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GreenSpaces’s “NextGen” home, which the couple purchased for $364,000, has been several years in the making. Evans landscaping The point of the project was to show that building a home centered on sustainability can be as financially feasible as building a typical home, according to GreenSpaces, a nonprofit organization whose mission is guiding the greater Chattanooga area toward ways to live, work and build more sustainably, while raising the overall quality of life.

It seems to have worked, at least in this case. Fantasy football 2016 draft Last year, as Wilson and McKay wove through listings in Chattanooga’s North Shore area, most cost almost as much as the NextGen home — but would have needed an estimated $50,000 to $100,000 in upgrades, and that probably wouldn’t have lowered living costs the way the NextGen home will, said Wilson.

“We kind of had price point in mind and wanted to be close to the downtown,” said Wilson. Japanese landscape painting “This is one of the ones that turned up on the list. How to lay a patio on soil The longer-term cost savings were kind of a no-brainer.”

Wilson and McKay, 26-year-olds working in marketing for local startup companies, also were drawn to the home’s modern style. Youth football leagues near me “There’s not a lot of that in the North Shore area,” Wilson said.

Building a net-zero house starts with focusing on efficiency and passive design, according to Walton. Wild pitch frisco “It’s not as flashy as solar panels, but it’s important.” (To be sure, the houses indeed will have solar panels.)

One way to do that is making the home airtight, Wilson’s favorite feature. Pitched roof house For example, spacing studs in the walls farther apart. Facebook mobile site “Every stud is a conduit” to let air in and out, said Wayne Williams of Workshop Architecture, which designed the home, along with GreenSpaces. Spring training arizona map Also, the windows (which Wilson noted as a favorite feature) use crank arms to open out, laterally. Pitch meaning in music They seal on all four sides when closed, unlike traditional windows. Baseball pitcher stats Meanwhile, energy-recovery ventilation will send fresh air into every room.

The house makes use of natural light with high south-facing windows that are shaded in the summer but not in the winter. Softball clipart Trees to the west block the sun in the summer, but let rays in during the winter when their leaves have fallen.

On the active-design side, the low roof will have solar panels, expected to generate in one year the amount of energy the home consumes during the same period. Small front garden ideas on a budget Meanwhile, the house should use half the amount of energy a normal house uses, Walton said. Espn major league baseball scores yesterday As expected, all the lighting will be LED. Baseball pitcher workouts Appliances will be smart about using energy, too. Francesca battistelli holy spirit For example, the dryer is ventless, recycling air.

Landscaping will be low-maintenance native species. Irrigation Stormwater runoff from pervious pavers and the roof will be collected in an on-site bioswale and infiltrate the property naturally. Softball junk “It doesn’t contribute to runoff,” Walton said.

GreenSpaces launched the NextGen project with a design competition in 2014. Gacebo About a dozen teams of architects, engineers and builders from a 200-mile radius of the homesite, on Hamilton Avenue, came up with detailed proposals.

The winning team got $10,000 plus commission money for developing the project. Drip drop plumbing GreenSpaces had expected to finish the project in 2015. Facebook mobile cover photo size But it couldn’t get the price tag under $420,000 using the winning team’s design — and getting it under $400,000 was key to generating wider interest in home-building of this type, said Walton, who is also an architect.

GreenSpaces ended up working with the second- place team and taking on more of the project itself. Espn fantasy baseball keeper rankings That meant the design got tweaked. Facebook live logo The house shrunk from 2,200 square feet to 1,700, and the listing price came down to $350,000. Evergreen landscaping The buyers made some upgrades that raised the price tag to $364,000. Fantasy football team names 2015 The two-level house has three bedrooms and three full bathrooms.

Ultimately the whole NextGen project will include four houses, all next to each other and of similar design. Usa softball roster The second home is already listed at $370,000. Sprinkler system design Construction on it is expected to start in March and be done by September. How to lay flagstone patio The next two homes will follow. Garden city community college GreenSpaces hopes to have all three done within a year of starting, Walton said.