Mayor provides ballot language for 4b election – midland reporter-telegram

Mayor Jerry Morales will present to the Midland City Council this week ballot language for the continuation of a sales tax addition that will pay for his vision of a better community.

The ballot language indicates that a Type B, or 4B tax as it is known — which is a quarter-cent addition to the city’s sales tax — will replace the current 4B tax. Facebook stock news The current tax is being used to retire the debt incurred to pay for the Scharbauer Sports Complex in west Midland.

In the ballot is language that would prevent debt being taken out for projects (by using a pay-as-you-go system) and that calls for the termination (or sunset) of the tax on Sept. Mizzou softball schedule 30, 2032.

Morales said the ballot language was created with residents’ concerns in mind. Softball america Last year, the city put forward a different version, one that was criticized on numerous fronts for lacking specificity, for the possibility of using money for paying off debt and for a 25-year sunset.

This year’s version is 147 words (98 words shorter than last year’s version), provides bullet points to the specific uses of the tax, is written to indicate the limitations of that spending and does away with language such as “including but not limited to.”

“We did listen to the citizens,” Morales said. Wild pitch baseball “The citizens can have more trust in the city council that we heard their message. Mizzou softball roster I hope the council can support this language.”

— The first use is related to community or recreation facilities and the wording comes straight from state statutes: “land, buildings, facilities, and improvements for use for professional, amateur, and youth sports, athletic, entertainment, and public park purposes, including stadiums, ball parks, parks, open space improvements, museums, and parking facilities, and related roads, streets, and utility facilities.”

The sports complex has run at a deficit every year since it opened in 2002. Francesca eastwood mother This language allows for the city to use funds to pay for operations and maintenance, including large-ticket items such as replacing turf or stadium infrastructure. Auburn softball hop The city also will have the opportunity to make additions to the complex such as those that have taken place since the the dual-stadium facility was built: extra suites in the baseball stadium, the indoor batting cage in the baseballl stadium, the splash pad and basketball court at the baseball stadium, the new scoreboards and the multi-million soccer/football turf fields.

— The third use relates to new or expanded infrastructure and again is statutory language that says new 4B funds can be used for “streets, roads and drainage improvements.”

In the past, Morales has cited Tradewinds Boulevard, Mockingbird Lane, Briarwood Avenue, Fairgrounds Road and Wadley Avenue as potential projects. African landscape The statute does not allow 4B money to be used to fix or replace current roads unless is connected to businesses or there is an economic development opportunity to it. Landscape photography tutorial Therefore, funds raised could be used to improve residential roads.

— The fourth use is “the maintenance and operating costs of said projects.” There is no budgetary figure yet, but the mayor indicated that a special crew will be needed, just like with the sports complex. Garden ideas uk And as is the case with the sports complex, those inherent costs can run in the hundreds of thounsands of dollars (if not millions). Pitch meaning in urdu Using the 4B tax for maintainence and operations of new projects (similar to the Scharbauer Sports Complex) would keep those costs out of the general fund budget — which, officials will argue, would help keep down property taxes.

This 4B tax represents Morales’ vision for a better community. Asa fastpitch softball rules 2015 He said at an event earlier this month that he believes this tax will help improve the community “where people can enjoy the West Texas skies with quality facilities.”

It will start with parks. Basketball Morales told the Reporter-Telegram that Hogan Park will be the first to be renovated. Baseballgames Phase one of the $22.4 million Hogan Park project will include a hike and bike trail, something city leaders have been trying to make a reality for decades. Basketball rio 2016 tv schedule Officials won’t need to wait for funds to be raised by the new tax to begin the Hogan Park project. Garden snake images The $28 million war chest left over from the current 4B tax will be used on this project, Morales said.

Other improvements to Hogan Park during the two phases are expected to include a splash pad and renovations or improvements to the baseball, soccer, softball and dog park facilities.

The upcoming 4B campaign is likely to be centered around the potential $77 million in improvements to tournament facilities and park amenities at Hogan, Reyes-Mashburn-Nelms Park ($25.3 million) and Beal ($29.7 million).

