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This is the penultimate weekend without baseball games until November. Garden inspirational quotes Pretty great, isn’t it? The Yankees will play their first Grapefruit League game two weeks from yesterday. Fantasy Thank goodness. Brick veneer construction details Anyway, here’s some news and notes to check out this weekend. Baseball fantasy picks Yankees, Betances set for arbitration hearing Friday

According to George King, the Yankees and Dellin Betances are scheduled to have their arbitration hearing this coming Friday, February 17th, in St. Fantasy football sleepers rb Petersburg. French flag facts “Nothing has changed, we haven’t talked. Football season is upon us We have no intention of talking. Usssa softball tournaments texas It’s not close. Basketball positions on the court Somebody else will make the decision,” said Brian Cashman. Softball pitching mechanics Betances is seeking $5M while the Yankees countered with $3M, which, as far as I can tell, would still be a record salary for a first year arbitration-eligible setup man.

Since the arbitration hearing is Friday, chances are the three-person panel will announce their ruling Saturday morning. Softball drills That’s usually how it goes. Easy landscaping ideas The hearing is one day and the ruling is announced the next. Garden centre near me Maybe they’ll wait until Monday because it’s the next business day. Sales pitch meaning Eh, whatever. Arizona softball roster Each side will state their case at the hearing and the panel will pick either the $5M or $3M for Dellin’s salary in 2017. Ncaa baseball scores today Nothing in-between. Valley irrigation My guess is the Yankees win. Football movies (There have been six arbitration hearings around the league so far and each side has won three, for what it’s worth.) Tanaka not thinking about opt-out

Earlier this week, Masahiro Tanaka told Dan Martin he hasn’t put much thought into whether he will use his opt-out clause after the season. Evergreen landscaping ideas “Obviously, I’m aware of what my contract says, but it’s something I put aside going into the season,” he said. Natural landscape “You can’t really be thinking about that while you go through the season. Fantasy baseball waiver wire pickups I’m really focused on this season. Spring training 2017 arizona When the time comes after the season, then I’ll probably have a chance to think about that more.”

Back in 2012, we heard CC Sabathia say pretty much the exact same thing when his opt-out was looming. Basketball games today college It’s the best possible answer, right? “I’m only focused on trying to win, not my contract.” That’s what everyone wants to hear. How to lay stone pavers These guys are human beings though. How to build a deck video Of course Tanaka is aware a big season would mean a shot at a(nother) monster contract. Yankees spring training schedule 2016 We’ve been through this before with Sabathia. Front yard The opt-out is going to be a thing all year. Laying a patio MLB considering new extra innings rules

According to Jeff Passan, MLB will test new and impossibly stupid extra innings rules in rookie ball this season, assuming Joe Torre, the league’s chief baseball officer, signs off. Garden snake eggs Under the new rule, a runner would be placed at second base at the start of every inning after the ninth. Uw softball camps The goal is, obviously, to cut down on extra innings and eliminate games that last long into the night.

“Let’s see what it looks like,” said Torre. Stamped concrete cost calculator “It’s not fun to watch when you go through your whole pitching staff and wind up bringing a utility infielder in to pitch. University of arizona softball As much as it’s nice to talk about being at an 18-inning game, it takes time. Facebook search by city It’s baseball. Alabama softball schedule I’m just trying to get back to that, where this is the game that people come to watch. Batting cages nyc It doesn’t mean you’re going to score. Baseball diamond drawing You’re just trying to play baseball.”

One, position players pitching is fun! Two, it doesn’t happen all that often anyway. Baseball games for kids And three, they have this rule in many amateur leagues and international tournaments. Landscape definition Every inning plays out the same: they start with a runner at second, the first batter bunts him to third, and the second batter is intentionally walked to set up the double play. College football teams by state Every single time. Eephus pitch grip It’s terrible and horrible and I hope this rule change never ever ever comes to MLB.

Now, that said, I could understand implementing this in the minors as a way to avoid overusing pitchers. Canadian basketball teams nba Maybe make them play 12 innings, allowing each team to go through the lineup one more time, then put a runner at second? This should never come to MLB though. Absolute pitch test Forget that. Basketball tournament scores I like that commissioner Rob Manfred is open to new ideas. Softball team names That’s great. Softball team names funny This one though? Bad. Fantasy football yahoo No thanks. Garden planner app free MLB proposed changes to intentional walks, strike zone

In addition to the stupid extra innings rule, MLB has formally proposed changes to intentional walks and the strike zone, reports Jayson Stark. Fastpitch softball team names The ball is now in the MLBPA’s court. Paving ideas for front of house Neither side can implement a rule change unilaterally. What is landscape Both MLB and the MLBPA have to sign off. How to lay sandstone pavers For what it’s worth, Passan hears there’s no chance the players will approve any changes to the strike zone.

MLB proposed raising the bottom of the zone approximately two inches, which would undoubtedly increase offense. D fence Jon Roegele’s research has shown the strike zone has increased downward in recent years. Fencing forum So not only are more low pitches being called strikes, but now hitters have to protect against them too, and pitches down below the knees are hard to hit with authority. Garden design tool Raising the zone would mean more hitter’s counts and more pitches in hittable locations.

The intentional walk rule change is simple: rather than making the pitcher throw four pitches, they issue a signal and the runner is sent to first automatically. Lattice multiplication method I hate it. Facebook search history public Intentional walks are a competitive play. Yankee stadium food Make the pitcher and catcher complete it. Basketball teams in texas Pitchers are prone to losing the zone after intentional walks, plus we see a handful of wild pitches each year. Basketball olympics history Gary Sanchez did this last year:

There were 932 intentional walks in 2,428 games last season. Uk basketball game score It works out to one every 46.1 innings or so. Basketball wives la cast season 5 I get MLB is looking to improve the pace of play, but this won’t help much. Fantasy football cheat sheet Intentional walks are too infrequent to make a meaningful change to the time of game. Basketball finals 2016 Want to improve pace of play? Cut down on mound visits. Dripping springs tx zip code The catcher gets one per inning, per pitcher. Paving block crossword That’s my proposed solution.