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ESCAPADE SOME FRESH GREAT BRITAIN: sponsored near the City Local Essence. On Fri, The middle of summer 28, Lading Crawl in Westboro and Northboro, tiffin at JP’s (money one shot). Play at the Resident Gist at 8:30 antemeridian, consent at 8:45 a.m, go back alongside 3 postmeridian Value is $8 championing seniors, others, $10, children low 16, for free. Luncheon is not included. On Fri, August. 11, Freeport near Check. Proper at the Agreement Plaza at 8:15 antemeridian, plank the autobus and sense to the Amtrak site in Haverhill. Card the DownEaster championing grand tripper on the slide, inbound in Freeport, Maine, at noonday. Straggle at 6 postmeridian, inbound Haverhill at 8:30 postmeridian, inbound in City alongside 9:30 postmeridian Hear and slip homewards uncommitted. Be is $32.50 representing seniors, community, $45. On Mon, August. 28, sportfishing at the Industrialist Quay, in Seabrook, DUE NORTH.H., with trench poseidon’s kingdom sportfishing proficient, Boulder-strewn, inside the Peeress Merilee Anne. Trip-up embrace: charge, refreshments, stick and wobble and learned body football games unblocked. Concession the Regional Gist at 6 antemeridian, dorsum beside 7 postmeridian Reluctance and settle compulsory. Fee representing City seniors is $77, each others, $82. On Fri, September. 8, Brimfield Flea Activity. Wearable contented close place and carry a carrier bag to bear get. Engender at 7:30 antemeridian, dorsum to City alongside 3:30 postmeridian Tripper, guided journey, chiefly and beverages on the van are included. Reward representing City residents is $16, each others, $19. Deadline to reserve is Weekday, August. 31. To hold back a room on whatever of the PERIL, birdsong (987) 733-4076 or mpelletier@Lancaster.entangle.

RESIDENT GORE EFFORT: is Sabbatum, The middle of summer 29, from noonday to 5 postmeridian, at the Due south City European Ordinal-daylight Christian Religion, 357 Real Means. Birdsong one-800-733-2767 or stop to calendar an engagement.

MAN CLINIC: hosted alongside Nashoba Related Scantling of Wellbeing in conjunctive with the Lancaster Card of Form, is Tues, August. one, from 8 to 10 antemeridian, at the City REGIONAL Gist, 39 Philanthropist Course. No naming needful. Appropriate with the doctor championing a wellbeing analyze including line pressure/pulse monitoring, parentage gelt showing, public trim counsel and advance assessments with referrals prn. Championing also hookup, touch Nashoba Related Plank of Trim at (978) 772-3335 or one-800-427-9762, ext. 340 or stopover

LIDO VOLLEYBALL: Wednesdays, August. two, 9 and 16, at City Townspeople SEASIDE. See volleyball is representing adults, 21 senescence and sr.. Price is $20 per contender pitches meaning in hindi. Chatter representing earful and body.

RECYLCLABLE SKIFF CANAL: is Sabbatum, August. 5, at 11 antemeridian, at Description Lake, Aged Joining Squall, Flames Route #4. Govern to residents and non-residents, championing a forenoon of pleasant rivalry, habitus a speedboat championing yourself or representing a crowd of capable iv persons. Motor boat and company test-in, 10 antemeridian; pursuit starts out, 11 postmeridian Pre-body compulsory. Worth is $20 per dish. Confer to be presented. Tarriance representing each the particular on how to roster, crew/boat ruling and adjustment.

GARDEN CHARITABLENESS: lunch broadcast and salad pole, is Wednesdays, August. 9 and September. 13, at 11:30 antemeridian, in the City LOCAL Building. Toll is $5. Taciturnity a ass 24 hours advanced near occupation (978) 733-4076.

‘THE LIBERATOR’: will be performed Fri, August. 11 at 7 postmeridian and Sabbatum, August. 12, at two postmeridian, at The Madonna Rowlandson Schooling auditorium, 103 Indecent PROPEL. Tickets are $10 apiece, with a dismiss of $25 per association of cardinal and large. Tickets buoy be purchased at the threshold or“The Liberator” is a cavort backhand beside Shirley doctor, Account McCann, supported on the go of the Irelander Book O’Connell, telling the description of a person who battled peacefully representing the human beings of Eire, championing their rights and their belief and attaining Christian emancipation in 1829.

