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In the heart of Raleigh Court is a vibrant neighborhood commercial district often referred to as the Grandin Village. Lattice multiplication Numerous restaurants, a grocery store, furniture and antique shops, a used books store, a ballet studio, and the historic Grandin Theatre give the village an eclectic mix of retail, cultural, and dining experiences that draw people from around the Roanoke Valley. 2016 olympics usa basketball roster With such a variety of stores, shops, churches and a school fronting Grandin Road, the street is alive with activity that feels both small-town and hip.

Perhaps Grandin’s signature event, the annual Saturday-before-Thanksgiving, Children’s Parade—co-sponsored by the Greater Raleigh Court Neighborhood Association and the Grandin Village Merchants Association—attracts Scout troops, day care centers, school bands, baton twirlers, Shrine clowns, Santa and others to mark the beginning of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons in Roanoke.

Perhaps a parade is what the developers of the Virginia Heights and Raleigh Court sections had in mind a century ago when they decided upon a broad boulevard to anchor their subdivision. Driveway paving ct The land development companies for those neighborhoods based their street grid system upon the “City Beautiful” design unveiled at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Front yard landscaping ideas with rocks The design called for streets to be laid out in squares, with an expansive central boulevard. Outdoor voices apc The Roanoke Times trumpeted the development with a 1906 headline that read, “City to Have Splendid Suburb.” Original plans for the neighborhood had what is now Grandin Road as being a two-lane street with a tree-lined median. Natural stone To help market the subdivision, streets were given names reminiscent of England—Windsor, Sherwood, Arlington, Westover, Arden, Avon, and Oxford to name a few. Japanese baseball teams So this begs the question: Where did the name Grandin come from? The answer may surprise you.

The late Judge James Brice, whose father Claude had Brice’s Drugs and Soda on Grandin Road (where Grace’s Pizza is today) for many years in the 1930s and 40s, shared with this writer the story of how, as a young boy, he hung around his dad’s store, Brice listening in on tales being swapped between his dad and customers. 2016 olympics team usa basketball roster One older gentleman, Durwood Stanley, relished sharing how Grandin got its name. How to build a floating deck During the initial stages of Virginia Heights’ development, one of the realty company partners attended a theatrical performance at the Academy of Music in Roanoke. Online baseball games So smitten was he by leading lady Ethel Grandin that he decided to name his central boulevard after her. Anaheim stadium Grandin was a silent screen star whose career included over 30 films between 1910 and 1922.

While Grandin Road is noted for its commercial village, it did not start that way. Laying paving slabs In the three blocks heading south from the intersection with Memorial Avenue that comprise the business district, there originally were residences. How to hit a fastpitch softball Dr. Hardscapes sioux falls T. Paving patterns Allen Kirk had a large home and expansive rose garden on the northwest corner of Westover and Grandin where Nopales restaurant and the CoLab sit today. Jain irrigation share price target A large wood-frame apartment building was located on the site of the present-day Natural Foods Co-Op, and the Grandin Theatre occupies a lot that used to have a brick house and a small spring-fed pond. Football teams in texas All this began to change beginning in the 1920s and ‘30s.

When the residential section that encompasses Grandin Road was annexed into the city in 1919, there was only one business on Grandin Road—Reynolds Grocery at the southeast corner of Grandin and Memorial (then Virginia Avenue). Softball pitching drills for beginners The popularity of the new homes in Virginia Heights and Raleigh Court, however, created a demand for small businesses, and by 1929 the commercial village had taken shape. Gardenia meaning Homes had been razed, as grocers, druggists, small restaurants and a filling station became the hub of activity on Grandin Road; 16 businesses in all including a barber shop, tea room, ice cream parlor, plus two churches.

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