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Along with its updated Roll Baler 125 and 125 Combi round balers, the firm showed its new flagship, large square baler Big Baler 1290 Plus, for the first time in the UK.

A number of new sensing and controlling systems are also featured on the IsoBus compatible baler, including the firm’s IntelliCruise, which the manufacturer says automatically regulates tractor forward speed to maximise baling capacity.

Featuring heavier duty drivelines and components, new electronics, and an extended options list, Claas has heavily revised its line-up of six string, large square balers for 2017.

Producing bales measuring 120cm by 70cm, the new Quadrant 5200 and 4200 replace the current 3200 and 2200 models, while the larger Quadrant 5300, producing 120cm by 90cm bales, replaces the 3300.

In order to achieve greater bale density and higher overall output, bale chambers on all three new models has been strengthened and the length increased by up to 15 per cent.

Standard on the Quadrant 5300/5200 and optional on the 4200 is the firm’s new Automatic Pressure Control system which automatically maintains target chamber pressure.

Toucan Machinery showed Monosem’s new Monoshox coulter damping system designed to enable a wider range of crops to be sown at accurate depth and spacing when working at higher drilling speeds.

The system, featured on the popular NG Plus planter, uses an automotive-style shock absorber to supplement the parallelogram linkage and twin springs currently used to protect the coulter against shocks, for more accurate drilling depth.

TopDown has 12.5cm (5in) disc spacing, 27cm (10.6in) tine spacing, an adjustable hydraulic stone release up to 700kg and it can cultivate to depths of 30cm (12in). Fastest softball pitcher in the world With DeepLoosening points, depth increases to 40cm (15.7).

Up-front, the machine gets an aggressive TrueCut 470 disc module for cutting and mixing soils. Brick fence designs Enhanced hydraulics with enlarged accumulators ensure more intensive loosening, distributing and mixing, irrespective of the conditions on the field, says the manufacturer.

The levelling board has also been fettled, featuring improved working angles, while the new adjustable packer double SteelRunner creates an effective full depth reconsolidation and clod breaking function, says Vaderstad.

Available in working widths from 5m to 12.1m, standard features include gearbox and clutch protection, balance beam axles for better weight distribution, a flat deck to avoid debris build up and hydraulically folding wings.

New features for 2017 include strengthened hinge connections between decks, improved rear axle pivot points, larger and more robust wheels and tyres, and a simplified hydraulic system.

Kongskilde’s updated Stonebear 260 has a wider working width at 6m and larger rotors, while the five tonne hopper also features a high tip mechanism to unload into trailers.

Capable of moving stones up to 50cm diameter, the Stonebear’s traditional use has been for land reclamation or turf farm seedbed preparation, but Kongskilde reports new interest to remove stones accumulating in min-till seedbeds.

Drive is now via tracking v belts for improved power transmission, the chassis can operate at a steeper angle for better separation and a 30deg steering angle can be achieved. Little league baseball field dimensions Standen suggests that the improvements to the separator which uses 10 rows of polymer starts over a secondary separating web for soil processing significantly cuts costs.

Specification includes hydraulically adjustable furrow width and individual furrow compensators which allow the front to be adjusted for greater penetration on heavy soils, helping to keep it in the ground. Garden snake baby Rear mounted depth and transport wheel has a reinforced arm, mounted outside the frame to give more space for residues.

Quick and simple establishment of cover crops behind the combine is seen as one of the main uses of the box, which can handle seeds such as mustard, phacelia and clover.

Seed metering is all mechanical drive to its fluted metering rollers. Little league pitch count rules 2016 At 3m wide, the box can pretty much be fitted to any make of cultivator via a universal clamp mounting system.

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