New dating app wants to connect to your linkedin

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to marry that millionaire. Travel baseball And it’s not like you can find what Max Fischer, founder and CEO of BeLinked, a dating website I profiled last year, calls ” high quality” people just anywhere. Natural stone resources And if you’re like me, there’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up and out on the town only to learn that your evening’s potential Mr. Drip drop ice cream Romeo is a struggling barista with an art history degree. Baseball stores Psh. Gardens illustrated Thankfully, another new app on the marketplace allows you to do all that vetting beforehand. Garden design “Some people consider this stalking while others consider it being prudent,” Kai Pan, co-founder of Akin, tells me about his app’s new capabilities.

For some, online dating is a daily existential crisis. Baseball drills for 7 year olds Who is this person that I’m agreeing to meet in a café somewhere in the West Village? What is it that they do? Sure, I could ask, but people lie, which hurts. Facebook app wont load Which is why Akin’s M.O. Landscape design ideas for front yard is connecting dating profiles to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles. Masonry store near me Their motto: “Honesty in Dating.”

Some more of their values? “Decide responsibly,” reads their website. Landscape design pictures “Enjoy serendipity.” Their twitter, another motto: “vet before you connect,” links to an Elite Daily article titled ” Why Faking Your Online Dating Profile Only Makes It Harder To Find Love.” Vetting isn’t just about finding a partner who can pay the bills. Small front garden ideas no grass Kai tells me that it’s about keeping people honest, getting to know a sense of the real person behind the well-taken selfie and Oscar Wilde quote.

Kai is something of an online old-timer: he has vivid memories of venturing online for the first time as a high schooler armed with AOL discs. Landscape images free download In college, at UC Berkeley, he was an active member of a number of discussion boards, taking leadership roles in forums dedicated to “car enthusiasts.” He tells me that he still answers questions on Quora, Yahoo! Answers for the thinking man. Garden of eden kansas Post-collegiate employment came in the form of a consortium of East Asian-focused blogs that included chinaSMACK, a website that translates Chinese viral content into English and was featured on The Colbert Report after one of its headlines, ” Zoo Caretaker Licks Monkey’s Butt to Help It Defecate” went viral over here. Football games online multiplayer “That was pretty nifty,” he told me, “As a lifestyle business, I was doing what I loved.”

But Kai was eager to get into the world of online dating. Fencing rio 2016 He still had memories of when looking for love online was considered the domain of those “awfully desperate to resort to such measures.” Tinder had taken the shame out of the game, but there were demographics still unserved. Cheap bats com Working, now, for a VC-funded tech startup called, who had some success designing apps for Androids, Kai was eager to find a social or gaming app he could direct himself. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 5 “We researched our eyes out, wracked our brains, and finally settled on entering the crowded dating app space, with the audacious hope that we can do something cool when so many others have died trying.” For every Everest, there is a George Mallory.

Who does Akin aim at? “White-collar female professionals” who are in the midst of a demographic crisis currently, Kai tells me. Basketball rio 2016 tv They are simply doing too well for themselves. Softball games “Unless women in general compromise on the tradition of ‘dating or marrying up’, it’s going to be harder for women to find men they consider their peers.” The app’s somewhat uncatchy name “harkens to the sociological notion of homophily,” he explained, “where people tend to be most compatible with similar socio-economic backgrounds and thus values.”

Akin’s user interface self-consciously rejects the swiping mechanism used by many of its peers in the dating app marketplace, Kai tells me that he feels like swiping culture suggest “people are like disposable playing cards.” On Akin, he tells me, you swipe in order to navigate the app not make potentially romantic decisions. Francescas In lieu of filling out profiles with witty quips or lines like “not looking for anything serious,” Akin fills your biography out with whatever social media you connect to: your Facebook likes, your Instagram photos, your profession, per LinkedIn. High pitch sound test Tinder has been moving slowly in this direction, partnering with Spotify last year to make music tastes readily accessible to potential mates, but Kai tells me that Akin is more interested in the digital self that is reflected by a greater collection of social media tastes. Minecraft fence designs “Akin…boils down to seeing if we’re interested in someone based on information sourced from social profiles established with numerous connections and friends.” Also visible to the attentive romancer are numbers: Facebook friends, Instagram followers, LinkedIn connections.

There are a lot of losers out there. Special olympics basketball schedule And Kai tells me that Akin is aimed at people who are looking at the dating scene for a commitment longer then the thrill of a single evening. Pitch in spanish Even the app’s interface politely asks that you consider the users you’re swiping seriously, as if they are real human beings or potential investments to add to your profile and discuss with your broker. Basketball teams in new york I’m unsure which. Retaining wall design software Kai assures me: “If online dating is shopping, then we’re aiming to serve the careful, research shoppers who think through their purchases versus those making impulse buys.” Make a thoughtful decision today! Akin is currently in beta mode but can be tried on your iPhone or Android. Baseball america hot sheet Why not?