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“Hello, my name is Quinn,” continued Hejlik, translating his Russian comment into English. Garden of eden kansas “I was a teacher in Russia last year. Football games online multiplayer I lived in Kaliningrad, and I really liked it. Fencing rio 2016 What else do you want to know?”

Hejlik’s love for learning the Russian language motivated him to apply for a grant while attending the University of Iowa, which he was awarded in 2015. Cheap bats com He shared that it provided him with an exciting opportunity to travel and be able to apply what he had focused on in his studies at Iowa, which were history and international studies and Russian language.

Basketball wives la season 5 episode 5 After Hejlik graduated from Iowa, he spent a year, from 2015 to 2016, teaching in Kaliningard, Russia, which is a city along the Baltic Sea.

“My dad’s family is Czech, and that is how I got interested in Central Eastern Europe,” said Hejlik. Basketball rio 2016 tv “Having studied abroad as a sophomore in college, prior to this opportunity, I wanted to study that area more and started studying Russian. Softball games I didn’t really know what to expect when I got there. Francescas I didn’t know what level of students I would be teaching, how large my classes were, or what type of material I’d be teaching. High pitch sound test I just went there and jumped in.”

General conversational English is how Hejlik describes the English level he taught to his Russian students, teaching a wide variety of ages and skill levels that included tutoring 10-year-olds to university-age students to older-aged pupils in their 60s.

“It’s a difficult language to learn and takes a long time to learn,” said Hejlik. Minecraft fence designs “I thought learning it would be like any other language, but it was not. Special olympics basketball schedule And it wasn’t like Spanish, which I had studied in high school and was a comparatively simple language to learn. Pitch in spanish Once you start studying, the more intricate grammar of the Russian language, you start seeing it’s a lot more difficult. Basketball teams in new york It’s a lot less like English than Spanish is. Retaining wall design software The grammar makes it so it’s harder to string together sentences into paragraphs with words you already know, so it doesn’t come as naturally or as fast as Spanish.”

Hejlik went on to explain that he loves learning languages in general, so that was part of the fun, along with being able to understand it so he could teach English to the Russian students.

“Learning Russian was particularly interesting because you don’t just learn the language, you get to learn the culture,” said Hejlik. Baseball america hot sheet “You get to see more in-depth into the Russian psyche and culture than you would ordinarily than by just learning about it as an English speaker. Softball express In terms of teaching, I always liked teaching and academia. Free online baseball games I always liked applying my knowledge, and being able to do that in a subject that I really liked, in a culture that I really liked, was really rewarding. Top fantasy baseball players 2016 It was really fun, and there was always something new that was happening, always something new to learn and teach, just a really good time.”

“Kaliningrad is a very interesting region of Russia,” said Hejlik. Facebook live map “It is separated from mainland Russia and borders Poland and Lusitania. Francesca eastwood It is very close to the Baltic Sea, about a 20-minute drive to the sea. Fantasy basketball mock draft 2015 The landscape is flat, kind of looks like Iowa, but it is wheat instead of corn. Dripping springs Kaliningrad is about the size of Omaha, about 500,000 people, but it feels like a small town. Basketball wives la cast 2015 It seems strange to me because I come from Missouri Valley, and Kaliningrad, in comparison is large. Flower bed designs When you walk around the city, in the main central university areas you do actually see people you know. Front porch ideas pinterest It’s very friendly, and once you get to know Russians, they are very friendly toward you, and they say, ‘Hi.’ It’s a very warm atmosphere.”

