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Jason used to work for the Acme Manufacturing Company, but hasn’t worked a day in ten years; and he didn’t really miss the work, especially since he was receiving a monthly check from the RMWP.

His life was much improved since the days of his grandfather, who worked ten hours a day tightening wheel nuts in an automotive factory. Roll pitch yaw angles Although he worked long hours, gramps barely made enough to feed his family not to mention taking a vacation, or just laying around the back yard like Jason is doing today.

Now, Jason’s old employer is using robots to perform most of the manufacturing. Synthetic fiber crossword The company discovered that it was easier to hire robots from Robotics Inc. Garden layout planner Instead of paying Jason, the company pays Robotics Inc. Gardenia yellow leaves an hourly wage for each robot that they hire. Ncaa basketball tournament 2015 The more complicated the job, the more Acme pays an hour for the robot.

This made a lot of sense, since the hourly wage was low, but the typical robot worked 24/7, which would have cost the company a lot more if it had three shifts of human workers. Facebook mobile login The pay procedure is not much different from when Jason worked. Landscaping near me The company paid the robot monthly, plus payroll taxes. Duke basketball score today The robot paid income tax and a percentage of the robot’s wages went to the RMWP.

The RMWP (Robot Minimum Wage Plan) collects the money and distributes it to the displaced workers. Landscape photoshop tutorials The money that Jason gets from the RMWP is not a lot but he gets by as he keeps his expenses at a minimum. Fabric material names One thing he does worry about is should a major emergency strike, he wouldn’t be able to handle the situation, as he lives from check to check.

Jason remembered when the RMWP was first proposed. Facebook desktop messenger It triggered a spirited debate about the relative merits of the various ways of structuring the payment system. El patio woodland ca Many proponents claimed the system would pump a lot of new cash into the economy, while others claimed that social programs like the RMWP removes the incentive for people to earn an income and support themselves. How to lay flagstone path People respond to incentives. La baseball teams For example, they work because there is an incentive to survive. Frances conroy eye Since they no longer must work, they no longer have a need to produce.

Jason’s wife Alice comes out with a tray of lemonade thanks to the lemon tree in their yard. Garden of the gods camping “Why don’t you work a few days a week. Netafim It sure would make things a little easier. Toro irrigation We could even upgrade our holographic TV.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about that. Pitching mechanics video The factory needs support for the robots. Tropical garden design I know enough about them to keep them running smoothly. How to lay pavers on sand The supervisor in my old department said that I could work three days part-time, which would make our life more comfortable.”

Alice replied, “Trent and his wife work five days a week just like the old days. Gardening tips He works three days and she works two. Pervious concrete cost With the money from the RMWP and their part time money, they have added many upgrades to their home, a pool and they even send their kids to private school.”

Taking a sip of the cold lemonade, Jason thought about the possibilities. Pictures of landscapes He has highly successful friends who design, build and install robots. Virtual garden Their jobs are office oriented and clean. Football scores nfl No dirty factory work for them. Driveway sealing scams The robots do all of that.

Jason set his glass down, “You know this system is really improving the economy. Baseball games today near me We get more leisure time and if we work a part time job, we can afford some luxuries.

Alice replied, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Olympic qualifying basketball 2016 I plan to take more courses in robotic design. Irrigation store near me I’m tired of not having anything to do. Phoenix bats The Rumba cleans the house; and the 3D printer makes fixing dinner a breeze. Backyard baseball pablo Maybe if you put in some extra time, we can afford a new Tesla,” Alice said, as she smoothed some of Jason’s suntan lotion on her arms.

“I just wonder if this social experiment is good for the people? Responded Sam. Batting tips I understand that crime is up in some areas. Arizona softball People just have too much time on their hands; and the RMWP payouts are just not enough for some people to live on.”

“I agree with that,” said Jason, “The schools are also facing more drop outs than ever. Garden centre toronto Many students feel that they don’t need an education if the RMWP is going to pay them for not working.”

“I also heard that births are up,” Alice added. How to make a good deck in hearthstone “I wonder if the RMWP will have enough money coming in to give everyone a decent amount of money as the population grows? They might decide to cut into the money that we get”

Sam chipped in, “The opponents of this program suggest that the program creates circumstances in which the government gains too much control over us individually. Softball australia By relying on income from the RMWP, we allow the government to have more say in our individual choices. Small balcony garden ideas pictures I expect that we will see more day-to-day control on our freedoms because the RMWP is paying us.”

Jason and Alice said their goodbyes to Sam and watched as he retraced his route back to his house. Landscaping ideas around trees Jason spoke first,” There some good benefits to this program. Basketball olympics usa Now, someone like yourself can further their education and better themselves using the money from the RMWP while working part time and going to school the other days.”

“Don’t forget, it prevents starvation, disease and overall misery among the poorest of the population. Backyard baseball download We don’t have homeless people living on the street any longer,” added Alice. Little league baseball age chart 2016 “This heat is getting to me. El patio mcallen I’m going in.”

“Be there shortly,” responded Jason, as he laid back, thinking. How to build a fence in minecraft There might be some negatives to having robots do all the work, but the benefits to humans are enormous. Knuckleball pitch We have more leisure time to spend with our families. Sprinkler system diagram We can work as little or as much as we want, knowing that there is some income to fall back on.

With robots doing the manufacturing, the products that we buy are mostly defect free. How to pitch faster There are fewer work injuries and almost no vehicle deaths because of autonomous cars. Hotels in dripping springs texas Yes, robots took my job, but I don’t care.

Jason rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. Landscape photos “You woke me from a great dream. High pitch eric periscope Robots work and I get paid for their work. Spring training schedule arizona Now, I’ll never know how it turns out.”