Pains, triumphs of handmade pestle, mortar carvers _

“It is not an easy activity because as much as the gains that come with it, there are pains that accompany it too. Basketball positions on the court It is a very difficult task that not everybody can endeavour to venture into. Softball pitching mechanics It consumes a lot of energy and it takes time, requiring patience for anyone to make success in it.

“Because of lack of money, I am yet to rent a place and that is why I display the se devices in the open, along this busy road for commuters and passersby to buy them. Softball drills Many people that live in Bwari and others who travel to Kaduna through this route usually buy the products from me. Easy landscaping ideas We make it affordable hence especially now that there is recession.”

Yusuf’s narration has attracted compassion to the hard times faced by local craftsmen in the country. Garden centre near me It was learnt that the specialists use manual ways to carve all the wooden materials. Sales pitch meaning It seems there is no obvious support from government authorities to upgrade them with supply of modern equipments to enhance their productivity.

A mortar and pestle is a kitchen device used to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them into a fine paste or powder. Arizona softball roster The mortar is a bowl, typically made of hard wood, ceramic or stone. Ncaa baseball scores today The pestle is a bat shaped tool that is used to grind inside the mortar (bowl) and pulverize grains, herbs, and other food substances. Valley irrigation It is used for pounding, crushing and grinding. Football movies The substance to be ground is placed in the mortar and ground, crushed or mixed using a pestle. Evergreen landscaping ideas It is established that a pestle and mortar can last for over 100 years, if properly taken care of.

According to reports, mortars and pestles have been used in cooking up to the present day. Natural landscape They are also associated with the profession of pharmacy due to their historical use in preparing herbal medicines. Fantasy baseball waiver wire pickups They can be used in masonry and in other types of construction.

History had it that scientists have found ancient mortars and pestles that date back to approximately 35,000 B.C.Italian frescoes of the 15th Century show mortars and pestles in use by the Apothecaries (ancient Pharmacists). Spring training 2017 arizona Also, the Mexican version of the mortar and pestle appears in Mexican pre-history in the Tehuacán Valley, as early as the discovery of hybridized present-day corn, 6,000 years ago.

It was gathered that along with the development of agriculture and increase in demand of grain processing, a new style of grain processing tool, the mortar and pestle emerged. Basketball games today college Ofcourse, there are numerous mentioning of the invention of mortar and pestle including the Fuxi in China.

In Nigeria, the emergence of the pestle and mortar is as old as the country itself. How to lay stone pavers While the Yoruba people call it “odo” (mortar) & “omo odo” (pestle) in the local language, it is referred by the Hausa as “Turmi and Tabarya.” The Igbo speaking people call it “okwa.” The fourth largest nation, the Tiv people call it “Tol”(pestle) and “Lu” or “Akpera” (mortal), among other varied ethnic nationalities.

Even as it is known for pounding, grinding or crushing, the usage of the unavoidably essential household device is somewhat associated with traditional beliefs. How to build a deck video The pestle and mortar are however, linked with myths ranging from varied ethnic groups that exist in the country. Yankees spring training schedule 2016 Ofcourse, nobody has really researched this phenomenon, to come up with a singular held taboo or myth hence there are multi-language speaking communities in the country, and each of them has it peculiar way of perceiving it.

Nevertheless, most commonly held about the mortar and pestle in the country include the following; that it is a taboo to eat fufu also known as Akpu (a white paste made out of fermented cassava) or pounded yam straight from the mortar because it will make one become gluttony. Front yard It is a taboo to walk across a pestle on the floor as it could cause infertility.

Also, some nationalities believe that pounding in the mortar in the night can invite evil spirits. Laying a patio Another myth held that when traveling with a mortar and a pestle, you must put a coin in the mortar to prevent the car from running into an accident. Garden snake eggs The myths are varied in the country and endless depending on the traditional beliefs of a people.

A visit to Kwaghshir-Agbe village of Nyiev council ward in Guma Local government area, a border community between Nassarwa and Benue states revealed that apart from farming, the making of pestle and mortar is a major business activity in the place. Uw softball camps Other wooden devices including chairs and motor wedge are made in the place. Stamped concrete cost calculator The community is situated along the busy Lafia-Makurdi expressway.

The lucrative craft has existed in the place for more than 10 decades. University of arizona softball The drilling of the wood is done by both men and children including the young and old. Facebook search by city Many have earned money from the business to build houses and train their wards in higher institutions of learning.

“First of all, you go into the bush and cut down a hard wood popularly known as Iron wood (Gbaaye). Alabama softball schedule It is easily found here. Batting cages nyc You divide the trunk into smaller and bigger units, depending on the size you want the mortar to be. Baseball diamond drawing After that, the divided parts are conveyed to the site and covered with wooden chaff that drops during the cutting of the wood. Baseball games for kids This process prevents the wood from quickly getting dried. Landscape definition And the drilling process begins. College football teams by state We use Udu-Begha, that is, a giant chisel to carve the wood and after that, we use another edge blade to smoother it so that it is not rough, using palm oil as lubricant. Eephus pitch grip This sounds very simple but the process takes a whole lot of time. Canadian basketball teams nba If you are fast and hard-working enough, you can make two mortars with the pestles within a day.”

One of the craftsmen who was met in the workshop who simply gave his name as Chief Iorjaar was said to be the leader hence the chairman of the workmen had reportedly travelled out of the community.

According to him, the display of the devices which, he said, include mortars, pestles, wooden chairs, wedges, wooden stool among others. Absolute pitch test He said a mortar cost between N3,000 and N10,000 depending on the size while the pestle is sold at between N1,500 and N3,000 depending on the size of it. Basketball tournament scores He said a chair goes for N3,000 while the wedge is sold for N1000 respectively.

Commenting on how profit is made after the devices are sold, Iorjaar said “one person can make about N10,000 in a day depending how well is the market. Softball team names Many people who travel from the East and Southern part of the country through the Lafia-Makurdi route always stop here and buy our crafts. Softball team names funny We want government to assist us with modern tools to enhance our job.”

Sunday Chia, 29, holds a National Certificate in Education (NCE) and he is married with a kid. Fantasy football yahoo According to him, it was the business that provided him with money to train himself at the college of Education (COE) in Oju.

“As a matter of fact, the benefits of this business are great but there are pains that goes with it. Garden planner app free For instance, it is time consuming and one need extra effort to be dedicated in order to do it. Fastpitch softball team names One major challenge is the energy it consumes. Paving ideas for front of house If you are not strong physically, a day spent in the bush cutting down the tree before conveying the divides to the site, the drilling and chiseling is not a small job for people who are not healthy. What is landscape You have to take pain relieving tablets all the time till you become conversant with the operations. How to lay sandstone pavers This is one area we wish the government should assist us. D fence We need modern equipments,” he lamented.