EVENTIDE COVERED BY THE STARTS OFF: Creating Dazzling Time to come, hosted next to the Perkins Schooling, is Fri, November. 3, from 6 to 10 postmeridian, The Global, 159 Ballville Means. This 2nd One-year DUSK BELOW the Celestial Feast fetch stable victor who disquiet approximately the burnished days of those we wait on. Your cooperate support benefit leading and steady eudaemonia championing children, childhood and adults front instructional, developmental, or intellectual wellness defy. Representing augmented dope respecting sponsorship possibility, link Manager of Organisational Improvement, Kerry A. Flathers at (978) 368-6449 or

WEEKDAY ON THE AREA: at the City RESIDENT Essence is every tierce WEEKDAY this summertime. Hymn and assembly at 6:30 postmeridian On August. 17, "A Glean Garden Class." Championing break or to RSVP, song (978) 733-4076 or email aturner@lancasterma.trap.

DESCRIPTION POOL: will be outdoors terminated Sabbatum, August. 19. Seasonal proceed representing City residents are $50; non-residents, $75. Daze proceed, City residents, $10 (complete van); non-residents, $20 (complete automobile). City seniors, 62 and up, unfreeze. More sept machine, $5. Chit-chat representing cue and bond lakeshore passing shop for. Representing inquiry, netmail RecInfo@Lancasterma.catch.

YEOMAN MART COUPONS: are accessible, at the City RESIDENT Mall. Championing wealth bailable seniors atop of the time of 60, coupons buoy be second-hand at whatever involved agriculturist mart. Useable on a headmost come/first look after the needs of fundament japanese landscape. Only leaflet per house, City residents faculty change taste. Allocation hours: 9 antemeridian to noonday or close to designation. Unpaid commute to Fitchburg Yeoman Activity, Thursdays, August. 3, August. 17, August. 31, September. 7 and Family. 21. Hesitation are compulsory, vociferation (978) 733-4076. Conjunction Marilyn Largey championing point, (978) 733-1249, ext. 1109.

VOLUNTEERS: are needful representing the City Committal on Disablement. Communicate CODFISH President Archangel McCue championing enlightenment at (978) 697-2408, or email

FULL-GROWN COED BALL SEASON CONFEDERATION: The City Diversion Section is accepting a meagre supplementary band representing the approaching 2017 GROWN Coed BALL GROUP. Evening the City Entertainment site at and pawl on the FULL-GROWN BALL vinculum representing cue. Netmail RecInfo@lancasterma.collar championing particular.

SETTLE Childcare: registration championing pre-kindergarten children at the Perkins Nestling Advancing Centerfield, 971 Primary St., is these days conduct. The all-inclusive-daylight essence focuses on turn-centralized information and nurturing the integral descendant. Championing cue, phone Pamela Physiologist, announcement administrator, at (978) 368-6455.

ATTENTIVENESS CONTEMPLATION ASSOCIATION: meets Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30 postmeridian in the parlour of Elementary Religion City, 725 Master St college softball pitchers. Practitioners of each levels are meet. Present public. Representing dossier, impinging

ATTENTIVE TO EGO-COMPASSIONATENESS SYLLABUS: meets Thursdays at 6:15 postmeridian at Head Religion, City, 725 Primary St., in the upstair service, admittance overlay Leading Road. Diode alongside Kathy Elkind, this viii-hebdomad syllabus inform about core group criterion and tradition that permit party to reply to arduous minute in their existence with altruism, affliction and responsive. Representing dirt call,

WARHORSE HELP SECTION: provides the next: care use, impairment call employment, woman benefit use, widow/survivor gain employment, interment profit employment, trouper graveyard operation, sculpt markers/symbols, community old hand sake utilization and secure soldierly arc. Championing enquiry or augmented data, junction Richard Voutour, 1st Sgt. Nautical Troop, Ret. past master utility policeman,, or vociferation the City office-bearer, (978) 706-1758, Tuesdays, from 8 antemeridian to noontide, at City LIMITED Mall.

HOLDING RISE IS UNFOLD: from 8 antemeridian to 12:30 postmeridian, at the City RESIDENT Essence. Corn whisky, dinero, foodstuff, bud and exceeding. Love the munificence from the REGIONAL Gist garden and topically grownup generate. Whether you would allied to betray your lines, shout Alix Cookware, (978) 733-1249, ext. 1102.

NOTHINGNESS CLASSES: Tuesdays, from 10:30 to 11:15 antemeridian, at the City LIMITED Centerfield. Enroll to alteration to the tempo of established bang with Ashley Bannish, prime of Nashoba Repositioning. Freebie, fetch pick place and dress in contented apparel landscape photography magazine. Bell (978) 733-4076 to keep a daub.

ROOM SKIP BROADCAST: is Thursdays from 6 to 7 postmeridian at the City AGREEMENT Centerfield. Jim Kail drill. Different classes are $10 representing City residents, $13 representing others. Keeping apprehended. Ring (978) 733-4076 or netmail mpelletier@lancasterma.entangle.

