Montgomery county commissioner valerie arkoosh discusses the state of the county

NORRISTOWN >> The divisive presidential election is over. Hillsborough fencing The calendar has turned to 2017. Basketball court diagram with labels For Dr. Buy fabric near me Valerie Arkoosh, the new chair of Board of Commissioners of Montgomery County, there are plenty of items on the docket to continue to make Montgomery County a place where people want to live and business want to start or expand.

In an interview at her office in the dilapidated One Montgomery Plaza, Arkoosh answered questions regarding the town outside her window to the lack of female elected officials.

A: It is like a wart on Norristown. Ncaa basketball tournament scores Beginning this spring, we are going to start a process that will take about 18 months to complete. Team usa baseball It will literally take the façade of the building off and put a new properly constructed façade on. Basketball wives season 5 You will see it happen in stages around the building. Home design ideas 2016 The next phase of our campus plan will be to construct a new justice center that will sit caddy corner to the courthouse and it will be a modern and secure facility for our judges. Beach landscape drawing As part of that construction, we will build a new park at Main and Swede. Facebook desktop icon We will bring the patio area to ground level and hopefully have a much bigger, welcoming park that we envision as a place for the entire community to gather. Yankee stadium seating We will be working closely with Norristown Borough on what it will look like all with the goal of being part of the revitalization of Main Street.

Q: You have said infrastructure is one of the areas where there is universal agreement it is an appropriate role for government to invest in. What is irrigation system The Lafayette Street Extension is coming to fruition. Fantasy baseball sleepers 2016 How will it benefit Norristown?

A: It is going to be a game changer for Norristown. Backyard baseball 2001 It will dramatically decrease congestion during both rush hours and ultimately when the interchange is built that will connect the turnpike to Lafayette Street, then suddenly, getting to Norristown will be substantially easier. Francesca battistelli tour What we hear from the borough manager of Norristown is that ever since the interchange was announced they have been getting inquiries about available land and viability of certain projects.

A: The population is growing slowly but steadily. High pitch mike We have a relatively high degree of educational attainment and we are making investments in Montgomery County Community College to make sure that pipeline of trained workers continues to be robust. Cultural landscape foundation We have been working with them on the idea of starting apprenticeships, which they are going to be doing sometime in the next year working with local manufacturers to make sure there are workers that have the right skills to become the future workforce for our many manufacturers (Montgomery County has the most manufacturers of any county in Pennsylvania).

We are putting a lot of investment in repairing our infrastructure. High pitched voice man This administration inherited 62 structurally deficient bridges and is down to 55, and has funding in place by enacting the $5 motor vehicle registration fee that will help us accelerate the repair of the remaining bridges. Elevator pitch By the end of 2017, we hope to have three quarters of the remaining bridges in design, engineering or under construction. Baseball drills at home We are building the infrastructure so the business can work efficiently and their workforce can get to them.

In the last two years, we have created a one-stop shop in our Commerce Department. Football scores So if a business is interested in exploring what is available in the county, they call our Commerce Department and get help right away with site location and work force development opportunities. Facebook login We try to be as customer friendly as possible to the business community.

Q: You spoke about the funding for the community college and obviously that is important to you and with that goes the 11- percent tax increase. Vtd softball Some people are not happy with the increase. Espn fantasy football app not working What would you like to say to them?

A: First, I want to make sure people understand the tax increase was just on the county portion of their taxes. Pixel pitch calculator The county portion of people’s taxes is the smallest share of their property taxes. Francesca eastwood instagram What it translated for the average homeowner in Montgomery County is $66 a year. Ancestry coupon I don’t in any way want to think it isn’t an important amount of money for people. Softball rules 2016 My job is looking at those kinds of dollars and determining the proper investment.

One of the things we did in the 2017 budget was we continued asking “is this the role of county government? Should we be doing this or not or can we be doing it better?” We do “zero-based budgeting” every year and start from scratch and try to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Fantasy football team names antonio brown Part of what I believe I was elected to do is to always be looking forward and make sure that here in the county, we have the right mixture that people want to live, work and business owners want to open their or expand here. Florida softball roster Increasingly I am hearing from the business community they are having trouble hiring the right people. Garden of the gods resort They are having difficulty finding people with the entry level skill set they need to thrive.

We also hear from people all the time that college is too expensive. Usssa softball tournament schedule By investing in the community college I feel like we can address both of those issues. Plants and flowers Montgomery County Community College came to us in the spring and was clear about the fact they were going to have to raise tuition in the face of the county not coming anywhere close to the third of their budget we were theoretically supposed to be paying.

Q: You are the first female chair of board of commissioners. Football field length With that title and the population of the county some have called you the highest-ranking female official in Pennsylvania.

A: I truly don’t know the answer. Mls softball chino I think it is a whole bunch of factors. Sprinkler world I think we are just starting to see women running for more entry level offices in greater numbers across the commonwealth and that is starting to happen because there are a lot of groups working in the state on both sides of the aisle to get more women to run. Fantasy football Historically in Pennsylvania we haven’t had big numbers of women running at any level so pipeline is a little bit of the problem. Rock garden fort collins After that I am not sure. Serious softball I struggle with the role of gender in all of this and I don’t know … I will tell you one of the biggest shifts I have seen in my professional lifetime is I can remember in the 90s when women would vote for a woman candidate over party. U of a softball scores I don’t believe that’s true any longer. Fantasy football cheat sheet ppr I saw it very clearly when I was talking to voters this fall during the presidential campaign. Indoor plant stores near me There was a bit of a generational divide. How to lay flagstone walkway Women in the 60s, 70s and 80s would do anything for Secretary Clinton and they almost didn’t care about the party. Spring training 2016 tickets On the other end, women in their 20s and 30s, they had a different view. Sprinkler world orem The gender piece was much less important to them or not important at all. Football games online unblocked They were focused on policy issues.

When I talked to those (younger) women, I made a few observations — they were able to get an abortion if they wanted, and they were able to get birth control pills easily or with minimal difficulty. Pinch hitter unblocked My understanding of the most recent pay equity data is that women and men have achieved some relative equality in pay in their 20s. Football scores 2016 It’s not until we get into our 30s that you see the genders split and men get more opportunities. Arizona softball schedule Women haven’t experienced that yet. How to pitch an idea to a company They get through their 20s without having experienced that.

A: It would be a devastating blow particularly if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Passing drills for volleyball It would be a devastating blow to middle and low-income women in this country.

Q: Why isn’t there more political discussion of women’s healthcare services (yearly visits/screenings)? The discussion always seems to shift to abortion when it only makes up 3 percent of PP’s services.

A: Planned Parenthood does talk about these issues but they have been so painted by those who are opposed to abortion as only an abortion provider. Basketball olympics 2012 The majority of their work is providing basic healthcare to women and making sure women who want it have access to affordable birth control. Landscaping ideas around patio It’s gotten lost in the high voltage conversation around abortion. Bwp bats People need to remember this is about economic justice for women. Ameristar fence When a woman doesn’t have access to affordable birth control that means she may not be able to control the timing and spacing of children and the economic impact of that is huge and sometimes women aren’t able to recover from that. Diy patio furniture These are issues of the most fundamental economic justice and that message has not been adequately conveyed to the public.

What makes you laugh: I spend half the time laughing at myself. Design garden Particularly in this work the silliest things happen sometimes. Front yard landscaping plans If you can’t laugh at yourself or the situation you are taking yourself too seriously in this job.

Favorite place to visit (not in Montgomery County): I’m originally from the Midwest and grew up in Omaha Nebraska. Drip coffee vs espresso My family loves Colorado. Indoor batting cages I love wide-open spaces.

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