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Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday this year — bummer. Landscape photography tips Not an ideal time of the week for long dinners followed by dancing, heart-shaped promises you don’t intend to keep or a run to Costco for that gigantic teddy-bear purchase that says, “I don’t love you enough to not be completely ridiculous.” Therefore, most of the festivities will have to take place this weekend, and if a quiet night at home sounds better than whispering sweet-nothings in a crowded restaurant or squeezing into a packed theater to watch that devilishly handsome man engage in a fetishistic array of violence and pain (I’m talking about “John Wick: Chapter 2”), here are a few films ideal for a romantic evening of snuggling up with your true love (a giant Whitman’s Sampler).

Play It Again, Sam (1972): Based on his Broadway play, this film starred but was not directed by Woody Allen (Herbert Ross assumed that role) and allows him to go full-slapstick while trying to attain an impossible standard of masculinity and confidence. Facebook mobile login page p When his character, film critic Allan Felix, gets dumped by his wife, he spirals into depression and defeatism aided only by conversations with his hero: Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in “Casablanca.” Bogie is everything Allen aspires to be: smooth, strong, tough, romantic and dashing. Garden of words manga When his married friends Linda and Dick (frequent collaborators Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts) try to set him up on increasingly gonzo blind and double dates, Allen consults Bogie on what to say and how to act, and his awkwardness only grows more hilarious as his feelings towards Linda deepen.

Moonstruck (1987): As my father’s side is Italian, I love this movie for its depiction of a tight-knit New York family who equally dote on and frustrate each other, harboring secrets of the heart as each deals with love and its many heartaches in their own way. Mountain landscape Furthermore, every debate, conversation, or argument occurs at the dinner table — molto Italiano. Francesca battistelli write your story Both Olympia Dukakis and Cher won Oscars for their mother-daughter pair, Rose and Loretta Castorini, who are devoted to family but anxious that love has passed them by. How to pitch a slider Rose’s husband, Cosmo (a fantastic Vincent Gardenia), is running around with a floozy, while the widowed Loretta accepts a proposal of marriage from the sweet but boring Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello) before he leaves for Sicily to attend to his dying mother. Daily fantasy baseball While Johnny is away, Loretta falls into a passionate affair with his brother, Ronny (Nicolas Cage) and Rose analyzes why men chase women with every male she encounters, both at home and at a neighborhood restaurant. Beach landscape Norman Jewison’s gorgeously shot film is an ode to New York City, family, being swept up in passion, and ultimately, demanding love.

Crossing Delancey (1988): My favorite love story to feature a pickle maker as the suitor! Issy Grossman (Amy Irving) is a beautiful, smart, independent gal about town who doesn’t need a man to feel validated. Facebook desktop site She has a great apartment, a bookstore job she loves and wonderful friends. Softball logos If she feels the need for male companionship, she turns to a married lover who lives on the floor above her. Garden bed ideas for front of house Only her beloved Bubbie (Reizl Bozyk) is concerned about her single hood and decides to consult a matchmaker (Sylvia Miles) to find her beloved granddaughter a nice man. Fencing classes Enter the adorable Peter Riegert, who runs the family pickle business and is polar opposite from the dashing, simpering artists Issy encounters at work. Pinch hitter 3 unblocked She wants the romance of the book-club novels she promotes, and a man reeking of vanilla (to neutralize the pickling-vinegar smell) seems so gauche. Pictures of decks The headstrong Issy can’t see what’s in front of her until it may be too late.

Joe Versus the Volcano (1990): My favorite Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan pairing is this quirky fantasy-romance, written and directed by John Patrick Shanley. What does pitch mean in science As Joe Banks, Hanks shines as a depressed office rat in a colorless, dystopian factory with life-sucking fluorescent overhead lights. Arizona spring training Joe is heartsick with life and soon learns he has a fatal illness which will kill him within months. Ultimate college softball He decides to quit his job and accept and offer from a mysterious benefactor to live large for a while before jumping into a volcano on a Pacific Island to appease the villagers. Small house design ideas interior With nothing to lose, he accepts and begins his first and seemingly only adventure. Outdoor research military Ryan plays three different characters who come into Joe’s life along the way and spur him to question the value of love and living. Michigan softball roster There are deeper themes below the surface of this picture, and Shanley infuses many tiny details into the background and dialogue which make for good conversations about faith and destiny.

