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A new leadership team for the town of Guadalupe was elected last November and includes (left to right) Mayor Valeria Molina and council members Anita Cota, Elvira Osuna, and Ricardo Vital. Little league baseball field dimensions (Photo courtesy of Ricardo Vital).

PHOENIX — A statue of a Yaqui, wearing traditional garb and performing a ceremonial dance, graces the entrance to the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Complex in Guadalupe, where Vice-Mayor Anita Cota and Councilman Ricardo Vital work.

The statue is symbolic of the unique nature of Guadalupe, a small town bursting at the seams with a cultural blending of Americans, Mexicans and members of the Pascua Yaqui tribe.

The two town leaders, along with recently-elected Mayor Valerie Molina, 38, and Councilwoman Elvira Osuna, frame a new generation of leaders for the town of 6,000 nestled between Interstate 10, Tempe and Chandler.

A mural adorns the side of Guadaupe’s Mercado, along the town’s main street, Avenida Del Yaqui. Garden snake baby Residents hang around this mural during the day, but Mayor Valerie Molina is hoping to bring business back to the town and attract shoppers from outside Guadalupe. Little league pitch count rules 2016 (Photo by Diego Mendoza-Moyers/Cronkite News)

What makes this council different – and to them, more likely to succeed – is their close connection with the Yaqui tribe. Home design ideas for small spaces All four are members of the tribe, and six of seven council seats are held by Yaquis.

“We’re not so much focusing on the negative part of our community; but I think as a whole, the council now wants to highlight the gifts that are within our community. Outdoor furniture plans free download I think that’s important for people to see,” Cota said. Wyevale woodbridge “We need to highlight what the [tribal] elders have to offer — the partnerships that we can have with the elders.”

Aside from ethnic and cultural similarities, members like Vital and Molina are younger than the town charter itself. Frances bean cobain art Their goal is to usher in a new era of leadership within Guadalupe.

“Basically, our vision is to move the town forward,” Vital said. Rooftop bars near me “A lot of what’s happened is previous councils have just sat in their seats and haven’t done anything to move the town forward. Patio town burnsville There’s been little projects here and there, but it hasn’t been anything that substantially has progressed our town economically.”

The council’s youth movement signals a greater use of technology to which councils in years past didn’t have access. Little league baseball It also signals a new mindset that individuals such as Cota, Vital, and Molina — who had no prior experience in politics before becoming mayor — possess.

The sun rises on one of several empty store fronts in Guadalupe’s Mercado. Pitch in Of the 34 suites in the town market, only 14 are occupied — another sign of slow growth within the small, Southeast Valley town. Irrigation supply store near me (Photo by Diego Mendoza-Moyers/Cronkite News)

However, retail businesses in the Mercado have had varying degrees of success, at best, over the years, and the space has been heavily underutilized, Vital said.

“There’s just never been a good market plan for [the Mercado], never been a business plan,” Vital said. El patio des moines “There was no ‘OK, five years from now this is where want to be, 10 years from now this is where we’re going to be.’ We’re 40 years [since the Mercado opened] and we’re still where we were. Softball pitching videos We need to develop some type of economic plan, some type of sustainability so that when we’re gone, it’s still there, still flourishing.”

One goal Molina said she hopes to accomplish is to work with an outside group to renovate and improve the Mercado, and turn it into a community center. Lattice energy chart This will help bring in more business and commerce to the town’s centerpiece, Molina said.

Another focus of the council is to make use of empty parcels of land along the main street, Avenida del Yaqui, by putting in new restaurants and making it a “foodie destination.”

“We have enough parcels of land down the street where we can grow and develop,” Molina said. Baseball online “Maybe that would be the draw for people. Small garden design pictures Who’s to say we can’t be another foodie district like Gilbert. Landscape calculator Gilbert has that main drag where you can go eat anything you want there and have some entertainment as well. Softball drills for 10u Guadalupe is in the right location to be able to be successful.”

Outside of economic and community development, town leaders say preserving and maintaining the unique culture of the town long-term is as important as it’s ever been.

Rafael Armenta, a cultural specialist with the tribe, former councilman and lifelong Guadalupe resident, is optimistic about what a younger council with greater Yaqui influence could mean for the town.