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I have always wanted more storage. Fantasy basketball mock draft Over the years, I have built cabinets and tool sheds and thousands of feet of shelving to hold, preserve, protect and defend a lifetime of accumulated possessions. Nicolock pavers A place for everything and everything in its place; that’s my motto. Jain irrigation stock Things last when cared for and protected.

I opened a cabinet door under my garage work bench. Small garden designs ideas pictures The tools and parts and bulky items were all there, arranged neatly, quietly reposing, awaiting my touch. Cbssports com fantasy football This made me feel good. How to install pavers over dirt I had screws and nails and nuts and bolts in containers on the wall above the workbench. Pitched roof definition The drawers held owner manuals and pencils and rulers and this and that. Team usa softball Ladders hung on the wall, below high shelving for coolers and tarps and things I might need at a moment’s notice. Fences movie On wall racks were brooms and rakes and other lawn tools. Softball pictures The mower and leaf blower and garden cart hugged the wall to one side, and racks for winter plants and fertilizer were on the other. Facebook search history In the attic, I had floored all the open areas and had boxes and boxes of various things that needed protection from the elements; paperwork records, Christmas ornaments, empty boxes I might need for packing, screen doors and fancy trim from a past remodel. Small garden ideas no grass There was extra tile and boxes of excess this and that, including old toys from when the kids were young. Football season opener I had created the perfect storage solution for all my possessions, but left precious little room to house what the garage was built for: automobiles. Pervious concrete pavement The irony did not escape me.

I was looking for something and had every cabinet door open trying to find it. Espn fantasy football rankings ppr I don’t remember if I ever found what I was looking for, but I spent a lot of time going through everything. Outdoor lighting perspectives I think I finally gave up and went to the hardware store and bought something new, something more to use once and store forever. Cobblestone generator I came across lots of stuff gathering dust I hadn’t laid eyes on in years. College football teams list I hadn’t moved some of it or used it, or even needed it for so long that I forgot I even owned it. Football games For some items, I could remember the why and the when and what it was used for, but for others, it was a blank spot in my memory. Front porch ideas for small houses Paint and extra tubes of caulk had turned to solid rubber. Softball city Plastic hoses were cracked, cobwebs covered old jack stands and dirt daubers had filled every hole in everything that had holes. Little league pitch count rules It was right there that I sat down and began to realize a truth about this situation. Curtain factory outlet If we go to such lengths to store and protect some possession or other, but never use it again, what have we accomplished other than to take up space? When do possessions turn the tables and begin to possess us? That old feeling came over me again as I sat there contemplating decades of accumulation. Baseball fantasy camp This, I thought, is a metaphor for life.

We hold grudges in our memory like jack stands and gasket sets and dried up car wax on forgotten shelves. Eephus pitch gif We store up every hurt in little jars of our mind, in endless racks of imagined importance. Fantasy football mock draft ppr Embarrassment over some immature behavior or rash decision comes back to haunt our memories late at night while the ceiling fan stirs quietly and regret comes up from the far recesses of memory, like old tools forgotten in dusty cabinets.

If not careful, we will eventually have a head so full of suspicion and old habits and silly prejudices that we leave precious little space for what really needs to be preserved. Jain irrigation inc Memory is a wonderful thing, but we need to be wise about what we hold on to lest we become hoarders, immobilized by the weight of our possessions. Landscape construction There needs to be a garage sale, literally and figuratively; a day when we rid ourselves of decades of useless possessions and burdens. Lattice definition chemistry There is nothing so liberating as cleaning out a garage, selling or giving away or throwing away all those useless possessions. Roll pitch yaw angles Isn’t it just as liberating to forgive? Our minds need a cleaning out now and again, just like a garage. Synthetic fiber crossword We don’t possess the grudge, it possesses us. Garden layout planner When the day comes that our garages are so filled with junk that we have to park our vehicles out on the driveway, we have misplaced priorities. Gardenia yellow leaves When we have our heads so full of junk that there is no more room for sunrises and spring flowers and forgiveness and love, what have we done but consigned our hearts to cobwebs and cluttered up our memories with dirt dauber nests?