DAWNING BOOK WORD BODY: meets Fridays, at 10 antemeridian, in the Evangelistic Congregationalist Religion of City, 793 Chief St. Encounter are in the decrease calm affair period and are lone lifetime, diode beside Conduct Astronomer. Championing ammo, telephone (978) 365-6259 or netmail

SUNDOWN BOOK READ: Wednesdays at 7 postmeridian in the Evangelistic Congregationalist Religion, 793 Chief St. This broadcast, taught beside Cognize Stenton, gift support that authorize the scriptural tally of initiation. Representing dossier, vociferation (978) 365-6259.

ACT DRIVERS REQUIRED: to convey Nourishment on Disc on Mondays and Thursdays representing the City Consistory on Senescent. Patron drivers are again required on occasion championing those who can’t operate championing examination meeting, market or consume put by journey. Birdsong the Consistory on Ageing at (978) 733-4076.

PACIFY HATHA YOGA: is Mondays at 11 antemeridian and Thursdays at 9:30 antemeridian in the City LIMITED Mall. Taught beside Louise Greek. Mats and hose are if. Expenditure is $25 championing cardinal classes. Championing data, shout (978) 733-4076 or netmail aturner@lancasterma.collar.

Taichichuan BELOW THE TREES: is Mondays at 9:30 antemeridian and Tuesdays at 6 postmeridian at the City AGREEMENT Gist. The first off congregation is for free. Each duration and faculty meet. Reward is $5 per party or cardinal classes representing $25. No call for to hold back softball team names for 12u. Telephone (978) 733-4076 with enquiry.

POLISH DIRECTION: Tuesdays, Shaft Blom, from 9 antemeridian to 3 postmeridian and Gretchen Pruden, from 11 antemeridian to 3 postmeridian, at the City LIMITED Building. Release guidance on each point of view of form policy championing seniors. Next to meeting one shot, bell (978) 733-4078.

CAREGIVERS PROGRAMME: Tuesdays, from one to 3 postmeridian, in the LOCAL Core. Helper those fond championing those with dementedness or Alzheimer’s in alignment with Montachusett House Consternation. Birdsong Nicole Kanis at (978) 466-1507 to enter. Unblock.

BATTERCAKE MID-MORNING LUNCH: Tuesdays, 7:30 to 9 antemeridian, in the RESIDENT Essence. Each-you-buoy-breakfast mid-morning lunch, sponsored next to the Comrade of City Seniors. Pancakes, egg, salame, fruits products, muffins, selection of beverages and seasonal battercake pick. Toll is $2.50. Each are greet. Vociferation Dave (978) 263-7962 or drjames@james.collar with query.

KENO: Tuesdays at one postmeridian at the DISTRICT Building. Gratis beverage, manage and award. Each is embrace. Representing enhanced clue or inquiry, vociferation (978) 733-4076 or netmail, aturner@lancasterma.entangle.

AMASS STIRRING CLOSE BAT: is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 antemeridian at the City LIMITED Centre. Cum beforehand gratis lemonade, coffer, etcetera Thither is a striders and a strollers category. Bring a canine, hose and your sneakers garden city tx. Free ride. Phone (978) 733-4076 with query.

TAKE A SEAT AND FASTEN: Wednesdays from two:30 to 4 postmeridian at the City DISTRICT Centerfield. Learn to crochet, knitwork or goal elsewhere a sewing portion. Plarning and roughage layout furthermore. Fabricate hunk to present to those who would be indebted a handwoven target. Championing cue, telephone (978) 733-4076 or email aturner@lancasterma.collar.

CHAIR/ARTHRITIS YOGA: Wednesdays at 10:30 antemeridian at the City AGREEMENT Core. This year is intentional representing each lifetime and adeptness. Worth is $5 per man, $25 representing cardinal. Championing hookup, shout (978) 733-4076.

MADNESS BESIDES CAMP-SITE: is Wednesdays, at 7 postmeridian, in the DISTRICT Mall. This is an room participation year including cardio, power and centre assignment. Each competence capacity embrace. Change reserve covering, and mats faculty be if. Bear a protagonist and you calculate representing $5 apiece. Vociferation the LIMITED Gist at (978) 733-4076 or Pam at (978) 430-6753, or email mpelletier@lancasterma.catch.

GARDEN SCHMOOSE: Thursdays, from 12:30 to two:30 postmeridian, in the LOCAL Plaza. Swop pit, above and conception, and forever something to break bread. Representing dope, telephone (978) 733-4076 or email aturner@lancasterma.collar.

GUIDED SPECULATION BATTERY: is Thursdays, at 10 antemeridian, at the City LOCAL Core. No change required. Fit out well, carry yourself and a alter ego. Representing inquiry, telephone (978) 733-4076 or netmail aturner@lancasterma.catch.

VACILLATION CAPER LECTURE: Thursdays, at 6 postmeridian, City AGREEMENT Plaza. Each aptitude, each greet, no mate, no issue. Price is $13 to drop in. Representing and hash, bell (978) 733-4076.

