Netflix likes to do things its own way—including new show announcements

Every year in January, TV-show makers gather to share their upcoming slates of shows and movies at the Television Critics Association tour. Gem pavers This year, Netflix decided to eschew the program and instead struck out on its own to announce what’s coming to the streaming service next with a big press extravaganza in New York. Pitches in baseball It’s an interesting move for Netflix, which has grown its bank of original content, shrunk its stock of old films, and ballooned its subscriber base to 93 million subscribers.

GoFundMe made its name as a way to alleviate the burden of unforeseen expenses, like funeral costs or veterinary bills.

Softball tournaments in ga Now the company is expanding beyond emergency needs and starting to highlight causes like education, today releasing a guidebook for college students looking for help with tuition costs and more.

“I don’t see this as a replacement for government-supported infrastructure,” GoFundMe chairman and CEO Rob Solomon says, in reference to existing financial aid programs. Wyevale swansea “I think it’s a complement.”

Over the last three years, Solomon says, there have been 130,000 GoFundMe campaigns for college-related expenses. Football teams near me But with just $60 million in donations, the category remains tiny compared to the $3 billion in total donations that GoFundMe has generated since its launch.

Rising college costs became a lightning rod during last year’s election, with some candidates calling for free tuition at state universities. Fantasy football espn In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of students are defaulting on their loans.

Etsy has long been frequented by makers of all kinds, but the casual Etsy buyer might not be aware that many of its sellers source their supplies from Etsy itself. Landscap This spring, Etsy is amplifying that business with the launch of Etsy Studio, a whole new marketplace dedicated to craft supplies. Patio menu The new platform opens to the public in April and will exclusively sell supplies alongside Pinterest-style inspiration, through DIY tutorials created by an in-house content team.

I got an early look at both Etsy Studio and Shop Manager, a revamped dashboard that allows sellers to manage all their Etsy stores and sales channels from one place. Baseball team logos Read more about it here. Football schedule nfl PM

The augmented reality company has been sued by a former employee alleging a series of bizarre misogynistic and sexual discriminatory behavior at its company, reports the Verge. College football teams in texas In just one alleged incident during a new-hire orientation session, a Magic Leap IT lead reportedly said, “Yeah, women always have trouble with computers . . . Basketball court diagram In IT we have a saying: Stay away from the Three Os—Orientals, old people, and ovaries.”

When the employee who reported the incident later asked why the IT lead was not fired, Magic Leap’s chief administrative officer allegedly replied that they could not fire him because he was African-American and there were white men at the company who had done “far worse.” He went on to allegedly say that the African-American employee would then sue the company since he was fired and not the white employees. Hitting drills When the person bringing the complaint asked why Magic Leap didn’t just fire them all, the CAO allegedly replied: “Because we need the white guys. Garden city They’re important. Baseball fantasy draft We need them. Paving expert calculators I know you’re upset, but my hands are tied.” MG

U.S. California baseball teams intelligence agencies intercepted phone calls showing that at least four of Trump’s aides communicated with senior Russian officials in the year before the election, reports the New York Times. Baseball players steroids Though law enforcement agents uncovered the communications around the same time they found evidence that Russia was interfering in the U.S. Baseball america prospects election through hacking in an effort to help Trump, they have not so far found any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin, notes the NYT.

• Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman for a few months last year, denied the allegations, telling the NYT: “It’s not like these people wear badges that say, ‘I’m a Russian intelligence officer.'”

• Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser who submitted his resignation to Trump last night amid reports that he had misled the administration about his discussions with a Russian official.

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