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We’re at that point in the boys basketball season – between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs – where OC Varsity attempts to answer what might be the most hotly debated question in the county:

Back in 2013, having seen the spectacular displays of spirit and support across the county, OC Varsity put together the first Orange County student section rankings.

Santa Margarita: The Eagles Nest might be the funniest group in Orange County. How to lay block paving They might have some running inside jokes, if I understood them correctly. Stone suppliers near me Bonus points: I’ve got a white Eagles Nest shirt from a year or so ago. Meaning of pitch in music It’s one of my favorite beach tees.

Servite: The Asylum did some Star Wars production that only The Asylum could do. Football leagues near me Sometimes, The Asylum is better than the game. Wicker Sometimes, though, they are little too mean to opposing people.

Trabuco Hills: The Stable gets points for standing not only through the entire home game against San Clemente, but standing through the longest and strangest halftime show in O.C. Masonry supply store basketball history.

Garden Grove: The Garden Grove League has some terrific competition in its gyms – on the court and in the stands. How to hit a softball The Garden Grove High group for a home game against Bolsa Grande was energetic. El patio menu And the Bolsa kids showed up for the away game and had some fun, too, especially because their team won.

St. Facebook search history activity log 2013 Margaret’s: When I went to cover the St. Jain irrigation share price today Margaret’s at Crean Lutheran game this season, the Crean folks set me up next to the St. Garden centre london Margaret’s bench. Types of pitches in baseball The St. Basketball games y8 Margaret’s kids, about 25 strong, were there too. Landscaping ideas for hills (Generally, student sections are guided toward an area away from the opposing school’s bench for obvious reasons.) The Crean kids started chiding the St. Baseball scores from yesterday Margaret’s kids about being quiet – Crean was winning – and not so numerous. Softball tournaments The St. Football season Margaret’s group responded with a chant of “We have Steve on our side.” Physically, yes, I was on St. Best fantasy football websites Margaret’s. El pato harlingen However, a news journalism career that spans five decades has taught me to be neutral and objective. Pitch angle calculator I root for nobody. Spring training florida 2016 But I was honored that somebody enjoyed having me on their “side.”

When it comes to creativity, wit, knowledge of the game and just plain having the most fun – which is what it’s really all about – Servite’s Asylum stays winning in my book.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend a Friars game this winter, but my Twitter feed was always filled with Asylum-related updates on game nights, none better than the Star Wars-esque production the crew put on for their rivalry game against Mater Dei. Pitched roof extension ideas It was fitting they gave the villain of the skit a red, or shall we call it a scarlet, lightsaber where he was met by several members of the Asylum in a choreographed duel.

From my perspective, Servite’s student body is the only cast of characters that continues to take the creativity bar to the next level year after year with what has to be a fair amount of organization from the entire section.

In terms of honorable mentions: “The Tribe” from Canyon showed out in the masses for a road game at Villa Park and did their homework. Landscape design plans As soon as Spartans football star John Stamos entered the building, the Tribe began chanting his name until he showed some acknowledgment.

“The Jungle” at Sonora also traveled well for a road game at Troy in nothing but Hawaiian gear. Yaw pitch roll Hosting the Warriors this past week, the idea was to part the Red Sea. Garden planner Amongst the section flooded with red shirts, hoodies and hats was a student in a full-on Santa Clause costume.

The most memorable roller-coaster ride of a game was the triple-overtime game between Buena Park and Sonora. Batting average The Coyotes student section never sat down, anticipating at some point the buzzer would sound and they could finally rush the court in celebration.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the scene shifted to Sunny Hills. Yankee stadium tour It became evident quickly that the Lancer students need their own section. Small backyard landscaping ideas They filled two-thirds of the bleachers and even lined the court, standing two-deep.

At halftime, came the ultimate highlight of the game. Minnesota landscape arboretum On one side of the court, a Sonora student kicked off 10 straight backflips. Fastest softball pitch ever Not to be outdone, a Sunny Hills student responded with his several forward barrel rolls. Football teams in london The crowd erupted. Home garden design pictures … just another night in the wild, yet fun night in the Freeway League.

Just three short exits apart on the 5, Capo Valley filled up its side of the gym and the Diablos filled up theirs diagonally across. Stardock fences windows 10 The gym was packed and warm and both sides were into it.

After dispensing with the pleasantries of “Let’s Go Mission” and “Let’s Go Capo” chants at tip-off and the been-there-done-that after the first basket of “He’s a Freshman” followed by “We Don’t Care,” things got viciously fun.

Mission Viejo fired off with “Let’s Play Football” as they figure in most years the Diablos could take the Cougars there. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked Capo snapped back with a “Cucamonga” chant, as in Rancho Cucamonga which beat the Diablos in the CIF-SS football playoffs.

Mission Viejo figured two could play at that game and shot back with “Calabasas,” the team which beat Capo Valley in the Division 5 championship. Landscape photography lens Remembering it at least got to the title game, the Cougars yelled back “Quarterfinals,” where Mission Viejo fell to Rancho Cucamonga.

That’s when Mission Viejo went hard into the putdowns with “D-5 Football” and “Where’s Your Rings?” chants, basically trying to claim superiority over Capo Valley in the way SEC football fans or New England Patriot fans would, respectively.

Then this is where I applaud Capo Valley because they didn’t shrink and came back with deep cuts. Ancestry sign in The Cougars busted out “You’re Not Farmers” and “You’re All Transfers” playing into the long-held thoughts by many of its South County rivals that Mission Viejo gets its best football talent via transfer and that those transfers hold up the Diablos’ farming program as a reason to transfer from out of the district.

By the end, Capo started to chant “Let’s Play Tennis” and Mission responded with “Let’s Play Baseball” with both sides laughing about it. Beautiful landscapes tumblr Those are arguments for the spring.