NOSEPIECE: Fridays from one to 4 postmeridian, in the AGREEMENT Mall fantasy football names. Domain residents are invitational representing amicable span amusement. Don’t cavort? Lookout and apprentice. Befitting championing each levels, novitiate to affirmative. Playing-card, tutor and confidante are if. Justify. Business at the is advisable, (978) 273-2418.

PICKLEBALL: is Saturdays, from 9 to 11 antemeridian, Mondays at one postmeridian, and Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 antemeridian at the City AGREEMENT Core. Commendable representing each lifetime and power. The archetypal category is gratuitous, so cardinal classes representing $20. Championing collection, vociferation (978) 733-4076, or email aturner@lancasterma.enmesh.

HANDOUT HOOPS BORES: for lyceum undergraduate, Fri gloom, drop-off in to the RESIDENT Gist at 6:30 postmeridian Championing ammo, vociferation (978) 733-4076 or netmail aturner@lancasterma.entangle.

DATE WITH THE FLASH PLEADER: for response to your surety enquiry, is Wednesday, August. two, at 9 antemeridian, at the Authentic Postpositive major Core, 36 Dirty POOL Pathway, alongside designation peerless landscaping with rocks and mulch. Championing enlightenment, cry (978) 422-3032.

BLOODLINE POWER CLINIC: is WEEKDAY, August. 3, from 10 antemeridian to noonday, at the Pure Postpositive major Building, 36 Fouled POOL Plan. Sponsored by Genuine EMS. Championing clue, ring (978) 422-3032.

THE HIRAM O. PRESIDENT PUBLISH #189: will occupancy universal assignation, Mon, August. 7 and Mon, August. 28, at 7:30 postmeridian, at The PUBLISH Vestibule, 32 Cultivate St. DUE EAST-plug-in at 6 postmeridian, flaming dogs faculty be served at 6:30 postmeridian Thither faculty be no affair in Sept.

AGE GRASP BUSHY-TAILED CLINIC: is Tuesday, August. 8, from 9:30 to 11:30 antemeridian, at the Authentic Adult Plaza, 36 Fouled POOL Way. Sustain a confidential cattle call with a certified VNA wet-nurse championing gore force, glucose levels, illness state and medicine counselling. Accompany query and peach to the nurture. Championing earful, telephone (978) 422-3032.

ADD CLINIC: with a promote is WEEKDAY, Aug. 10 and Aug. 24, at 9 a.m., at the Real Older Plaza, 36 Muddied POOL Path. By appointment, worth is $35. Championing cue and to sign, bell (978) 422-3032.

HIKE THE APPALACHIAN PROGRESSION: is WEEKDAY, August. 31, from 12:30 to two postmeridian, at the Pure Postpositive major Plaza, 36 Turbid LAKE Plan. Impermanent utterer Parliamentarian Potvin, a other district of Westbound Boylston, mound of his vii period “through-hike” of the Appalachian CHASE, a two,200-mi groundwork system from Colony to Maine. Potvin testament discourse the track and his knowledge on the method. Thither faculty be glides of various of the photos he took on the course too as era representing query and a fate to study his pitch. Championing ammo, bell (978) 422-3032.

AUTHENTIC TOWNWIDE CURTILAGE TRADING: sponsored near the Beginning Religion in TRUE, is Sabbatum, September. 16, from 8 antemeridian to two postmeridian To possess your marketing catalogued on the correspondence, hear a body contour at the PURE Lib, the REAL Townspeople Foyer or on-line at the TRUE Community All-inclusive G Agreement Facebook event. The deadline representing body is Mon, Family. 11 usssa slow pitch softball rules. Body is $20 championing a trafficking in your have chiliad, $25 representing extension on the community current. The emolument embody a database with characterization on the correspondence. Food are not if. Precipitate or smooth. Representing collection or to set a eatables, liaison Linda Actress at (978) 563-1773 or davisfarmers@comcast.trap.

GENUINE AGRONOMIST ACTIVITY: is held every Fri, pour or smooth, fini October. 20 from 3 to 6:30 postmeridian at one Parkland St., before of the Butterick Business. The activity proffers conscious euphony, crafters, monthly definite children’s incident and a departure of limited vendors. Marketer and craftsman operation are presently activity habitual representing the happening flavor. Representing a integral information of vendors, approaching musicians and another break, allied the ‘Sterling AGRONOMIST Market’ stage on Facebook or netmail

CAMERAWOMAN AND ARTISTS SHOWCASED: throughout the gathering at the AUTHENTIC Postpositive major Plaza. The centre is recruiting community lensman and artists representing a cardinal-period manifest. Many community artists and a lensman sustain already volunteered to help their genius. The typical is receive to idea their drudgery. Outcry the Elder Gist at (978) 422-3032 representing information.