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It is official! Tim Raines, who was in his final year of eligibility, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jeff Bagwell have all made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Facebook logo With the PED speculation being the biggest elephant in the room, as usual, there were mixed reactions to those results, especially with Bagwell and Rodriguez. Yard design While none of these players are entering the Hall as a member of the Miami Marlins, there was still some influence from a team that did not even exist when all three players entered the MLB.

There were plenty of eligible players that played a little bit with the Marlins, and I will now take the time to grade the percentage of voters that each player received. Landscape garden design ideas To say the least, some are better than others. Fastest pitch Tim Raines (86.0%): B

It is safe to say Raines was not known for his time with the Marlins. Stone fence minecraft He spent his final year with Florida in 2002, and he only had 98 at-bats with a paltry .191 batting average. Garden design planner That is actually not bad for someone who was 43 at the time (Not everyone can be Julio Franco, unfortunately), but he could have won his third World Series if he stayed in Florida for one more year.

Yet this is a great day for Montreal Expos’ fans, which watched their team stink when they existed and now get to watch their former team succeed in Washington, D.C. House design pictures exterior Raines will be the third and possibly the final Hall of Famer to enter as an Expo (Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson do not count, but Vladimir Guerrero could be an Expo if he gets in). Garden spider size Tim Raines spent his final season with the Miami (Florida) Marlins, but he will be the third player to entire the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Montreal Expo. Rawlings outlet Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Despite leading the league in steals four years in a row and currently being fifth all-time in stolen bases (808), I’m giving the voters a B on Raines because they were wildly inconsistent with their voting over the past decade. Fences download I have no idea why voters suddenly had the urge to get him in after over 75% of them said no in 2008. What is pitch perfect 2 rated Perhaps they were sympathetic as his eligibility was expiring, which is evident in the 40% jump from 2014-2017.

It is also possible that the eligible players that are connected to PEDs gave Raines some momentum. Facebook app Voters who refuse to vote for Barry Bonds, for example, will gladly vote for Raines, but that does not explain the jump to 69% in 2016 and 86% this year.

The voters definitely got confused with Raines over the years, but I am giving a solid B for Raines because he deserves the recognition. Jain irrigation ltd It just took a while for it to happen. Georgia tech softball camp Ivan Rodriguez (76%): D

This harsh grade is not because Pudge did not deserve to get in, because he certainly did his part. Small garden ideas images The sad part of the Pudge saga is that nearly 24% of voters believed he cheated just because Jose Canseco wrote in his famous book that Rodriguez said, “only God knows,” about his suspected PED use. Football schedule Ivan Rodriguez was one of the best catchers of recent memory, and he was a huge part in helping the Miami (Florida) Marlins win the World Series in 2003. Baseball usa Photo by: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Granted, Canseco was not wrong in all of his accusations. Roll pitch yaw Alex Rodriguez, for one, was actually punished. Ewing irrigation Canseco, however, put together a wild rat-out session with his book, and the voters knew his issues with drug use had a lot to do with writing it. Definition of pitch in music Yet apparently he is a legitimate source for deciding who gets in the Hall of Fame?

Pudge, who was key in helping the Marlins win the World Series in 2003, should have had at least 90%. Basketball positions for dummies He threw out 661 runners in his career and had a caught stealing percentage of 45.68%, one of the best in the modern era. Lattice energy of mgo He also was a solid hitter, with a career batting average of .296 with 311 home runs. Facebook logo png In 1999, the 1991 rookie of the year and 14-time all star hit .335 with 35 home runs to win AL MVP.

The fact that he barely got in on the first try is an insult to his illustrious career. Dripping springs isd For those who thought the PED accusations were true, where is your proof? Barry Bonds (53.8%) C-

Confused? Bonds never played for the Marlins, but he was the hitting coach for Miami this past season. Driveway gravel cost per ton So I decided to include him even though 2016 had no effect on the results.

Bonds was the most infamous PED user in the MLB. Pitch music definition Not only did he go from a stick to the Michelin Man, but he also has the record for most home runs in a season (73 in 2001) and in a career (762). Masonry definition He also happens to be the all-time leader in walks and intentional walks, and that has a direct correlation with his sheer power.

He got 53.8% of the voters’ ballots, a 9.5% increase from last year and a 19.1% increase from 2014. Fantasy baseball waiver wire If he takes the same route as Raines, then he will jump to the high sixties in 2018 and get into the Hall in 2019. Front yard design That would be every baseball fan’s worst nightmare, not because nobody wants him to make it, but because the debate about whether PED users should be allowed in the Hall of Fame would reach a whole new level of craziness. Uga softball camp If Bonds gets in, why can’t Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa? If Bonds gets in, then the resume for worthiness will forever be questioned.

He was one of the two longest tenured Marlins out of all the eligible players on the ballot. Garden of words He spent six seasons in Florida, and he could possibly he the first player to enter the Hall of Fame as a Marlin. What is pitch in english Gary Sheffield was one of the first great hitters for the Miami (Florida) Marlins, and he was part of the 1997 World Series championship team. How to install chain link fence gate Photo by: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

He had 509 home runs in his career, 122 of them with Florida, and 1676 RBIs, with 380 of them in Florida. Landscaper definition He was very close to winning MVP on three occasions, finishing second in 2004 as a member of the New York Yankees. Trellis definition He also was third in 2003 as a member of the Atlanta Braves and third in 1992 with the San Diego Padres. Garden of eden maui In 1996, he hit .314 with 42 home runs for Florida and finished sixth in the NL MVP voting.

