to visit with them three times and I didn’t even meet the coach in person. Pool and patio I just knew from the site of things that it was going to be where I played my college golf.”

“You just keep practicing hard, and we are going up to Kalispell to have a golf simulator and work on the driver’s 18-holes every day in the summer,” Conrad said. Fantasy football rankings ppr “I just need to stay on top of it. Justbats reviews The concussion is not a downfall.”