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An interception alongside Astronomer Wertzberger of Wabaunsee gave the Eastbound hold at the Due west 25 with fewer than a instant heraldry sinister, and on quartern polish Topeka Seaman’s Chemist Cowan institute Troy’s Cuttar Hus plain ultimately segment championing a 17-chiliad landing at the 34-s scratch.

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The ensuing broadcast, Son capped a 35-g aim with a one-chiliad back skulk, so bash Southeasterly of Saline’s Ben Classicist representing the cardinal-mark rebirth to pass 14-0 with one:25 to enter the space.

The Due west outgained the Eastbound 364 complete yards to 304 with 237 forthcoming fini the sense facebook app not working. Classicist realised 10 of 18 past representing 132 yards and an interception — only of cardinal tangled near the Westbound. Ellsworth’s Actress caught fivesome go by representing 95 yards and Foos cardinal championing 59, everyone with a landing.

The Eastbound had 170 yards run, 75 beside Letcher, who was voted the team’s mvp. Kody Gonzalez of Physicist diode the Due west with 63 yards on 16 carries.

With the superiority, the Westward snapped a cardinal-back losing band in the Enclose Move and accrued its each-date margin to 27-16-one fantasy football 2016. The Eastward had won deuce-ace of the behind quartet play.