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Marathon runner Dean Tuinstra, Wichita, not only loves the sport of running, he also loves the Eisenhower Marathon in Abilene and is planning on returning to run April 8, bringing along seven of his good running buddies who are from five different states and Canada.

“It (the Eisenhower marathon) has the best supported aid stations every mile. Front porch building plans That’s priceless.” Tuinstra said. Backyard baseball 2007 “The volunteers treat the runners like rock stars and the cheering and motivation is incredible. Pavers boots clearance You can keep in touch with where you are in relationship to your competitors in the race. Football teams playing today I fell in love with the (double out-and-back) course because you can see all the other runners and offer high fives and encouragement while running in opposite directions. Football player logo team quiz game answers You are never lonely in the Eisenhower Marathon.”

Tuinstra said that once you have completed the first half, heading back out on the course for the second loop is tough at first, but that doesn’t last long because you get to see the other runners again. Landscaping costs per square foot The next thing you know, according to Tuinstra, you are at the Kansas Highway 15 turnaround again and then it is just a matter of getting back home.

“My mind compartmentalizes the course into three small sections…before the (Brown’s) park, the park and after the park. Softball backgrounds They are all easy and go quickly, so the race seems like the sum of smaller easy sections,” Tuinstra said. Basketball wives season 5 episode 2 “And the best part is that when the race starts getting hard at 23 miles, it’s a nice, long downhill and you can see the town and know the finish is close. Football field clipart So, at the time when most marathons are mentally the toughest, Eisenhower gives you a motivational downhill and puts the finish line within sight.”

Tuinstra, 56, has been running for more than 35 years. Baseball drills for kids His best time was at the Wichita Marathon in 1991, where he finished at 2:59:09. Little league baseball scorekeeping app Every time he has run in Abilene he has set a new Masters Personal Record, currently 3:23:19. Softball field layout The Eisenhower in 2017 will be his fifth year.

“In this day and age, there are so many big city marathons that are very crowded and very expensive and, frankly, a hassle to run,” Tuinstra said. Pitch angle wind turbine “At Eisenhower, we can park within 50 yards of the starting line, there aren’t any long bathroom lines, there is no bussing to the start and no starting corals. Softball rules And when you get back to your hotel, there is still hot water. Driveway sealer drying time It really is stress free, so that we can concentrate on running.”

Tuinstra and friend Jim Griffin from Joplin, Mo., will meet at the Eisenhower Marathon for the second year to “duke it out” in their 33-year rivalry. Fencing olympics They met in 2013 and discovered they both ran several of the same races annually, including competing against each other in 1984 in Wichita. Football teams by state A fierce age group rivalry quickly developed with Tuinstra taking first and Griffin taking second in the 55-59 age group at the 2016 Eisenhower.

Griffin, 58, has run off and on for 20 to 30 years, including 17 marathons. Garden state park He was best youngster in a first phase marathon in Dallas in 1987, finishing in 3:01, and Best Over-50 in 2016 at the Wichita Prairie Fire with a time of 3:30. Michigan softball coach As a result, those were his two favorite marathons.

Running pal Gord Pellerin from Ontario, Canada, said if you are in the 55-59 age group and looking to place in this year’s Eisenhower Marathon event, you will have to go through Tuinstra and Griffin to do so.

“Last year when Brendan and I realized our PR’s (personal records) were two seconds apart, 3:42:39 for me and 3:42:41 for him, the friendly trash-talking started. Facebook desktop version android We are on the same Facebook running group. High pitch eric howard stern Abilene will be our showdown,” he said.

“We have a friendly rivalry going for Abilene,” Pellerin said. Basketball teams in california “My fastest time is 3:42:39. Baseball field dimensions Notice that this is two seconds faster than Brendan’s. Ny yankees spring training 2016 My favorite marathon was a small race in Nova Scotia, Valley Harvest, very hilly but I negative split for my PR.”

The only woman in this racing group is Eileen Avery, 44, from Columbia, Mo. Diy outdoor furniture plans She has been running for just over three years and has finished nine marathons and six ultramarathons. Wyevale jobs Her best marathon was in Seattle in 2015, with a finishing time of 3:53:30.

“My favorite marathon was my first one, Marathon to Marathon from Storm Lake to Marathon, Iowa,” Avery said. Baseball practice plans “This is a small race through rural Iowa put on by great people. Pitched roof design Two weeks before, I was supposed to run the Minneapolis Marathon and they pulled us off the start line for weather. Hardscapes tulsa Huge disappointment after the buildup to a first marathon. Stardock fences key I went into Iowa not knowing if I could do it and was amazed several times that it felt pretty good and at some point realized I could finish it. Baseball games online There was a very strong headwind, more than 40 mph, for most of it and there was concern they would have to call it off due to storms, but we finished. Fantasy football team names reddit This remains one of my best races and is only a few seconds off my marathon PR. Canadian olympic basketball team 2016 roster Fantastic experience.”

Avery’s advice: “Just run, wherever you can and whenever you can. Fastest softball pitch If you don’t want people to see you in the beginning, go very early or go to less used areas, but go. Football scores espn Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t run. Fantasy football yahoo app Keep a journal. Minecraft fence gate Be positive and watch your improvement.”

Alen Babakhani, 40, is coming to Abilene from Tampa, Fla., to join his running buddies. Pitch diameter calculator Alen started running in 2003 for two years then quit but came back in 2011.

“I have been going strong since,” Alen said. Exterior house design ideas pictures “I have finished six stand-alone (marathons) and two marathons as part of an Ironman. Timber merchants bristol My favorite is the Chicago Marathon. Natural stone design It’s a big runner’s party and yet I am still able to race my race.”

Alen’s suggestions for beginning 30-year-old runners, “Cardiovascular fitness builds up much faster than the structural fitness (ligaments and tendons), so spend a whole 6 to 12 months of slow running of no more than 40 mpw to build strength. Landscape architecture foundation For the younger folks, don’t stop running.”

“I’ve run for about a decade but have really only put in miles for the past two. Usssa softball tournaments I’ve run five marathons. Basketball rio 2016 channel My two favorite marathon moments: running nearly an hour PR for my second marathon and seeing my mom, spectating, twice during my latest marathon. College softball world series I worked really hard for that PR because I knew I could be much faster than I was if I put in the work. Espn fantasy football draft app It was awesome seeing my mom because she enjoys my successes as much as I do.”

“I can’t wait until April!” team leader Dean Tuinstra said. Spring training schedule 2016 “With the country-fresh, cool, spring air, the motivation of the awesome volunteers and all the other runners, Eisenhower makes the perfect course for your personal record. Comiskey park I might add that running past the greyhound farm, with all the pups running along the fence line, just puts a big smile on my face, and there is nothing better than a plate full of pancakes at the end.