“I lived in essentially a dorm for teachers and grad students that was a mile away from a campus,” shared Hejlik. Football field template “My room was rather nice and modern. Basketball olympics 2016 roster The common facilities, kitchen and bathroom, weren’t necessarily great. Fantasy football rankings by position It was kind of what you would expect for a dorm in Russia. Landscaper salary I feel that Americans have a perception of ‘that Russia,’ and it was kind of correct in that case. El patio mexican restaurant In the kitchen, the oven barely worked, and the stovetop burners barely worked at all. Elevator pitch for students In the bathroom, we had a shower, but the shower glass door fell off halfway through the year, and they didn’t even fix it. Low maintenance landscaping ideas They put up a shower curtain, but it was way too long and dragged on the floor and got moldy and mildew, and the water pressure was no good. Baseball field layout If we left the dorm in the middle of the night, I had to sign out with the person at the front desk, and they were usually sleeping, so I would have to wake them up to leave and to be allowed back in. Play baseball games I always felt bad having to wake them up so much.”

Other adjustments that came as a surprise to Hejlik were the mindset that wearing seatbelts held low priority, social life in Russia did not live up to his expectations, the climate, politics, and traditional gender roles.

“Driving is a little bit reckless in Russia,” said Hejlik. Famous softball players “Americans are actually not encouraged to drive in Russia, and they actually encourage no seatbelts and make these little covers to insert over the clips of the belts to stop the beeping. College softball rankings It’s a whole different mindset.”

Hejlik shared that he had been expecting social life to be a bit on the wild partying side, but instead he found it to be more of a grown-up socializing atmosphere.

“I was expecting it to be crazier than what it turned out to be,” said Hejlik. What is pitch perfect rated “It’s maybe because we have this perception of Russia being full of vodka and party animals, or maybe because I attended U of I, which is known as a party school, so I was expecting it to be more like that. Usssa softball texas But it was actually much more subdued and responsible partying atmospheres. Pinch hitter In terms of socializing without partying, it’s kind of like here. Final score ncaa basketball championship You go to people’s houses, walk around, go to the sea, and that was actually a pretty fun thing to do. Fantasy baseball yahoo It’s too cold to swim most of the time. Pitch diameter gear Mostly, you go down to the beach and lay around and walk on the pier and enjoy the stands for food and drinks along the shore.”

“Most people thing of desolate tundra, -40 degrees, when they picture Russia,” said Hejlik. Landscape photography tips for beginners “Kaliningard actually had a much more milder winter than Iowa. Garden spider It didn’t really drop below freezing very much, just kind of rainy and overcast a lot, relatively warm. Www pitch But it does not get very warm in the summer either. Fantasy football mock draft 12 team ppr I didn’t really give much thought to this before I went over, but it was much darker in Kaliningrad during the winter.”

During the winter solstice, on Dec. El patio 21, Hejlik stated that it is light for only seven hours a day, and then it’s dark for 17 hours and then opposite in the summer.

“I walked around in the middle of the night and always felt safe and never got pick-pocketed,” said Hejlik. Ncaa baseball tournament scores “I suppose it’s different in Moscow or Saint Petersburg because they are bigger cities, but Kaliningrad was alright. Facebook login problems I would encourage others who want to travel to Russia to do so if they want to and not worry. Cutter pitch I do recommend they learn the language and do their homework on the culture and familiarize themselves with the norms of what is expected. Lattice degeneration It’s very important to learn the language.”

Continued Hejlik, “It is not like traveling to other European countries where some people might speak English. Sprinkler world springville utah It is not like that, so you will need to know some Russian. Garden design pictures do yourself Go and have a good time and avoid speaking about politics too much unless you are comfortable with the person speaking with you because it can be a touchy subject to talk politics with Russians. Backyard baseball You just have to be careful with how you phrase what you say, and in what situations you say it. How to build a deck mtg Obviously, there are certain subjects – Crimea, Ukraine, and Syria – those three especially that are very touchy, and Americans and Russians have very different views on those three subjects. Irrigation supply near me As long as you approach it with a respectful and open-minded manner, it’s no problem. Flood irrigation advantages and disadvantages You can talk about whatever they feel or think, and they don’t hold any grudge against the American people, personally. Rock garden I think it’s pretty accurate to say that they don’t like the American government. Drippers vape shop I talked with Russians about politics. College softball pitchers I just had to be tactful, just like here.”

