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What better person to invent the “perfect paint” than the interior designer who has experience designing with paint, even on national television – Murfreesboro entrepreneur Polly Blair. Football teams in london JOHN BUTWELL / The Murfreesboro Post

Second- fewer hours! Blair’s a hard-working, creative woman, but double or even triple shifts were wearing her thin – and she’s found a gentler pace in the ‘Boro.

She had been working in Colorado for High Noon Entertainment, doing set design. Home garden design pictures “They were filming a show called ‘What You Get for the Money’ where a host goes to a local home and films a segment comparing it to others with similar prices around the country,” she explains.

Later, when the same producer was setting up a new show, he asked her to do the set design. Stardock fences windows 10 That show – “Carter Can,” starring Carter Osterhouse – gave Blair another unexpected opportunity.

“It was a great career move,” Blair says about getting the role on “Carter Can.” But after a year and a half of 120-hour weeks, the show moved to California and she decided not to go.

Instead, she moved to Florida where she both wrote and hosted a show of her own, still working very long hours. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked “I finally decided to sell out and come home,” she recalls.

She came to Murfreesboro instead of Manchester, and took a job with Hancock Fabrics. Landscape photography lens “I came here partly because I had a job. Ancestry sign in But also it was close enough to my family, but not too close,” she says with a chuckle.

But soon she was working too many hours again, she realized. Beautiful landscapes tumblr The general manager offered her a promotion – with still more hours – when Hancock moved its store to the m all, but Blair decided to open her own store instead.

About that time, Blair discovered that her friend who runs a shop called The Knaughty Knitter was also moving her store from a cute little yellow house downtown to its current, more visible site near Walmart on Old Fort Parkway.

She says she chose the name because of her love for the blackberries that grew all around the house she grew up in. Fantasy baseball rankings “When the blackberries were ripe, Mom would dress us in haz-mat clothes and tape our sleeves and pants legs shut, and send us out to pick,” she reminisces. Portfolio outdoor lighting transformer troubleshooting “I loved blackberries.”

“So my business had to be Blackberry House,” Blair concludes. Rock garden images But its focus on paint was still in its future – and its focus came about as an attempt to solve a pesky problem.

“We were selling a lot of painted furniture and repurposed items,” she explains. Garden state parkway “I was having to go to Nashville to buy boutique paint. Watch mlb online free streaming live It was a long drive, and it was very expensive.”

She mixed and experimented until she developed a paint that acted the way she wanted it to – then she hired a chemist to help her find the exact formula that would turn the compound into a non-toxic paint with a low level of volatile organic chemicals.

“I do everything to the nth degree,” Blair says, and her paint quest was no exception. Hardscaping Finally, she found her perfect paint, and closed her vintage home décor business, but kept the name.

When it’s wet, the paint is very easy to work with, to distress and to layer, Blair says, referring to special effects employed by furniture finishers. Major league baseball scores from last night But after the paint dries, if it’s left to cure for about a week, it seals itself to a hard, smooth finish – which is what Blair’s customers want.

From developing the unique paint, it was only a short step from Blackberry House Interior Design to Blackberry House Paints, where Blair and her staff repackage the five-gallon buckets of newly manufactured paint into retail containers.

She also recruits and trains the dealers who sell her paint. Landscape wallpaper “I want to know whoever sells it will be as much a cheerleader for it as I am,” she says. Irrigation definition geography “We have a personal relationship.”

Plus, Blair’s an author – of very short works: the names of her paints. Vegetable garden layout ideas She developed the final formula in 2013 and started naming the colors … Francesca battistelli free to be me Fresh Eggs, Sunflowers, Orange Marmalade, Daddy’s Tractor, Farmer’s Tan, Grape Jelly, Summer Rain, Fresh Cut Grass, Cast Iron Skillet…

But Blackberry House doesn’t sell retail to the public. Spring training arizona Instead, Blair has 54 dealers all around Tennessee and the South. Baseball diamond clipart Locally, her paints are sold at Hylabrook Antique Mall on Chaffin Place. Nsa softball The dealer is Teresa Freeman, whose mini-shop is called Tess’s Treasures.

Remarkable Rutherford woman Polly Blair finally is working only 40 hours a week, and finally she has time for a little romance in her life. Garden city kansas She’s engaged to Randy Smotherman, who runs an antique store across North Front Street from her shop.

In keeping with the rest of her interesting and unusual lifestyle, Blair’s engagement ring is a mood ring they found in a souvenir shop on a trip to Ruby Falls. Frances bean cobain instagram Whenever its chemicals wear out, he takes her back to buy another one.