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One look at the exponential increase in Amazon Web Services revenue, which has grown by an order of magnitude over the past five years, makes clear that we are on the cusp of a generational transformation in how IT organizations provide application infrastructure. Basketball games near me Indeed, Gartner, which estimates that infrastructure-as-a-service revenue grew by nearly 43 percent in 2016, said organizations saved “14 percent of their budgets as an outcome of public cloud adoption,” a ratio that is sure to rise in the coming years. Fantasy baseball dynasty rankings 2016 And many government IT organizations are at the forefront of the cloud conversion due to executive-level mandates, tight IT budgets and demand for increased access to information and online services.

The Government Accountability Office outlined key practices that can help agencies ensure cloud services are performed effectively, efficiently, and securely.

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Given the massive installed base of IT infrastructure and billions spent every year on equipment, software and services in the public sector, shifting deployment models from on-premise to in-cloud won’t happen overnight. Pitched roof extension It will span generations of technology and applications. Rooftop bars nyc near me So government IT organizations have time to do it right and learn from rookie mistakes made by early, overly hasty adopters.

Many cloud migration mistakes are generic and could be seen with any major IT project, but some are a function of how cloud services are used. Lattice semiconductor news Most migration scenarios involve data movement, such as using a cloud service for backup and disaster recovery or redeploying an enterprise application that relies on legacy, on-premise data sources. Softball bat reviews 2016 In these situations, it can be challenging to ensure the completeness, integrity and security of data migration.

When moving applications to the cloud, IT faces the choice of how to maintain access to necessary data sources. France flag coloring page If opting for a hybrid architecture, with applications in the cloud and master data copies remaining on premise, it’s easy to make mistakes setting up network connections, security policies and replication settings.

For example, there are no hard rules for choosing the data to replicate, how often and how long it’s to be retained and how many replicas should be kept. Backyard landscaping ideas Also, is it better to migrate all application layers to the cloud or just the user interface and business logic, leaving databases behind? Indeed, IT must decide whether the complexity of a hybrid design creates more trouble than dealing with the expense of fully replicating all data to the cloud.

Other migration scenarios, like replacing on-premise applications with software as a service, are simpler. Mlb scores red sox However, they create problems of application governance, feature mismatch, policy compliance and client support, particularly for organizations with a large fleet of legacy devices long overdue for upgrades. Fantasy football 2016 cheat sheet Although cloud migrations shouldn’t mean modifications to security policy, they do change how that policy is implemented. Cbs sports fantasy football mock draft As Google Senior Solution Architect Loren Hudziak pointed out, “Government and other regulated industries have no shortage of accreditation and certifications to consider, but to simply check the box of a cloud provider as meeting one of them isn’t enough.”

Regardless of the technical details, migrations are a major undertaking, and organizations face the pitfalls of any large project. Ewing irrigation products Skimping on planning, product research and testing, starting with overly ambitious goals and failing to manage internal politics and stakeholders are all recipes for failure.

Government IT departments face some unique challenges when migrating to the cloud because of regulatory, security or application requirements. Jain irrigation systems ltd contact details Mistakes can arise from inadequately vetting the provider for fit with current application requirements and user needs, but aside from the technical hurdles, don’t underestimate the organizational challenges of a cloud migration.

According to a General Services Administration spokesman, “It really has to start ‘at the top’ with buy-in from the CIO and senior leadership.” GSA, which manages the Federal Risk Authorization and Management Program and offers a range of cloud services through its various acquisition vehicles, has also learned the need to start small and not jeopardize ongoing operations.

“Trying to transform an organization overnight, for example, asking them to move production to the cloud when previously it’s been off limits, can be an intimidating milestone for a traditional CIO organization,” the GSA official said. French flag icon “So an effective approach creates a ‘sandbox’ — contractually, technically and organizationally, to allow the knowledge to incubate and grow.”

Indeed, a bimodal IT structure can be an effective way to introduce cloud services to a government agency, often in concert with other innovative IT practices such as DevOps, Agile development and continuous integration and delivery processes.

Hudziak emphasized the importance of exploiting cloud services to do things in new ways and not just “lift and shift” an existing environment. Fantasy football 2016 rankings ppr “Making the move to the cloud should be taken as an opportunity to revisit the organization’s functional and business requirements,” he said. Fantasy basketball “CIOs should ask: have we been doing things the way we have because the technology has historically forced us into that pattern?”

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