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DALLAS – This week reports have begun surfacing of Major League Baseball exploring alternative strategies to help speed up game play. Softball team names funny Concerned with capturing the short attention spans of those dang Millennials no doubt, the league is entertaining some ideas for the major league level and implementing others in the minors already. Fantasy football yahoo A little change every once in a while isn’t that big a deal, but when you start changing the fundamentals of the game… look out.

Before last season the league announced a 30-second coach visit clock. Garden planner app free When the pitching coach or manager leaves the dugout he has 30 seconds to say his piece to the hurler and trot (as uncomfortable as it may be for their old baseball bones) back to the dugout.

Baseball also put in a 2 minute and 30 second clock for the time between innings. Fastpitch softball team names This is the time when you’re normally watching commercials and the pitcher and fielders are warming up. Paving ideas for front of house It’s almost imperceptible but it keeps things moving. What is landscape They’ve taken it a step further down on the farm, with good results.

At minor league parks across the country a pitch clock was implemented last year. How to lay sandstone pavers While attending a game, if it weren’t for the actual clock in center field, you wouldn’t notice anything different. D fence It’s not forced, it just keeps things moving.

Most casual fans would never notice a difference but it would keep David Price from slowing the game down to a crawl on a hot night in Arlington while he’s getting shelled and just doesn’t feel like working quickly.

Other changes, to rules and the overall game experience, have happened in recent years. Fencing forum Instant replay may perhaps be the biggest but of almost equal impact was last years “Chase Utley” sliding into second base rule.

After Utley’s hard takeout slide broke the leg of the Mets Ruben Tejada in the playoffs, a rule was implemented to force the runner to slide at the bag and stay on the bag. Garden design tool If a runner going into second pulls a Jose Bautista (the sliding part, not the getting knocked out part) to break up a double play, then the runner going to first (the batter) is out as well.

Safety is important, and I get it. Lattice multiplication method It may change the way the game’s been played since the days of Ty Cobb but when questionable slides can seriously injure middle infielders, it’s obviously gone too far.

The MLB competition committee has made two surprising suggestions, meaning these two new rules have passed the first test to becoming official – the second group of arbiters being a committee of Baseball Executives called the Playing Rules committee.

The first suggestion would eliminate the need to actually throw four wide ones on an intentional walk. Facebook search history public At first glance you may think “Yeah, that’s not that big of a deal.” Well, you’d be wrong. Yankee stadium food A large portion of intentional walks are with runners on 2nd and/or 3rd, setting up for a double play or a force out at every base including home.

This means that a wild pitch could score a run on an errant intentional ball, even as unlikely as it might seem. Basketball teams in texas This also robs us of the rare, but exciting, swing at an intentional ball. Basketball olympics history Just last year Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees narrowly missed hitting a home run on a poorly placed intentional ball, settling for a sac fly. Uk basketball game score In short: the league could dramatically alter the outcome of the game by changing this rule and it may save 30 seconds once or twice a game – if that.

The second rule under consideration is moving the strike zone up slightly. Basketball wives la cast season 5 This means taking away the improbable to throw and even more impossible to hit strike at the knees. Fantasy football cheat sheet A step meant to increase offensive output, and therefore gain more of those dang excitement-hungry millennial fans, this would effectively mean more walks, and more runs.

This rule, although sure to be rendered arbitrary by some of the more senior umpires in the circuit, is just unnecessary. Basketball finals 2016 The art of throwing a low strike is what keeps some wily old veteran pitchers in the league. Dripping springs tx zip code The low strike is essential because an inch can be the difference between a groundout and a line drive.

The thrill of watching Colby Lewis throw a near no hitter with half a hip and a right arm with a surgical repair on every major joint while throwing at the knees will be limited if MLB gets its way. Paving block crossword They have to be stopped. Ncaa basketball final four history These are, after all, the group of people who approved these terrible Diamondbacks jerseys, and their lapse in judgment is going to hurt us again.

If you’ve gotten this far and thought “What’s the big deal? Let them evolve the game!” then I have something we can all agree to hate. Garden ideas for front of house In a final sacrifice of their dignity, a “rule” (read: Gimmick) is being suggested and set to undergo a trial in the lowest minor league levels to put a runner at second base at the beginning of every extra frame.

You read that right, one free baserunner in scoring position for both teams when they reach extra innings. High pitch sound effect If you watched game 7 of the World Series last year, perhaps the best game of baseball to ever be played, you know what a travesty this would be. Pro landscape Minor League games are different. Baseball teams in florida They don’t count for anything and players are just there to develop. Gardens illustrated subscription Ending an extra inning game quicker in Kinston, North Carolina is understandable…but if this is intended to be a trial for a potential future major league rule change, I will be at the front of the picket line with people three times my age, yelling “Get off my lawn” as the first ghost runner jogs out to second.