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The opulent Caribbean villa where Prince Margaret threw wild cocktail parties and sought refuge from the stifling confines of the monarchy is now yours to rent for up to $34,000 (£27,500) a week.

The stunning ten-acre manor of Les Jolies Eaux, or Beautiful Waters, is hidden among densely packed trees on the ambrosial island of Mustique, part of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It became the glamorous princess’s getaway from the world’s scrutiny as her marriage to the late Lord Snowdon imploded – the only place where she could ‘truly relax’.

And it was here, among Mustique’s white sand beaches and impossibly clear waters, that Queen Elizabeth’s sister had her own steamy affair with a landscape gardener 17 years her junior.

A stay in her stunning former home – itself a piece of royal history – may not be cheap, but it comes with five en-suite bedrooms, two swimming pools, one 40ft and another 16ft, panoramic views of the Atlantic and five servants including a chef, butler, maid, housekeeper and gardener.

Prices for the villa, which sleeps ten, start at $20,500 (£16,600) a week in low season to $34,000 in the summer, which includes two ‘Mules’ – the golf buggy style vehicles that provide the island’s transport.

Food is extra, starting at $75 (£60) per person per day, and is prepared by Judi Duncan, a classically trained private chef who has worked at the home for decades, creating sumptuous meals with the finest ingredients flown onto the island or caught fresh from the surrounding waters.

The in-villa chef can rustle up anything from salad and sushi to a ‘torchlit barbecue and cocktails… Georgia tech softball served under the stars on of the many impossibly beautiful beaches’, the property’s listing boasts.

As well as providing a refuge for Princess Margaret, Mustique’s seven pristine beaches and obsession with privacy has made the island, just three miles long and one mile wide, a haven for the Middletons, who visit once a year, as well as celebrities including Mick Jagger, Shania Twain, Tommy Hilfiger and David Bowie – who once owned an Indonesian-inspired villa on the island.

Despite its royal history and the multi-millionaires who visit, the island remains quaintly primitive. Fences august wilson Inhabitants travel around in small golf carts known locally as ‘Mules’ and must stop if one of the island’s native red-footed tortoises is crossing in front of them.

The Mustique Company, run by the island’s hundred or so homeowners, fiercely protects the atmosphere and has forbidden the building of more than 120 luxury homes. Pitching drills It will not allow the island’s single runway to be modified to allow private jets to land, it is said, nor is there a deep dock for a megayacht.

The musician Bryan Adams, who owns a stone villa on the island, told W Magazine: ‘In St Barths they’ve turned their island into St Tropez, here it’s the opposite. Youth baseball We have a little boutique, a little restaurant. How to make curtains in minecraft That’s the whole idea.’

Idyllic: Mustique became a tropical refuge for highest society and celebrities including David Bowie – who once owned an Indonesian inspired villa on the island – and Mick Jagger, who first visited the island on Margaret’s request. Francesca battistelli Pictured: Margaret on her property in 1985

The family are said to have spent £28,000 for two weeks at the four-bedroom Villa Rocina and a further £15,000 on food, drinks and entertainment for for the party.

So attached are the Middletons to the island and its people, they invited a string of staff to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, including Basil Charles, the flamboyant owner of Mustique’s legendary Basil’s Bar, as well as the island’s tennis coach and yoga teacher.

Designed by famed British artist Oliver Messel and said to be guarded by MI5 agents who kept a close eye on the princess from a boat patrolling the coast, Les Jolies Eaux was her sanctuary from a life in the limelight and the constant demands of the monarchy.

Her ‘piece of land’ was a wedding gift after her 1960 union with Antony Armstrong Jones from the island’s former owner Colin Tennant – later Lord Glenconner – who not only brought her into his world of debauched aristocratic parties, but later introduced her to her rumoured lover Roddy Llewellyn.

Home from home: Margaret decorated her beloved Les Jolies Eaux with furniture she was given at Ideal Home Exhibitions and continued to visit it long after her marriage with Snowdon broke down

Tennant had bought Mustique for £45,000 the previous year, and became known as the ‘King of Mustique’. Fantasy football 2016 draft strategy Later known as Lord Glenconner, his parties were legendary. How to make curtains without sewing Invitees included Mick and Bianca Jagger – who first visited the island on Margaret’s request – and alleged gangster John ‘The Guvnor’ Bindon.

At one extravagant, ‘gold themed’ soiree, he persuaded local boys to oil their bodies and wear nothing but tinsel cloaks and codpieces made from gold-painted coconut shells.

Princess Margaret commissioned theatrical designer, Oliver Messel, to build Les Jolies Eaux, the only home she ever owned, which she furnished herself with, according to Lord Glenconner, ‘a lot of formica’.

Margaret continued to visit her home in Mustique, which she decorated with furniture she was given at Ideal Home Exhibitions, long after the breakdown of her marriage to serial adulterer Lord Snowdon, who passed away this week.

In 1981, Margaret was visiting Mustique when Llewellyn told her he had fallen in love with a woman of his own age, Tatiana Soskin, whom he married soon afterwards.

Margaret suffered a mild stroke on the island in 1998, the same year she gave Les Jolies Eaux to her son Lord Linley. Watch mlb playoffs online free Shortly afterwards, to her apparent regret, it was sold.