Richard prince just showed artists a way to fight trump

That afternoon, well-known artist Richard Prince posted a work of his own to Instagram—one of his “Instagram” portraits, each essentially an inkjet picture of someone else’s Instagram page (many of them are of young women posing semi-clothed). Backyard landscaping ideas Each of the canvases measures about six-by-four feet, and when they were first exhibited, in 2014 at Gagosian Gallery, they triggered waves of internet hate: Prince, who had made his name as an appropriation artist in the 1980s, was called a fake, a flimflammer, a voyeur, a dirty old man, twisted, perverted, and more. Mlb scores red sox The “portrait” he posted Wednesday was of Ivanka Trump—the first daughter taking a selfie in front of a mirror, having her hair and makeup done, and wearing an almost-open robe.

In the weeks before the election, it’s important to note, it had come to light that the Kushner-Trumps are collectors of contemporary art—surely this had been known by some in the art world before, but in the fever of the election the fact spread like a scandal. Fantasy football 2016 cheat sheet In their collection are artists like Prince, Wade Guyton, Joe Bradley, Christopher Wool, Nate Lowman, Alex Da Corte, Alex Israel, Dan Colen, and many other very famous artists. Cbs sports fantasy football mock draft I don’t blame artists for who owns their work. Ewing irrigation products But on Wednesday Prince took an unusual step against his own collectors, in this case Jared and Ivanka, who’d bought the Instagram portrait. Jain irrigation systems ltd contact details In his tweet he flatly asserted, “This is not my work. French flag icon I did not make it. Fantasy football 2016 rankings ppr I deny. Fantasy basketball I denounce. Landscape supply stores near me This fake art.” He later emailed me that he returned the $35,000 that had been paid for the picture and wrote, “I’ve disowned the work. Landscape materials The work is no longer mine.” I loved it.

But he may not be in such rarefied territory for long. Garden design software free It goes without saying that as many as half of all collectors are Republicans or conservatives. Football schedule 2016 And maybe voted Trump. Isa softball We know the Kushner-Trumps did. Irrigation direct canada Perhaps all the living artists in the Kushner-Trump collection might disown their work, say it is “fake,” making it instantly worthless (in addition to being an aesthetic and political slap in the face). Landscape plan I couldn’t help agree with all of them that having one’s work owned by the Trumps does somehow taint the work, almost negating it already. Jain irrigation systems limited But even if this en masse disowning is only an isolated action, limited to those artists lucky enough to live off their work, just a drip in the middle of this building shitstorm of a presidency, I gleaned an artist trying to take back his name, his work, do something, anything. Little league pitching rules 2016 To do this in a time that is calling to us all to take action rather than to simply default, using our energies to criticize how others use their energy.

But whatever Prince says, I can’t dismiss the “aesthetics” of the “action,” or “gesture,” which I’m still trying to sort through. Types of irrigation Part of that has to do with Prince’s history—he’s spent over 30 years culling subcultures, taking other people’s pictures, making almost invisible worlds visible via appropriation (which is really a form of declaration, “This is art.”). Little league pitch count sheet He was not the first in this tradition, of course, and several of those who came before even got into interesting tangles with their patrons over the matter of at just what point a particular work became a work. Landscaping tips In 1950, after Duchamp’s original urinal readymade was lost, he authorized gallerist Sydney Janis to purchase a similar one in New York, date it 1917 and sign it, as his. Garden flowers images Further afield in 1961 Robert Rauschenberg sent a telegram to Galerie Iris Clert in Paris with the words, “This is a portrait of Iris Clert if I say so.” All these artists were creating and uncreating by their will or word. Backyard baseball field Saying it made it so. Nelson irrigation This is using language as law, as in “I now pronounce you man and wife” or “I sentence you to five years.” Or Biblically: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God …” Whatever else these artists and Prince did they reduced art to some invisible essence, the will of the artist, making the artist primarily a conceptual creator or destroyer of worlds. Hanover pavers A declaration of independence of the mind that rearranges molecules so that something goes from art to not-art or non-art. Bluestone natural resources But on Wednesday Prince moved things in the other direction, using that biblical power not to make but to take away—not to bestow but withdraw the art content of the work. Fantasy basketball rankings 2015 16 This drop-dead simple yet loaded act is actually a quite profound and radical innovation, one that immediately suggests there may be dozens of new conceptual gestures and possibilities in this strange new conceptual universe artists find themselves now living in.