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SEELEY LAKE – Emergency personnel from Seeley Lake, Potomac, Condon and Missoula responded to a propane leak from a broken valve on a propane tank Saturday, Feb. Mutual materials tacoma 4 just after 10 a.m. The outdoor furniture specialists Volunteer firefighters secured the scene on the corner of Locust Lane and Tamarack Drive in Seeley Lake while Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue (SSSAR) and law enforcement officers evacuated the immediate area. Dripping springs tx restaurants No one was injured and Energy Partners removed the propane tank after all of the product was emptied.

Seeley Lake Fire Chief and Incident Commander Bob Vanden Heuvel said snow had come off the roof and buried the propane tank. Babe ruth baseball reference The owner of the property was using a skid steer to clear the snow around the tank.

Energy Partner’s Seeley Lake Branch Manger Michael Henry said the valve was the liquid withdrawal valve. Frances bean cobain net worth The valve has a pipe that goes all the way to the bottom of the tank that allows the tank to be emptied.

Henry said that while snow coming off a roof can damage piping that attaches to the tank, the problem in this case was the method used to remove the snow from around the tank. Dancestors Snow should be removed from a tank by hand with a shovel, never with equipment. Peacock pavers Because the tank had just been filled when it was bumped, the tank did not move but the valve cracked.

Vanden Heuvel said while the valve was not hit hard, it was enough to strip the threads and crack the valve. Irrigation methods ppt The propane then started spraying out of the hole that was around a tenth of an inch.

Because the valve was not sheared off entirely, the hole could not be plugged. Basketball games today Responders were forced to wait until all the propane vented out of the tank. Summer basketball leagues near me Vanden Heuvel said the 500-gallon tank was close to its maximum fill.

Vanden Heuvel ordered the Missoula County Hazmat Team because the fire department does not specialize in hazmat. Facebook They respond as first responders and have three main goals, identify the product, isolate the incident and protect the public.

The leaking propane vaporized created a propane cloud. Gardening 101 Vanden Heuvel said that propane needs the proper mix of gas and oxygen as well as an ignition source to ignite.

Volunteer firefighters from Seeley Lake, Potomac and Condon surrounded the cloud and the tank from a relatively safe distance and sprayed it with two to four fire hoses at a time in an attempt to disperse the cloud and keep it contained.

The damaged valve (left) next to a new valve. Fantasy football mock draft yahoo It was estimated that more than 400 gallons of liquid propane escaped through an opening around a tenth of an inch. Timber merchants manchester One gallon of liquid propane expands to 270 gallons when vaporized. Lattice energy problems The propane cloud generated by the escaping propane could be smelled on Highway 83. What is pitch perfect 3 about However Seeley Lake Fire Chief Bob Vanden Heuvel said the only dangerous levels were within a 30 foot radius of the tank once they had water on it. Watch nba finals online free abc Energy Partners Branch Manager Michael Henry broke the valve completely and plugged the hole with a wooden peg before he was able to move the tank.

The evacuation effort by law enforcement and SSSAR was well underway by 10:30 a.m. Asa softball rule book 2015 They evacuated homes four-five blocks east of the incident and on Tamarack Drive. Drip edge colors They also blocked the roads accessing the area. Dripping springs vodka Highway 83 was never officially closed.

“[When the cloud is dispersing] it is basically the oil mercaptan that you smell. Valley irrigation systems Once the water was on the cloud, there were really no explosive levels past 30 feet in all directions,” said Vanden Heuvel. Landscape magazine mockup “We still didn’t want to take any chances.”

After the tank was determined to be empty, crews went house to house in the area testing the propane levels in homes with propane gas monitors to ensure there were no dangerous levels of propane.

“It was really good teamwork with a unified command with the Sherriff’s Office in with us,” said Vanden Heuvel. Synthetic fiber “A lot of volunteers showed up and pitched in. Fantasy football 2016 names It was the community coming together to keep the community safe. Pitch roll yaw The Missoula Hazmat Team [who arrived after the incident was resolved] were impressed that we were able to handle the situation without having anyone injured or having it ignite. Softball world cup 2016 I’m very proud of our fire department and the way the system worked.”