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ASEAN is concerned with the following: (1) the protection of six of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots; (2) the preservation of an extraordinary rate of species discovery with more than 2,216 new species discovered between 1997 and 2014; (3) the serious threat of Southeast Asia’s biodiversity (some parts of the region are projected to lose up to 98% of remaining forests); (4) Southeast Asia also has more dams planned than any part of the planet (though often looked at as “green power,” dams lead to a loss of biodiversity and undermine rural economies through the loss of livelihoods); (5) decline in fish stocks will have direct implications for incomes and diets across the region; (6) the drainage of Asia’s wetlands presents a further set of dangers, particularly due to their importance to more than 50 million migratory wading birds that depend on them for migration and breeding; (7) around 80% of Southeast Asian wetlands are threatened by conversion to agricultural land or development by drainage. Espn fantasy football cheat sheet 2015 (8) mining, an issue that is often overlooked poses a significant threat to biodiversity, especially to karsts (limestone outcrops and caves), which cover around 800,000 km2 Southeast Asia; (9) illegal wildlife threat (worth approximately $20 billion annually, the fourth-biggest illegal trade in the world, high-valued species sought and traded by criminal cartels and smaller species traded for medicine, food or sport).

President Duterte called on ASEAN member-nations to adhere to the rule of law. Basketball rio 2016 results He added that, “countering terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization will be the key areas of discussion as well as the war on illegal drugs.

Patchworkz In this forum, he must also explain the issue of human rights and extra-judicial killings rampant in the country today.

The Office of the President proposed a budget of P15.4-billion for ASEAN-related activities in 2017. Baseball field images A series of three meetings has already began in our world-famous beach, Boracay: the 23rd Meeting of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) on February 13 to 15, the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) Retreat on February 19 to 21, and the ASEAN Committee on Migrant Workers (ACMW) Meeting on February 21 to 22. Lattice energy Iloilo will host the 22nd SOCA Meeting and 17th ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Council (ASCC) Meeting on March 6 to 9, ASEAN Military Operations Informal Meeting (AMOIM), ASEAN Military Intelligence Informal Meeting (AMIIM) and ASEAN Chiefs of Defense Forces Informal Meeting (ACDFIM) on March 6 to 10 and the 3rd ASEAN-OECD Good Regulatory Practice Network Meeting on March 14 to 15. Facebook stock history While Bacolod will be the venue for the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting, Joint Consultative Meeting on March 14 to 16 and the 15th Senior Officials Responsible for Information on March 21 to 23.

I witnessed so many security forces in Boracay last week preparing for the coming of the delegates. Home design ideas According to SPO1 Nida Gregas, public information officer of the Aklan provincial police office, at least 2,800 police officers, army and marine coast guards and some 200 volunteers have been tapped to secure the venue of the meetings.

Boracay is indeed becoming a favorite venue of international meetings because of its international popularity. Simple landscaping ideas It reminds me of Bali in the nineties but I think even better. Gardening zones The ASEAN summit for this year will help push the local government to be more efficient, security conscious and encourage order from business entities. Facebook desktop login This is the first time I’ve seen many foreigners in the island. Softball positions Yes, they are starting to come. Sales pitch Let’s not turn them off. Frances bean cobain courtney love In 2016, a record-high of 1.7 million tourists visited the island. Dot patio For 2017, the province is aiming for two million tourist arrivals.

Boracay has also attracted investors, foreign and local. Frances bean cobain 2016 It’s fascinating how it has improved (i.e peace and order, decrease of algae in the beach, good selection of restaurants and hotels, wide variety of commercial products and unique). Realtime landscaping architect 2014 crack But surely, it can still become a first rate destination if cleanliness is given top priority. Mls softball downey There are still eyesores in the community that must be converted to tourist attractions: piles of garbage in between establishments (from construction debris, used food packages, dilapidated furniture, etc.), stench coming out from the sewers and pollution coming from the motor vehicles.

Sure there will always be a downside to any natural wonder that has been taken over by human beings – degradation. Outdoor patio bars near me Tourism development is causing land erosion, environmental changes and coastal pollution. Fantasy football 2016 rankings But enough of this for now!

Meantime, welcome ASEAN delegates, welcome to the Philippines! Here’s hoping and praying that all member states with different cultures and beliefs, respect their differences and work for the common good for a dynamic, energetic and spirited ASEAN.

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