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Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series. Espn fantasy football api Part two, which will run in Friday’s edition, will focus on the importance of developing pitchers and effects on scheduling.

At its winter meeting in early December, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association added a rule instituting a pitch count and required rest periods for pitchers starting with the 2017 season.

There is an exception for the state championship series, which are best-of-three series usually played on a Friday and Saturday. Fancesa A maximum of 120 pitches is allowed for the entire series.

Teams in the Mountain Valley Conference, of which all four Wilkes high schools are members, usually play games on Tuesdays and Fridays—particularly after conference play starts—and many will play three games in a week at least once during a typical season.

Compared to football and basketball, the baseball season is compressed, with a typical schedule of 20-23 games between the beginning of March and the end of April.

To give an example of the new rule in action, a pitcher who threw more than 60 pitches in a Tuesday game would not be able to pitch in a game the following Friday.

The new rule supersedes one that was based on innings. Pool and patio Under the previous rule, a pitcher could throw a maximum of 12 innings in a 72-hour period. Fantasy football rankings ppr High school baseball games are seven innings.

“In the long run, it’s going to be a good rule,” said Terry Johnson, Wilkes Central’s baseball coach, “simply because of the situations we’re putting kids in nowadays with playing all summer, taking that November to December off or whatever coaches do and then trying to come back.”

Some high school players, especially those who have aspirations of playing in college or beyond, will play American Legion baseball or on showcase or “travel ball” baseball teams after the high school season ends.

“As a high school coach, I understand that we’ve got to get as much out of the guys who we have on the mound when we have them on the mound,” Johnson said, “but we’ve also got to understand that they’re throwing all summer… and sometimes into the fall, and sometimes some of them don’t take breaks.

“We’ve got this idea that the state is trying to hurt us intentionally, but I don’t really think they are. Justbats reviews I think they’re trying to overcome the problems that they’re having with kids trying to go to the next level and the amount of kids who are having to go through arm surgery and things of that nature as high school players.”

Drew Ward, West Wilkes’ baseball coach said, “It’s the national federation’s way of managing things a little bit better, of taking pressure off them with all the arm injuries and things we’ve had going on. Landscaping ideas front yard I guess for them it’s a great thing, but I’ve always been a believer that each pitcher is different.

“We’ll have guys throw 60 pitches in the bullpen before their start, and then they can throw forever,” Ward added. Minor league baseball teams near me “And there are some guys… 45 pitches and they’re done. Facebook app for windows 10 It really depends on the person. Masonry ios So that takes away from our knowledge and our ability to judge our players.”

West Wilkes and Wilkes Central use a rotation with a starter for Tuesday games and a starter for Friday games, “and we do as well,” said Dwayne Berrier, North Wilkes’ baseball coach. Online football manager games with real players “To me, it takes away from our freedom as coaches to judge certain players, to say this one can throw more than that one can.

“When you get a kid who’s able to throw more often—I wouldn’t necessarily say more pitches because 105-115 is the top we always used anyway—but if he’s able to come back on Friday (after pitching Tuesday) and throw a 30-40 pitch outing to close a game, to me that’s no different than going over in the bullpen and throwing the same amount to get his bullpen work in that week,” Berrier said.

East Wilkes also uses a rotation for its pitchers. Edible landscaping “Anytime there’s a rule or a mandate with player safety— the safety of the youth—at heart, then I’m definitely for it,” said Bradley Hayes, East Wilkes’ baseball coach. Free baseball games “If it’s something that studies have shown will improve kids’ arm endurance, I’m definitely for it.

“As far as whether I like (the rule) or dislike it, I really have no preference either way. El patio simi valley Honestly, if you’re a responsible coach and you’re taking care of your kids’ arms anyway, you’re following some sort of pitch count already. Little league baseball near me It may not be these exact numbers and these exact days of rest, but something similar to what was already passed down.

“That’s the biggest thing to me,” Berrier said of the rest requirement. Easton baseball “The set number of total pitches you can throw, I don’t have a problem with that at all. Baseball players with long hair I do wish it was five or 10 more pitches than what it is. Usa softball team But to me, where we get in a bind—as a smaller school that doesn’t have four or five pitchers on hand each game—is when you throw the number of pitches that gets you to sit out three or four days in between, that handcuffs us more.”

Ward added, “The days in between is definitely a big deal because you’re going to have to start strategizing how you use guys. Fantasy football top 300 printable You’re probably going to have to decide truly who your No. Garden city idaho 1 (pitcher) is and place him on a certain day so you can get the most out of him in a year.

During Johnson’s tenure as coach, Wilkes Central has used the guideline that a pitcher rests one hour for each pitch thrown in a game. Softball quotes for pitchers For example, if a pitcher throws 72 pitches, he rests 72 hours (three days).

“I’m not extremely upset with the pitch count. Single pitch roof house plans I think the days may be a little bit drastic,” Johnson said. Pitch dark movie “I wouldn’t put a kid on the mound if I didn’t think he was capable of going back out and starting again after three days’ rest. Landscape pics With four days, I think that’s maybe a little bit too much. Fantasy baseball podcast I think if they were going to do four days, they should have raised (the pitch count) a little bit more.”

Hayes believes the hard pitch count is the bigger factor. Fantasy baseball rankings espn “The number—the 105 max—I think is going to be the harder pill to swallow than the days rest,” he said. Front porch designs for small houses “We have pitchers in our league who are capable of throwing well over 105 and not risk injury.

“At some point, all of us were using something similar to that anyway as far as days rest. Pump start relay wiring diagram If you’ve got a guy who just threw 125, 130-plus, I don’t think any of the coaches in this league were irresponsible enough to put him back on two or three days’ rest, unless it was just for an appearance of one batter or one out in the bottom of the seventh (inning) or something.”

Berrier said, “Long term, over four or five years, (the new rule) will be a help. Softball tournaments in pa Right now, I think it’s going to be a hindrance, because you’re going to make a lot of bad decisions and mistakes on how long to leave somebody in or how soon to take them out and trust somebody else to come in until you develop that extra four, five, six guys who you’re going to have to use.”