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Partially True, for the most part the average person is not actively interested in the discussion, but at the same time the average person is also not buying games with SJW content. Garden city hotel To a point that you can call it a Virtue Signally Tax, but the term Moral Bankruptcy has also been coined for those willing to go bankrupt for political correctness (virtue signaling). Fire sprinkler system design guide This is to a degree where games like Watch Dogs 2 lose between 80%-60% sales compared to the original, Dishonored 2 lost 30%, and Mafia 3 didn’t even break a million sold (They shipped many more that they will have to buy back). Washington baseball team Most low end games merely die in an single instance. Michigan softball Take Seige of Dragonspear which had even the LGBT community calling the developers on their SJWing.

While many aren’t involved actively in the campaign against SJWs in games, they certainly aren’t backing it. Baseball league standings Even when a game meets decent sales the chief complaints from regular people are about how SJW the game is. Masonry veneer Example Dragon Age Inquisition (which failed to turn a profit) chief compaint by normal consumers was aside from being a single player MMO was the game being too SJW. Drip Many will simply just groan and move onto another subject/game when it comes up.

You also can’t call it SJW Propaganda or content in many areas. Baseball field drawing You have to call it Virtue Signaling. Facebook search history android Which people do complain about. Small garden ideas pictures So when you say the average consumer doesn’t care that is only partially true. Facebook marketplace They have no active involvement in the discussion, but at the same time they are also voting with their wallet against it. Retaining wall design It also doesn’t help that many people don’t want to face backlash for criticizing games for SJW content in public but will adamantly against it in private.

Tyranny was so long-winded that it got to the point where, when I triggered a potential companion dialogue event, I would save the game and come back later, after I was mentally prepared to deal with playing armchair therapist to a bunch of freaks trying to tell me their life stories. Football games today college It wasn’t like you could simply exhaust all the dialogue choices and be done; some questions might reveal important information, but selecting the wrong options would change their opinion of you, or even abruptly earn their enmity. Fences play So every conversation was like a critical reading quiz. Realtime landscaping It got tiresome.

For Watch Dogs 2 yes the decidedly hipster SJWism of the game truly killed the game more than any other factor. Pitch dark mgsv Just explaining the plot to people I managed to get two people to not want to buy the game anymore whom were both ecstatic about the game.

Before answer the rest do not use strawman arguments again, it takes up to much space correcting your assertions. Baseball diamond diagram Dishonored 2 is Marxist from start to finish. Lattice method multiplication worksheet The entire game is in love with their female villain, so much so that every character at one point goes on about how great she is. Rawlings custom glove builder The writers couldn’t even be bothered to give her proper comeuppance so she instead gets to enjoy a good life in a painting world (that is lore breaking). Landscaper The game makes very little effort to hide its theme of the proletariat verses the bourgeois upper class. Pitch definition science All put in at the cost of world building, gameplay features, etc and word of mouth did a good job tanking the sales.

Mafia 3 looked bad in almost all regards. Small garden design ideas on a budget It could have just failed from being a bad game, but the virtue signally anti white mentality of the developers didn’t help their sales in the slightest.

That’s a pretty broad overreach with your statement on Dragon Age Inquisition. Landscape photography definition You are wrong though, it did get plenty of flack outside the internet for virtue signaling, but most people just ignored it and talked about something worth discussing. Team usa baseball tryouts Just because people don’t go around with a psychosis about virtue signally in games doesn’t mean they don’t dislike it or have ever talked about it. Baseball players names The silent majorities disdain for political correctness is becoming louder and louder. Front garden design I’m actually surprised when I hear news claiming people on the street said “reddit upvotes don’t translate into dollars” when talking about failing businesses. Fantasy basketball mock draft 2016 Just because they do not express it the same as we do in this forum doesn’t mean the masses aren’t equally sick of SJWism.

The people you know blindly follow a brand rather than look at a games objective quality to see if it is something they’d be interested in playing? The only people who like modern bioware are progressives. Ncaa basketball final four 2016 I don’t want to be throwing an accusation around, but that logic fallacy argument of well my friend like it is kind of begs the question of the values you friends expouse.