In keeping with the quality facilities aspect of the tax, Morales said he sees benefts for the local arts and culture community — such as sculptures at city parks.

Still, parks will be the main beneficiary. Sprinkler system denver co Morales told the Reporter-Telegram the 4B could impact every neighborhood or regional park across the city. Fences trailer It might be a $50,000 or $100,000 upgrade here or there, but the 4B will help the city make improvements that in the past the city budget has come up short.

“This allows us to improve in that area at a rapid pace,” Morales said. Hitting drills for softball “We want to let the cititizens get behind this and show them we mean business and that we are going to give them a quality product and good return on their investment.”

The extension of the sales and use tax imposed within the city of Midland at the rate of one-quarter of one percent pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Chapter 505 (“Chapter 505”), with the proceeds, including those previously collected, to be used only for the following projects and costs as authorized by Chapter 505: (1) land, buildings, facilities, and improvements for use for professional, amateur, and youth sports, athletic, entertainment, and public park purposes, including stadiums, ball parks, parks, open space improvements, museums, and parking facilities, and related roads, streets, and utility facilities; (2) the Scharbauer Sports Complex football/soccer stadium and baseball stadium, and facilities and improvements related to said complex; (3) streets, roads, and drainage improvements; and (4) the maintenance and operating costs of said projects; with the proceeds not to be used to issue any debt obligation and with said tax to terminate on September 30, 2032.

The ballot language calls for the extension of a tax that is currently place. Drip from my walk In 1999, voters approved a quarter-cent addition to the city’s sales tax to build what became the Scharbauer Sports Complex. Rawlings company What residents will vote on in May continues that tax.

Based on previous city sales tax collections, a quarter-cent addition to the sales tax is likely to raise as much as $7 million to $11 million a year. Facebook login help If the tax collection averages at $10 million annually, that means $150 million could be raised during the 15-year life of the tax.

Mayor Jerry Morales told the Reporter-Telegram that the current 4B tax is going away in May. Artistic pavers The $28 million left over in the current 4B fund, he has said, will be moved to the general fund. Minor league baseball teams in florida Morales said if the tax fails, the city council will have to “regroup and lay out another plan.”

The mayor said he wanted to continue the tax until an election was held. Basketball wives season 5 episode 3 There was an inconvience factor for businesses, but he also wanted to continue it because if the tax failed, there would be funds available to continue to maintain the sports complex.

The Midland City Council. Fantasy sports A board, like the current board — the Midland football/soccer and baseball complex development board, will oversee operations and maintainence. How to pitch a tv show That board will propose projects to the City Council for approval.

Not unless there is an economic development aspect to it. Usssa fastpitch The state of Texas requires cities to use Type 4B money for new roads or the expansion of roads for economic development purposes.

Roads cost a lot of money. Pitch definition psychology Mayor Jerry Morales told the Reporter-Telegram the Tradewinds Boulevard project could be as much as $9 million, and the Mockingbird Lane project could be about $18 million.

The mayor indicates there will be public forums talking about the tax election. Outdoor bars near me He said the group campaigning for the tax is currently meeting with groups, is attending events like the youth baseball sign-ups and is planning events such as “ice cream socials” to promote the election.

8.25 percent (with the state receiving 6.25 percent, the city 1 percent, the county 0.5 percent, the Midland Development Corp. Facebook logo black and white 0.25 percent and the Scharbauer Sports Complex debt and M&O 0.25 percent)

– the provision of land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure and improvements that are for the creation or retention of primary jobs for projects such as manufacturing and industrial facilities, research and development facilities, military facilities, transportation facilities, sewage or solid waste disposal facilities, recycling facilities, air or water pollution control facilities, distribution centers, small warehouse facilities, primary job training facilities for use by institutions of higher education, regional or national corporate headquarters facilities;

– projects that are typically considered to be community development initiatives, including land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, and improvements for professional and amateur sports facilities, park facilities and events, entertainment and tourist facilities, and affordable housing;