Pitt’s jamel artis uses his incarcerated twin brother’s life as motivation _ pittsburgh post-gazette

-Whenever Kevin Artis looks at his twin sons, Jamel and Jamaal, he sees two distinctly different individuals, linked only by their last name and the love they share for each other.

Born just a couple of minutes apart, Jamel is likable and easy-going — projecting both a radiant smile and an enviable sense of calm — while there’s more of an edge to his brother.

In their father’s eyes, those traits only make up so much of their identity. El patio menu It’s their respective choices and what those decisions led to that have defined them, that have turned one brother into a success story and the other a cautionary tale.

The older of the two, Jamel is capping a prolific career at Pitt with a stellar senior season, leading the ACC in scoring while occasionally thrusting himself into the national spotlight with feats like his 43-point outing Jan. Facebook search history activity log 2013 11 at Louisville. Jain irrigation share price today On that same night, a few hours before their 24th birthday, Jamaal sat in a cell at the Maryland Correctional Institute in Hagerstown, Md., serving another day of a 12-year sentence.

They lead indirect lives, separated as much by physical distance and rows of barbed-wire fences as their present circumstances. Garden centre london What Jamaal lacks as a physical, every-day presence in Jamel’s life, he makes up for by existing as a symbol. Types of pitches in baseball Every time Jamel takes the court, his brother is on his mind, not only as a source of motivation, but as a constant and harrowing reminder of what could have been, of how Jamaal’s life could have very easily been his own.

“That could have definitely been me, but I had some smarts, I had a dream,” Jamel said. Basketball games y8 “I wanted to go to college and play ball. Landscaping ideas for hills Once I saw college teams on TV, I knew that could be me. Baseball scores from yesterday I had a dream. Softball tournaments I don’t know if he still had a dream. Football season That’s what I think he really wanted. Best fantasy football websites If he had a dream to go to college, I think he would have chose the right path. El pato harlingen It’s kind of hard when you don’t have a dream. Pitch angle calculator You’re just hanging around, hoping for something to happen. Spring training florida 2016 That could have easily been me. Pitched roof extension ideas I chose the right path.”

The two were raised by their father and paternal grandmother, the former their toughest critic. Landscape design plans The night Jamel scored a career-high 43, Kevin called him to tell him he should have had 50. Yaw pitch roll Though they grew up in East Baltimore, an area that may conjure up images of “The Wire,” the environment in which Jamel and Jamaal came of age wasn’t desperate or grave, especially once they moved to the Cedonia neighborhood in northeast Baltimore when the pair was young.

Their childhood was built partially around sports. Garden planner At 6-foot-7, about eight inches taller than Jamaal and his father, Jamel gravitated to basketball. Batting average Shorter and sturdier, Jamaal was a standout running back recruited by every major catholic and public high school in Baltimore. Yankee stadium tour Kevin still believes had the younger of his twins stayed out of trouble, he could have made the NFL.

They knew many of the same people and shared some of the same friends, but once something nefarious arose, Jamel, who admits he wasn’t a great kid, stepped away. Small backyard landscaping ideas Like his brother, he had been told he had a promising future away from Baltimore, a dream that began to take hold after he started watching college basketball games on TV. Minnesota landscape arboretum For Jamaal, that same impulse didn’t exist and eventually, he joined a gang.

A social worker by trade, who spent 12 years working in a juvenile facility, Kevin had witnessed the consequences of such actions and decisions. Fastest softball pitch ever Raised in East Baltimore, in a different era and a rougher area, he grew up around it, too.

As a single father, though, there was only so much he could do. Football teams in london His ex-wife, Pamela, battled substance abuse problems and was estranged from the family since Jamel and Jamaal were toddlers. Home garden design pictures She died two years ago (Jamel has a tattoo on his neck honoring her).

“I couldn’t follow him 24 hours a day,” Kevin said of Jamaal. Stardock fences windows 10 “The times I couldn’t follow him, he found time to be involved in his gang activities. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked It came down to a choice with Jamaal. Landscape photography lens We put interventions in place and tried everything. Ancestry sign in People ask me all the time how one could go one way and the other one go the other way. Beautiful landscapes tumblr Jamaal made a choice. Fantasy baseball rankings Once he made that choice, even with the interventions and stuff that were put in place, it was just a matter of time before he would get into trouble.”

