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The business of predictions and prognostications is far from an easy one. Fencing terms Every day people make and lose millions of dollars due to good or bad prognostications. Sprinkler warehouse From Wall Street in New York City to The Strip in Las Vegas, large buildings have been erected and fortunes have crumbled all based upon the outcomes of a few educated guesses. Facebook stock price A good prognostication can lead to greatness and, in the internet age where everything you do is logged forever, a bad prognostication can lead to eternal ridicule.

With that said, I would like to look back at an article I wrote that first appeared on Insider Louisville in the July 12, 2016, edition of Tech Talk Tuesday. Youth baseball drills The article weighed some potential pros and cons involved in the merger between Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Charter Communications that resulted in the new Spectrum. Football field diagram With over six months of time elapsing since the article was published, I think it is now fair to judge how accurate, or inaccurate, my Spectrum prognostications were.

Comments from July 2016: In short, not many. Uga softball Once the media storm of hot takes and doom-saying subsides, it is likely you will see virtually no changes for more than a year. Football schedule maker Despite what you may have been led to believe in the past, there is no easy way to combine three very large companies into one overnight. Football field cake Aside from seeing a new logo on their bills, the majority of changes will not be visible to customers.

Furthermore, your phone or internet service should not change in any way either. Drip edge installation Regardless of what carrier you have chosen, all companies are using the same copper wires in the ground. Facebook stock split date No one will be ripping your phone lines out of the ground and installing new ones.

Accuracy of prediction: While there ended up being less “hot takes and doom-saying” from Spectrum’s competitors than I assumed there would be, everything else seems to have unfolded almost exactly as I stated. Backyard baseball players For instance, Spectrum has struggled with combining the three companies; TDM, for example, currently has over a dozen Spectrum representatives based on customer location and product type spread across the country.

Also, Spectrum did change the logo on their customers’ bills and, no, they did not start ripping phone lines out of the ground. Landscape design ideas for small backyards Those calls were not all that difficult to envision, however.

Comments from July 2016: Most likely, headaches and job insecurity. Irrigation methods in india Often transitions are accompanied by large-scale corporate layoffs. Softball pitching The current public stance by these organizations is they are committed to “bringing over 10,000 overseas jobs” back to the United States ( watch the video here), but that is not the same as stating that their American workforce will increase by 10,000.

Meanwhile, each of these carriers has its own billing and pricing systems, all of which will be combined in some fashion. Espn ncaa baseball scores Previously, many carriers chose to merge parts of systems with others, instead of scrapping each and starting anew. Basketball wives la cast This, in my experience, created more problems than it solved and led to several human errors during the learning curve, many of which trickled down to the customers in the form of billing mistakes and missed deadlines.

Accuracy of prediction: Layoff data is not always available due to how some organizations report the numbers; technically, giving someone the option to relocate is not a layoff. Basketball positions and what they do That said, The Charlotte Observer reported on Oct. Pitch dark chocolate 13, 2016, that Charter Communications was laying off 258 of 1,367 members, which is over 18 percent of its Charlotte, N.C.-based workforce. Landscape products The article also states that Charter plans to add 20,000 jobs from overseas, which is double what the original video promised. Garden of the gods It will probably take more than a year to verify the accuracy of these promises. Paintball fields near me Time will tell.

As for billing mistakes and missed deadlines, they can only be judged individually on a case-by-case basis. Land scaping The internal system mash-up, however, has unfortunately gone down exactly as I expected.

Comments from July 2016: Initially, it will cement Time Warner Cable’s spot as America’s second largest cable company behind Comcast. Asphalt 8 mod apk Within a few years, Spectrum will have instant name recognition due to its enormous advertising budget, but will be suffering from plenty of the same customer service issues as other large service providers.

Spectrum should also look to bundle phone, internet and television service in even more creative ways than today, leading to more standardized pricing in cities across the United States, including Louisville, Ky. Funny softball pics Chances are high this standardization will be a good thing for a majority of their customers.

Accuracy of prediction: Nailed it! It truly is tough to go one day without seeing a freshly repainted Spectrum van; they seem to be everywhere around Louisville. Diy outdoor furniture Spectrum did stop short of running a Super Bowl advertisement but, aside from that, the company’s advertising department has been quite busy. Little league baseball ages If you need any more evidence of Spectrum’s advertising bonanza, just go grab your mail. Garden centre london ontario You probably just received a new offer from Spectrum to migrate your service.

On a positive note, the biggest benefit of the merger seems to be the streamlined product offerings and now standard month-to-month contracts that Spectrum offers to all its business coax customers. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 4 Spectrum has done an admirable job in this regard, ensuring that customers in Louisville pay the exact same amount as customers in other locations like Charlotte, N.C., and New York City.

Overall, not to toot my own horn but, well, toot. Sales pitch synonym My prognostications did predict how the Spectrum merger would play out with a high degree of accuracy. Baseball teams in chicago If only my football predictions were nearly as accurate … sigh … if only. Landscape products bath pa If you would like to discuss the Spectrum merger in greater detail, or just want to hear me make more random predictions on topics I know way less about, please send an email to