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On a chilly Friday afternoon about a month before the White House was due to receive its next tenant, I paid a visit to the other residence in Washington where several presidents lived during the hotter months of the year.

Previously known as the Soldiers’ Home and nowadays referred to as President Lincoln’s Cottage, after its most illustrious occupant, the stucco villa sits on a 250-acre tract that, since the 1850s, has served as a retirement community for war veterans. Garden of eden location Sequestered high above most of the city in the Petworth neighborhood, the living memorial today constitutes a hushed and evocative refuge from Washington’s daily intrigues.

The cottage itself has been open to the public since 2008.

Baseball pitches It is a tall and austere spectacle, like Abraham Lincoln, who penned the first drafts of the Emancipation Proclamation here as the evening sky crackled with cannon fire. Little league pitch count In the morning the president would mount his gray horse or climb into a carriage and commence the daily commute to his office at the White House.

During the 3-mile journey, the capital city’s wartime panorama – wagonloads of wounded Union soldiers, the grave-digging laborers at the first national cemetery, the voices of escaped slaves singing spirituals from their makeshift camps – imbued in America’s 16th president the harrowing stakes of his stewardship.

Although Lincoln’s Cottage happens to be just a couple of miles from where I live, I had learned of its existence only recently. How to design a garden After spending most of my life in Texas, I moved to Washington in 2005 to write a book about America’s 43rd president, George W. Slow pitch softball swing Bush.

The first time I paid a visit to the more well-established presidential residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., I remember being struck by the ahistorical plainness of the West Wing.

The offices themselves – objects of blind lust for nearly every political hack in town – could have passed for the headquarters of a midmarket corporate law firm. Pitch definition music The inhabitants, mostly men in dark suits, glowered in silence behind their desktop computers. Diy outdoor wedding decorations The corridor walls were festooned with framed images of President Bush mingling with the troops or chunking a baseball at Yankee Stadium.

Still, a keen intensity oxygenated the building. Fantasy sports network Meetings were clipped; havoc, routine; hairlines, graying, a melancholy performance bonus. Define pitch in physics Yet those inside the West Wing comported themselves as if everything they did mattered more than anything else anywhere.

As I stepped outside onto the White House lawn – where the president’s dog, Barney, grumpily ambled, and where men and women of the TV media stood squarely before the cameras, their faux-baritones booming and their faces lacquered with makeup – the sensation was akin to being regurgitated from a frothing slipstream and into a plodding river. Cbssports fantasy baseball I felt lightheaded, sponge-kneed. Front yard ideas without grass And yes, I couldn’t wait to go back in, back to where the action was.

These dual, and often dueling, native elements of ambition and statesmanship will soon engulf President Donald Trump and his unorthodox cadre. Timber merchants leeds The wealthy New Yorker has proclaimed that he will “drain the swamp.” Washington has heard this pledge before: by President Ronald Reagan in 1982, by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in 2006, and in the early 19th century by developers whose failed efforts to literally empty out the marshes of the new capital city would compel Lincoln and other presidents to spend their summers and autumns in the less boggy climes of the Soldiers’ Home.

Before I learned of Lincoln’s Cottage, my favorite sanctuary in Washington had long been the 35-acre Historic Congressional Cemetery, where I would walk my dog, Bill, twice daily during the years that we lived as bachelors a 15-minute stroll away on Capitol Hill. Landscape photography settings Some of the nation’s first statesmen are buried there, along with sundry Washington celebrities, ranging from FBI Director J. Landscape photoshop Edgar Hoover to rascally Washington Mayor Marion Barry to Mary Ann Hall, who ran an esteemed brothel four blocks southwest of the Capitol during Lincoln’s time.

As a slice of Washington arcana, the cemetery is well worth a visit. Fencing classes near me It’s also an endearingly odd neighborhood mainstay where, depending on the hour, you might encounter other political writers with their dogs, or a dignitary’s funeral, or a family of red foxes tearing at the carcass of a lesser critter.

I have no plans to be buried at the Congressional Cemetery, or anywhere in the city for that matter. Facebook app for mac To resign myself to such a fate would be to admit once and for all that I’m a Washingtonian. Fences by august wilson summary My resistance doesn’t owe itself to an abhorrence of politics per se. Masonry The art of the possible is, like journalism, a distinctly human endeavor.

Anyone with a government-issued ID can sit in the House gallery and watch as a recalcitrant congressman fends off a cajoling member of the whip team. Stardock fences crack Anyone can wander the underground tunnels connecting the Capitol with the six House and Senate office buildings and see Speaker Paul Ryan stride with furious locomotion while his thumbs stab away at his smartphone.

The mortal frailty of human politics — deals being cut and deals falling apart, arrogant lifers being driven out and upstarts being ushered in — is what attracted me to Washington to begin with.

I make it a point each year to meet someone for drinks at Quill, the bar in the Jefferson Hotel, an enduring power alley not far from the White House. Slow pitch softball field dimensions Its dark and muscular wood and leather interior recalls an era of masculine insularity, although these days at least as many of its patrons are female.

Sitting with my back to the wall, I invariably recall the spring of 1974, when, as Houston teenagers, my younger brother, John, and I spent a week visiting our grandfather Leon Jaworski, who was living upstairs in a suite at the Jefferson while serving as the Watergate special prosecutor.

I had read that Nixon’s men originally counted on my grandfather being a patsy of the establishment. Watering plants But by the time of our visit, that smug notion had evaporated, and Nixon’s doom was little more than four months away.

We ate one night at the iconic Trader Vic’s, a Polynesian restaurant in the old Statler Hilton a few blocks from the White House, and favored by A-listers from Nixon on down, or in any event we tried to eat: Our table was swarmed by reporters and various well-wishing titans of the town. Slanted roof house plans I remember studying my grandfather’s expression to see how he was taking all of this.

He did not seem at all giddy, as I was for him. Deck plans for anthem of the seas A burden had fallen on him, one that no one else could share. Softball clipart free At that moment, the nation depended on his integrity.

We can cynically conjecture that the Washington of today is not exactly what Abraham Lincoln devoted his life to preserving. Landscaping ideas with rocks But it remains, for all its infestations, a city hospitable to greatness.

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