True Romance (1993): Tony Scott’s film from Quentin Tarantino’s script is a meditation on love as seen through a medium of violence, as the hero and heroine see their worlds — as mundane or toxic as they may be — through rose-colored glasses. Baseball diamond layout Clarence (Christian Slater) is a loner working at a Detroit comic-book store called “Heroes for Sale,” while Alabama (Patricia Arquette) is a newly minted prostitute from Florida. Football scores high school What started as a birthday surprise for Clarence becomes a whirlwind romance and quickie marriage for the two, but Clarence’s sense of bravado and need to prove himself as a hero soon lead to the murder of Alabama’s pimp, Drexl (Gary Oldman), a stolen suitcase of cocaine, and a slew of mobsters on the couple’s tail as they race towards Los Angeles to find a buyer. Small front garden ideas Throw in a Hollywood producer, cops itching for a big score, and the spectre of Elvis Presley (Val Kilmer) as Clarence’s mentor, and you’ve got a Bonnie-and-Clyde road picture with Tarantino’s signature, dialogue-heavy style.

The MatchMaker (1997): This is a little gem from the 1990s starring Janeane Garofalo and David O’Hara (Stephen of Ireland in Braveheart) is as much a love letter to the beautiful countryside of Ireland as to the idea of soul mates. Espn fantasy football mock draft 2015 Marcy Tizard (Garofalo) is working on the re-election campaign of a Boston senator (Jay O. How to make curtains Sanders) whose campaign manager (a delightfully smarmy Denis Leary) comes up with a public-relations angle: trace the senator’s relatives back to Ireland to appeal to local voters. Backyard baseball 2005 Marcy is quickly ferried across the pond to the Irish village of Ballinagra, where the annual matchmaking festival is about to take place (wouldn’t you know?). Facebook logout Soon, two local matchmakers place bets on who can set Marcy up with one of the eligible young men in town – maybe the handsome but gruff bartender/ex-writer who reluctantly helps with her search?

The Wedding Singer (1998): The film that showed us Adam Sandler could do more than spout gibberish about penguins or destroy a golf course (as manic-fun as those behaviors were) and brought Drew Barrymore down from her bad-girl perch atop David Letterman’s desk, this film hilariously showcases the former SNL comedian’s singing skills beyond Operaman as well as his ability to play the heartbroken romantic whose fiancée jilts him at the alter. Spring training schedule Robbie Hart (Sandler) has always wanted to be a songwriter, but his initial dreams of rock stardom have faded to a local gig playing covers of pop hits at weddings and bar mitzvahs at an events center. How to build a deck When he meets a new waitress named Julia (Barrymore), who has moved to town to reign in her junk-bond trader fiancé, Glen (Matthew Glave), sparks fly but Robbie is too damaged by his rejection to see Julia as anything but a friend in need of help planning a wedding. How to build a fence on a slope Watching a rather introspective and sensitive Sandler deal with growing older and breaking his illusions of having and giving love is a welcome surprise, though the old raucousness comes out every now and then. Fantasy football sleepers The supporting cast of family and friends (Frank Silvero, Alexis Arquette, Christine Taylor, Allen Covert, Christina Pickles) is in turn nutty and sympathetic as well.

The Station Agent (2003): Peter Dinklage is excellent in this quiet, insular film about people who want to be left alone and the connections that can unwittingly arise between them. Drip drop Finbar (Dinklage) only has one friend: his boss in a model-train shop. High pitched noise in house When his friend dies, he leaves Finbar a train depot to run in rural New Jersey, and after years of frustration and weariness at the stares at and comments about his dwarfism, the young man thinks this will be perfect for his solitary lifestyle. Drip coffee ratio After arriving at his new home, he soon encounters a jovial Cuban man named Joe (Bobby Cannavale) who runs his ill father’s hot-dog stand next to the depot, a quirky and forgetful woman named Olivia who is mourning her deceased son, and a sweet and very pregnant librarian named Emily in the midst of a bad relationship. Basketball wives season 5 episode 1 As hard as Finbar tries to avoid all contact with the townspeople, they are clearly attracted to his reticence and intensity as a possible friend and listener, and he starts to open up in turn.