Shanghai’s “most beautiful” metro station launches new art exhibition – global times

Hanzhong Road Station on the city’s metro lines 1, 12 and 13 recently equipped itself with a “magic door” that invites passengers a brief getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of commuting through art and technology.

After decorating the passageway inside the metro station with 2,015 flickering lights that resemble lively butterflies, the company, ToMaster, recently installed a digital art exhibition, named Magic Door, in the underground space.

Beside the butterfly wall, there is now a rectangular pillar covered with two black-colored screens. Michigan softball Through cameras and special technologies, Magic Door captures images of what’s happening behind the pillar onto screens so that it seems that people can see through the pillar as if it is transparent.

ToMaster has cooperated with 20 artists and designers from around the world to showcase their creation through digital images. Baseball league standings Exhibited artists include Chinese photographer Wang Xiaohui, French graffiti artist Dezio, Chinese award-winning designer Yang Mingjie, to name but a few. Masonry veneer The exhibition opens from 9 am to 4:30 pm every day.

ToMaster was co-formed by Chinese designer Wang Linjie and Liu Quan, an MBA graduate from the Imperial College London, to bring art into people’s daily life through public space projects. Drip The Global Times (GT) caught up with Liu (LQ) about her ideas behind the new exhibition and future plans.

LQ: There are three major aspects we took into consideration to select artists: they have to be international, work across different fields and create works that are not difficult to understand. Baseball field drawing For instance, we have Wang Xiaohui, who is crowned as the ambassador of cultural exchanges between China and Germany, and Yang Mingjie, who has been credited with a Red Dot Award for his ingenious designs. Facebook search history android They work across different fields, so we’re able to showcase more than traditional art forms such as paintings but also diversified exhibits including photographs, art installations and even artful furniture. Small garden ideas pictures Last but not least, their creations all seem relatable to common people. Facebook marketplace I think if a passenger sees the beautiful chairs designed by Yang Mingjie, he or she may really think of buying things of ingenuous designs in the future. Retaining wall design Besides artworks, we also provide a listing of exhibitions and shows in the city, which serves as a convenient guide for people who are interested in culture and arts. Football games today college The core message we want to deliver is that art should be a part of our everyday life. Fences play People can pick up knowledge of art during their daily commute and without going to art museums.

LQ: We had to ensure the safety of passengers while presenting them a nice-looking exhibition. Realtime landscaping If too many people stop at the pillar, it may cause trouble. Pitch dark mgsv We earlier planned to use the camera in the pillar to record spectators’ movements and add their images onto the screen, so it would be interesting to have interaction with the exhibits. Baseball diamond diagram But now we have to reduce the interactive function to avoid possible jams.

LQ: Firstly, the metro station we used is an underground space, so we would like to infuse a breath of liveliness into it. Lattice method multiplication worksheet That’s why we have decorated several pillars with screens that make them look like a transparent tube filled with sunshine. Rawlings custom glove builder As for the Magic Door, we designed it to use special technology to make people to “see through” it as if it doesn’t exist. Landscaper Secondly, we have to always keep in our mind that public art in the metro station is for the passengers, the most of which are common office workers. Pitch definition science So we choose content that aims for artistic education for the general public. Small garden design ideas on a budget It should not be too difficult and it should easily arouse people’s interest.

LQ: It should be comprehensible for a common audience and use interesting and maybe entertaining methods to attract people’s attention. Landscape photography definition It should be fun and interactive. Team usa baseball tryouts I see great importance in the potential of how a public art piece can be shared between people, mostly through social networking platforms nowadays.

LQ: We’re planning to set up offline stores that promote an artful lifestyle to the public. Baseball players names As far as I’m concerned it’s time for people to embrace “the era of pan-art,” which means that no matter the environment, such as a restaurant or even a boutique, people are looking for beautiful and artful ornaments there. Front garden design That’s why we’re planning a 24-hour space near Tongji University, where people can read books, appreciate art, have something to eat and even to take a nap there.