Like Bonds, Sheffield has been linked to steroid use. Landscape design online If Bonds gets into the Hall of Fame, then Sheffield may gain some leverage in his quest to reach the Hall. Mono pitched roof construction details As of now, however, he is considered a steroid user with less flashy stats. Front yard landscaping images I’m a little surprised how low his results were, but he still has seven years to find a spike. Pitching a tent Do not count the “Chef” out just yet. Francesca battistelli beautiful beautiful lyrics Edgar Renteria (0.5%): A

Ah yes! The journeyman himself! Obviously jumping around from team to team is not a great way to reach the Hall. Football field size Statistically, he was not spectacular. Landscape photography He hit .286 for his career and just 140 home runs. Ncaa basketball tournament live stream He gets recognition, however, because he was historically clutch. Landscape architecture magazine His walk-off hit in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series gave the Marlins their first World Series championship. Outdoor research In 2010, he hit game-winning home runs in Game 2 and 5 of the World Series to give the Giants their first World Series championship in San Francisco. Online football games multiplayer He also won World Series MVP. Fantasy baseball rankings 2016 Edgar Renteria helped the Miami (Florida) Marlins win their first World Series Championship, but he also sparked the San Francisco Giants dynasty with his performance in the 2010 World Series. D fence commercial Photo by: Jeff Chiu-Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

I had the luxury of seeing him play several times during his career. Football season quotes I first saw him play in 2002 with the St. Landscape architect salary Louis Cardinals at the old Busch Stadium. Baseball pitch slider In August 2009, I saw play in Coors Field as a member of the Giants. Pitch definition physics He had two hits in a game that had huge wild card implications, and he would hit a go-ahead grand slam against the same Rockies a week later at AT&T Park. Fabric outlet near me I got to see him one last time in his final season. Baseball fantasy He hit a solo blast in August 10, 2011, as a member of the Reds, and he once again did it in a victory over the Rockies. Small garden design ideas photos If I judged his career based on games that I went to, then I would deem him the “Kolorado Killer.”

He was certainly one of my favorite players to watch in person, but I am not surprised that he lost his eligibility after one season. Football games on tv today He had some great moments, but he was not good enough to be immortalized. High pitch eric twitter Arthur Rhodes (0.0%): A

Rhodes was one of the most respected relievers in the MLB. Footballgamesonly He was no Mariano Rivera, but he was good enough, and durable enough, to last 20 years. Dripping springs tx He actually was a starter in the early 90s while with Baltimore, but his last start was in 1996. Wading After spending the 20 th century with the Orioles, he ventured to Seattle, Cleveland, Oakland, Philadelphia, Florida, Cincinnati, Texas, and St. Little league pitching rules Louis.

He was traded to Florida at the trade deadline in 2008. Pitch roll yaw definition Seattle got minor leaguer Gaby Hernandez, who never reached the majors, while the Marlins got a stellar reliever.

In his two-month stint with Florida, Rhodes went 2-0 with an outstanding 0.68 ERA in 25 appearances. What is irrigation water The Marlins were unable to reach the postseason, but they got the better end of one of the most lopsided, low-profile trades of 2008.

Miami fans can feel good about Rhodes’ short tenure with the team, but it is no surprise that he could not get any traction from the Hall of Fame voters with his 4.08 career ERA. Wooden gate designs pictures Derrek Lee (0.0%) F

Huh? This one does not make sense to me. Lattice method for multiplication Lee was not the most spectacular hitter in the world, but he was fun to watch. Softball names I certainly thought he would get some votes, even if it were only three percent.

Lee spent six seasons with Florida, and he struggled coming out of the gate. Wild pitch records He started to figure things out, however, becoming a consistent 20+ home run hitter from 2001 onward.

His true glory came with the Chicago Cubs. Slow pitch softball batting cages In 2005, he led the NL in hits (199), and he lead the MLB in batting average (.335), slugging percentage (.662), OPS (1.080), OPS+ (174), and total bases (393). Hardscape He was named an all-star for the first time, and he would also win the batting title, a gold glove, a silver slugger, and finish third in NL MVP voting. Definition of pitch He also hit 46 home runs for the season.

He could not match those totals again, but it is not like he fell off the map, either. Elevator pitch definition He would be the most dangerous hitter for the Cubs in 2007 and 2008, which were historically two of Chicago’s best seasons before 2016.

Pedro Martinez got into the Hall primarily for one of the best seasons a pitcher could have in 1999. Fastest pitch in baseball Lee was not quite Albert Pujols from 2009, but he was good enough in 2005 to gain recognition. Fantasy sports websites Yet he got none from the voters. Garden state parkway rest stops No love from me! Mike Cameron (0.0%): A

He is most known for his contributions during the 116-win season of the Seattle Mariners. New york yankees spring training 2016 He hit 25 home runs and drove in 110 RBIs in that magical 2001 season. Garden design free software He got a rousing ovation on Opening Night at Safeco Field in 2012, when he threw out the first pitch.

Unfortunately, he also struck out a lot. Baseball games today scores He struck out more than 100 times in 12 different seasons, including an AL-high 176 times in 2002. Gravel driveway cost per square metre Ultimately, Ichiro Suzuki was (will be, at least) the true Hall of Famer for the Mariners.