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Both insights by these sages for the ages speak to how hard it is for people to think straight. Garden state parkway For something whose main job ought to be providing an accurate picture of the world, the brain is a shockingly unreliable program. Watch mlb online free streaming live Irrational ideas flood in on the back of passion like parasites, and intellectual laziness keeps one’s mind in their grip.

The first step in cleaning up the mess in our mind is to accept its irrationality. Hardscaping That means embracing the idea — the fact — that we (including me) are not right about as much as we think we are, and that we do not give honest and full consideration to opposing viewpoints anywhere close to as much as we think we do.

The opposite of humility is pride, which is manufactured and refined to purity in echo chambers (i.e., political parties and ideologies). Major league baseball scores from last night An echo chamber is the intellectual shelter we seek to let others think for us, as Jung might have said. Landscape wallpaper It’s a black-and-white fantasyland in there — refuge from a world that is almost entirely gray.

We charge in, check our critical-thinking faculties at the desk, then bathe in self-righteousness and self-validation. Irrigation definition geography A thick cloud of narcissism permeates the space: “Don’t you love the look of our viewpoint on me?” The sharp tools of impartiality and intellectual rigor are banned, leaving on hand only the blunt instruments of labels and slogans to hammer multi-dimensional ideas that do not accord with our own into flat stereotypes.

We emerge with a revitalized us-versus-them mindset that is freer of nuance than ever: “We’re right. Vegetable garden layout ideas They’re wrong. Francesca battistelli free to be me We’re good. Spring training arizona They’re bad. Baseball diamond clipart No compromise!” Return visits for brainwashing and whitewashing help calcify our conceit and condescension. Nsa softball In many cases, opposing viewpoints disappear from view completely.

We should make better use of our time than to lounge mindlessly in the echo chamber — unless self-validation/​pride is of more importance than truth, in which case the echo chamber is the perfect place to be. Garden city kansas So a choice must be made: Stay married to our pride-producing political parties and remain willing hostages to the echo chamber, or ditch the marriage and become critical thinkers. Frances bean cobain instagram Should be a no-brainer.

Of course, escaping the echo chamber is easier said than done. Softball tournaments in nj One self-extraction tactic is to forego the use of labels. Softball field diagram The more one uses labels, the less one is able to think critically. Football scores for tonight This is especially true for labels that one willingly (and to my mind, foolishly) applies to oneself, as if sealing yourself inside a labeled box better enables you to view opinions outside the box. Garden design online That’s the exact opposite of critical thinking.

An echo chamber is never further away than the radio, TV and Internet. Garden of words trailer Everywhere you look, blowhards from the far ends of the political spectrum spout their rigid ideology with absolute certainty. Fencing If not for labels and slogans, they would have virtually nothing to say. High pitch eric blue bloods Truth comes to light infrequently and only by accident, as the checks are cashed by telling the audience what it wants to hear.

Labels are by definition sloppy. French flag history And because our word choices help shape the way we think (to some degree on a subconscious level), using sloppy words leads to sloppy thinking. Propeller pitch In the context of race, labels wielded as epithets amount to stereotyping — a lazy form of bias for which we should feel ethical shame. Garden centre dubai We should feel intellectual shame for using labels/​stereotypes in the broader political context.

Think of labels as the shortcut lazy thinkers use to bypass the substance of issues. Baseball league leaders Calling someone a “socialist” and calling his preference for a higher tax rate “socialism” is not an argument. Fencing chicago It’s an insult. Best baseball stadiums And a sloppy one at that.

The same is true of calling someone a “wingnut” or his preference for lower taxes “plutocratic”/“oligarchic.” Even the tamer labels of “liberal” and “conservative” do more harm than good. Basketball teams nba But in our echo chambers, it’s labels all the way down — the vaguer and nastier, the better.

The discussion should be only about why lower or higher taxes are a good or bad thing, not which labels apply. Pitch meaning in business No discussion of any issue suffers for lack of labels. Baseball diamondbacks Quite the opposite: The value of a discussion increases as the use of labels decreases.

A critical thinker’s approach is to strip an issue of its attachments to the labeled parties and labeled ideologies so that it stands in his mind as a politically denuded idea prepared for impartial examination. College softball world series scores All that’s left to consider are the idea’s merits.

Only when we think of our positions on the issues as solely our own — derived from our own impartial examination (rather than absorbed from a political party/​echo chamber/​ideology) — can we say that Jung was wrong in our case: Ideas don’t have us; we have them. Usssa softball world series That’s the independence of mind and commitment to truth that we all should be striving for.