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Sharing of river water has always resulted in bitter controversy triggering animosity between communities. Elevator pitch Though river tribunals are yet to find solutions to the burgeoning problem, farmers from drought-stricken Jamakhandi taluk of Bagalkot district have come up with a novel water literacy campaign that has caught the attention of the country. Baseball drills at home Left to fend with just 2 TMC of water till June, the farmers living along the Krishna have decided to switch off their irrigation pumpsets and potable water supply pumps every Sunday.

Football scores Their collective decision not only ensures availability of water till June but also saves the state government more than Rs 5 crore to Rs 6 crore that should have been paid to Maharashtra for release of 2 TMC water during summer.

The 3-4 months of summer may be hard for the farmers of Jamakhandi in Bagalkot and Athani taluk of Belagavi district. Facebook login Standing crop on more than 70,000 acres in both taluks is at stake as the Krishna would have dried up by January. Vtd softball With no source of water either for irrigation or drinking, the taluks are at the mercy of Maharashtra as Karnataka will request the neighbouring state to release water against payment of hard cash. Espn fantasy football app not working In the last one decade alone, Karnataka has paid more than Rs 25 crore to Maharashtra for release of water.

Ushering in change, the farmers built a barrage using their own money across the Krishna and filled the barrage by pumping river water from the backwaters of Alamatti Reservoir. Pixel pitch calculator The stored 2-3 TMC of water would have served the requirements of thousands of farmers from two taluks all through the summer. Francesca eastwood instagram However, reeling under consecutive drought this summer, the state government has put a cap on the water that can be drawn from the reservoir, leaving the farmers worried. Ancestry coupon Last year too, owing to political rivalry, farmers failed to fill the barrage and incurred losses to the tune of several crores.

Though farmers, overcoming political differences, had geared up this year to fill the barrage, the government order on quantity of water left them disturbed. Softball rules 2016 Concerned about the pressing situation, the farmers have now decided not to switch on their pumpsets on Sundays all through this summer. Fantasy football team names antonio brown Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, Siddu Nyamagouda, Congress MLA from Jamakhandi and former Union minister, said, “The state government had issued notices twice directing us (farmers) to use water judiciously as the entire state is reeling under consecutive drought. Florida softball roster They, in fact, suggested that we use water only for potable purposes rather than for agriculture. Garden of the gods resort The reservoir backwater too was fast receding and we would have got only about 1.5 TMC of water against 4 TMC of water every year.”

The farmers’ union ‘Krishna Theerada Raitha Sangha’ led by Nyamagouda last week met at Alagur village and resolved to switch off their pumpsets on Sundays. Usssa softball tournament schedule “As per our estimate, there are about 9,000 IP sets being operated along the river for pumping water to crops. Plants and flowers If we switch off those IP sets along with other major pumps (jackwell) that supply potable water, we could save water that will last for another 15 to 25-days. Football field length Usually on Sundays, too much water is drawn from the river.

Hence we decided to switch off the motors on the day when water is drawn in greater quantity. Mls softball chino We have even communicated our decision to the engineers of Hubballi Electricity Supply Company (Hescom) so that nobody can draw water,” Nyamagouda said.

Previously, even if Maharashtra released 2 TMC of water, the farmers would have got only 0.5 TMC by the time it reached Jamakhandi. Sprinkler world “Contrary to such a scenario, we already have 2 TMC of reserved stock of water and that needs to be used judiciously. Fantasy football By not drawing water on Sundays from the river for the next three months, we will be saving close to 0.5 TMC to 1 TMC of water which can further be used for potable purpose if monsoons are delayed,” opined a farmer from Alagoor village.

As a result, the barrage which used to store about 4 TMC of water every year, currently has 3 to 3.5 TMC of water. Rock garden fort collins According to the farmers’ association, the barrage is the only water source for one lakh livestock, and irrigation of more than 70,000 acres of agricultural fields that grow sugarcane, horticultural crops and millets.

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