In learning about Russian culture, Hejlik came to realize that Russians took the American and European sanctions on Russia rather personally because the sanctions affect their daily lives and have raised the price of goods in Russia and have helped tank their economy.

“The value of the ruble dropped a lot three years ago, and that was in part to the sanctions on Russia due to the annexation of Crimea,” said Hejlik. Garden city tx “They don’t like the sanctions or American interference. Football games unblocked I thought talking about that was extremely interesting because you get such a different perspective.”

Heljlik explained that in the United States, even among very educated people who know a lot about world politics, history, and Russian politics specifically, there is still a specific general line of thought that most Americans adhere to.

“It’s not wrong or bad,” said Hejlik, “and I generally follow that, too, but it’s very interesting to see the other side of that from Russians’ perspective because the way that they see the annexation of Crimea, it is vastly different from the way we see it, or the situation in Ukraine, or civil war in Syria. Softball savings com They have pretty polar-opposite views on that.”

“However,” said Hejlik, “the issue that did bother me was that, in general, Russians are much less acceptable of the LGTB community, and that really bothered me. Usssa slow pitch softball rules I’m not part of the LGTB community, but I really dislike it when people discriminate against them.

Gays in Russia, especially in smaller cities, are usually not out, and they don’t talk about it much. Sec basketball tournament scores But in general, it is the way that they feel about someone is unsavory to me.”

“In Russia, that is kind of normal,” said Hejlik, “and that also bothered me on a personal level. How to install chain link fence For example, it was common to hear the ‘N’ word. Fantasy baseball espn They said it in English with a very heavy accent. Small front garden designs pictures It was actually kind of jarring to hear that word just thrown into normal conversation. Facebook search history delete You do have to consider the historical context and the current cultural context. Asphalt 8 airborne hack They simply don’t have that many black people in Russia and are not exposed to different cultures, and especially to specifically racial social problems.”

“Attitude to feminism is very interesting,” said Hejlik. Landscape ideas for side of house “The idea of women’s rights is very interesting. Cbssports fantasy It’s not just black and white. Landscaping with rocks ideas It’s an entirely different history and movement that happened. Landscape design ideas for small front yards During the Soviet Union, during communism, women were declared equal in law and the reforms of Lenin in the early ‘20s. Garden plans for front of house For a very long time, they grew up with total legal equality, actually much greater legal equality than women had in the United States. Alabama softball pitcher However, because of the reactionary reform of Stalin in the 1930s, they kept that legal equality, but also pushed for a return to a more traditional home and more traditional gender roles. Garden design ideas photos Essentially, this meant women not only had to work and have the same responsibilities as men in their everyday life and the workforce, but also had to come home and raise kids and cook, while men didn’t have to do that, so kind of like double duty.”

Hejlik explained that, in comparison, it was like a woman’s role here in the United States, but the difference was that in the 1960s and 1970s, the feminist movement really picked up in the United States, and that pushed not just legal equality, but social equality and social rights and acceptance and mobility.

“In Russia, it was never seen as necessary because they had had total equality since 1920, so their views on feminism are totally different from the ones we have,” said Hejlik. Drip drop lyrics taemin “They are perfectly okay with gender roles, and they are pretty defined gender roles. Football schedule preseason Women are expected to be beautiful, wear makeup and high heels, get married at a relatively young age, and raise a family. Tee ball age It would be strange for them not to want to do that.”

“In terms of social equality they are much more old-fashioned about it, and yet, women are not oppressed,” said Hejlik. Uw softball roster “It is just a very different take on feminity, feminism, and women’s rights. Baseball online stores It is just interesting to see it in person.”

“Having had that experience,” said Hejlik. Basketball rio 2016 live score “I may consider working in university administration. Fantasy basketball 2016 But I have also thought about teaching abroad again, or here in America, or going over to Russia and doing some other type of work. Irrigation definition There are a lot of things I’ve considered doing, it’s just undetermined right now.”

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