That trouble arrived in September 2009, when Jamaal was arrested and faced 16 charges, including armed carjacking and armed robbery. Portfolio outdoor lighting transformer troubleshooting He pleaded guilty to carjacking, and after being released about five years into his sentence, he was arrested for armed robbery and violating terms of his probation.

Around the same time Jamaal’s life started to spiral, Jamel’s career began to blossom. Rock garden images After playing his freshman and sophomore seasons at Dunbar High School in Baltimore, his physical frame and overall game had developed to the point where Kevin believed staying in his hometown could harm his son’s future. Garden state parkway He spent the following three years at St. Watch mlb online free streaming live Benedict’s Prep in Newark, N.J., Vermont Academy in Saxton River, Vt., and Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Mass., and eventually signed with Pitt, accomplishing his goal of playing at the highest level of college basketball.

“The time occurs when it catches up with you and you get locked up,” Jamel said. Hardscaping “Time just caught up with him. Major league baseball scores from last night He’s not supposed to be in there [in prison] that long, but things happen. Landscape wallpaper I don’t know how to say it. Irrigation definition geography It’s kind of sad.”

When Jamel made the move to prep school, he had to pen an essay as part of the admission process. Vegetable garden layout ideas He wrote about his incarcerated brother and of what Jamel going to prep school and chasing his dream could signify. Francesca battistelli free to be me It could, potentially, show Jamaal there was another way.

Though Jamaal didn’t have his brother’s size or skill, basketball was always a connector between the twins. Spring training arizona As he grew older, the game was a vehicle for Jamel’s personal ambition, but it was also a tool for him to try to improve the lives of those around him, including his brother.

Jamel and Jamaal only speak as often as Jamaal is permitted, meaning they usually talk over the phone once every two or three weeks. Baseball diamond clipart If Jamel is unable to pick up, usually because he’s in practice or class, they have to wait another two or three weeks to converse. Nsa softball They frequently talk about life in prison and how family and friends back home are doing, but the conversations, at some point, shift to basketball. Garden city kansas Jamaal has a TV and occasionally gets to see games that aren’t on cable, giving him the chance to analyze his brother’s game and pass along any helpful tips.

“They’re twin brothers; you can’t separate them,” said Pitt forward Michael Young, a good friend of Jamel’s who also attended St. Frances bean cobain instagram Benedict’s Prep. Softball tournaments in nj “Their bond is something you can’t describe in words. Softball field diagram Just like any brothers, they have their differences, but with Jamaal being in the situation he’s in right now, Jamel is doing everything he can to make him proud and bring him light to his situation and keep him motivated.”

“I told him he’s not responsible for taking care of Jamaal,” Kevin said. Football scores for tonight “Jamaal has to take care of himself. Garden design online He’s a man, he has a kid and he has to take care of those things himself. Garden of words trailer But I think he wants to be in a position to help him and to show him ‘Look, if you do this and do this, then I’ll help you and things will be better.’ I think that’s his goal.”

Jamel tries to help in ways he can, sometimes sending his brother money, but Jamaal has also tried to change his life as much as his present circumstance will allow. Fencing He’s in the process of earning his GED, which would put him a small step closer to his brother and two sisters who each have college degrees, as well as Jamel, whose college career is nearing its close. High pitch eric blue bloods He also has a two-year-old son, one he hopes to reconnect with when he gets out of prison.

A versatile, high-volume scorer with an excellent outside shot, Jamel will almost certainly play professionally somewhere once his time at Pitt ends, giving him the wherewithal to help those closest to him.

He has gotten to his current position by playing for himself, quenching his personal drive while trying to lead his team to greatness. French flag history In that same time, though, he has played for a brother and friend who has the same background but never got the same chance.

“Every game helps,” Jamel said. Propeller pitch “Every day I think of him, every practice, every game. Garden centre dubai If I go out there every game and play like I play every night, I know success will come. Baseball league leaders I’m a step closer to success. Fencing chicago It’s motivation. Best baseball stadiums Every time I go out on the floor, I think of him. Basketball teams nba I want to be the best I can be for me and him.”