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But when was the last time you actually heard of a data center heist? Nobody really breaks into a data center to steal data. Cottage garden design plans Nobody will blow a hole in the wall of your facility, load a truck full of servers and disappear in the direction of the nearest airfield, where a small airplane will take them across the border. Gardenia care A data center located outside the 100 year floodplain? That’s fair enough.

But I remember receiving a press release, highlighting the fact that a particular facility was located out of the flight paths and removed from major airports, something that was supposed to minimize the threat of hijacked planes crashing into a colocation cage. Auburn softball twitter There’s no kill like overkill. U of a softball Even EMP weapons – while certainly posing a real threat to data centers – haven’t been used nearly enough to justify this level of concern. Garden state parkway accident Buy rack space, get access

In November at the Zettastructure conference in London, Rich Johanning, vice president of Critical Infrastructure Protection at Aecom, explained how he would gain access to a server: “The first thing I do when we get hired to do pen testing on a data center is buy rack space in that data center. Garden of the gods il I walk in with a laptop and I now have access to everybody’s networks. Alabama softball team They might be segmented out, but there’s no provisions in place to say ’hey, why has Rich been sitting over there for hours, and all he has done is play on his laptop?’ I have been able to do that for four hours at a time. Fantasy baseball I have been able to pivot to a bunch of places.”

For the most part, physical security has one simple purpose: to show customers just how much the service provider cares about the security of their data. Mizzou softball There’s no way to easily demonstrate your firewall, or display your encryption tools, and the best cyber security experts on the planet will not impress an executive nearly as much as a few ex-military types.

But let’s not lose sight of what’s important in our industry. Landscaping with rocks and stones Cyber security, not physical security, should be at the top of your agenda. Stardock fences Laser-resistant fences won’t help if your enemy is an army of enslaved security cameras, attacking remotely from around the globe.

How do you make the right decisions as to how and where to host and manage your IT assets? Cloud added not just a whole new set of choices to the decision, it has changed the way that IT is consumed and paid for, and how IT delivery can be aligned with business needs.

To make hybrid IT work effectively requires a level of computing capacity, connectivity, efficiency and resilience that most enterprise data centers simply cannot reach without prohibitive investment.

Whether you’re a company looking to evaluate a data center, or a data / tech company looking to upgrade and improve their physical security, we’ll discuss some of the requirements from major organizations along with important considerations for each facility layer, from ‘curb to core.

Este Seminario Web le dará las habilidades necesarias para demostrar la relevancia y peso que tiene el coste de la energía en los data centers como elemento clave para la gestión eficaz en los DCs así como para el negocio en la actualidad.

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