Small steps are vital so teams can make a big leap

Toronto Raptors’ Kyle Lowry throws for a basket during the NBA Global Game London 2016 basketball match between Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors at the O2 Arena. Football rankings Picture: GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s something different about them now though. Espn fantasy football app Toronto are now play-off regulars and last year reached their first ever conference final, losing out to LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

Part of that is on the back of a rebrand, based on the motto ‘We The North’. Frances bean cobain age There are plenty of clips on YouTube that sell Toronto as a tough, nonsense outfit with a dash of flair, and riff on their status as the only Canadian side in the NBA.

Remember, this is a club with a slightly cheesy history, picking up the dinosaur moniker as they were formed in late 1993, the year Jurassic Park was released. Baseball america top 100 prospects 2016 They do have a very cool logo, a basketball with raptor claw marks, but they’ve moved beyond into the modern age with the ‘We The North’ branding.

If there’s a county in need of a similar overhaul it’s Cork. Rawlings There is no draft or free agency market to pick up ballers like DeRozan or Lowry, but there are a handful of tasty hurlers and footballers in Cork already. Drip coffee grind In terms of raw talent Ian Maguire, Aidan Walsh, Conor Lehane, Patrick Horgan, Shane Kingston, Seán Powter, Brian Hurley and Colm O’Neill have it in spades.

It’s about more than ability of course. Polyester fabric Dublin might be the top dogs right now but it’s not just because they’ve a huge population. Pixel pitch You need a culture that facilitates and demands success.

That was the core point recently-retired Cork footballer Patrick Kelly was making to Kieran Shannon in an excellent interview in last Saturday’s Irish Examiner. Landscape ontario jobs The playmaker was a vital cog in the Cork football team that won the All-Ireland in 2010.

In some regards that side could be frustrating to watch and perhaps underachieved but they were certainly ‘winners’ in terms of resilience despite numerous setbacks and searing criticism. Small garden design plans Whatever your take on the Conor Counihan era, Cork have fallen a long way since the 2012 near-miss to Donegal, miles off an All-Ireland and into Division 2 of the league.

Kelly’s own career was undermined by injuries but where his interview excelled is it looked at the bigger picture and especially how Cork are behind the likes of Dublin, Tyrone, Kerry and Tippeary, who are able to tap into the passion and financial muslce of their supporters. Softball camps Apathetic and disillusioned would be more accurate descriptions of the Rebel faithful right now.

“We’re not as progressive or as ambitious to maximise what we have at our disposal,” Kelly said. College softball scores “We certainly have become a county that’s following as opposed to leading. Fantasy football news I don’t think we’re operating on a level-playing field with some of the other big counties.

“In any good organisation, you’re going to have debate, you’re going to have some disagreement, people looking to make changes. Pitch diameter chart But Cork GAA people seem to have given up on trying to make things happen, probably because they’ve seen too many times people trying to make something happen but nothing comes from it.”

Kelly cited another straight-talking, former All-Ireland winner Derek Kavanagh, in relation to where Cork GAA should be: for ‘We The North’ substitute ‘This is Cork’.

“Derek Kavanagh wrote an excellent article where you should really have eight to 10 pitches together, with the county minors and development squads training alongside the senior team, creating a sense that ‘This is Cork.’

Kelly was referring to a scenario whereby the Cork footballers helped revamp an unused warehouse in Fermoy next to the pitch to use as a gym, so that the strength and conditioning programme could be tied in with field sessions. Facebook search Now playing devil’s advocate you could suggest that was the ideal team-bonding exercise for the Cork footballers, especially in a period of transition when a siege mentality won’t do them any harm.

However, elite teams generally have the best of equipment and support. Ancestry reviews It removes an easy excuse for underperformance. Garden inspiration There’s a fine line between being pampered and best prepared of course, but being assured in the build-up is preferable every time to having question marks about structures and methods.

At the recent Games Development Conference at Croke Park, Nicholas Walsh, a Cavan native and coach with the newest Aussie Rules franchise the Great Western Sydney Giants, offered an insight into how they went from winning just three games in the 44 matches in their first two seasons to 17 victories last year, coming within a kick of the oval ball from a Grand Final.